Training schedule for beginning or injury-prone runners

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This is a running training schedule for beginners and for runners who tend to experience injuries when trying to follow a running programme. The schedule represents a careful approach to running as explained in Principles of running training; it is recommended to study that article before proceeding. The schedule can also be used to transition from regular shod running to running barefooted or in minimalist shoes. An electronic booklet containing the schedule is available below. Order with the below PayPal button, or use one of the alternative methods of payment. The book will be sent to you by e-mail within one or two days, mostly within hours.

Training schedule for beginning or injury-prone runners - cover image Title: Training schedule for beginning or injury-prone runners
Author: Paul Cooijmans
Publisher: I.Q. Tests for the High Range
Format: E-book in P.D.F. (≈ 360 kB)
Pages: ≈ 40
Edition: April 2021
Language: English
Price: € 2.00

Review by reader

"A profound and brilliant work. This approach to running breathes the spirit of the parable of the Chinese boy who became a Shaolin monk. And even though the author is depicted on the cover wearing shoes, it will work for barefoot flight-phased locomotion just as well. Moreover, explicit attention to running technique is avoided by prescribing short intervallic efforts with long recovery as the basis of one's training, which instinctively and involuntarily leads to an efficient style. No boring technical exercises, therefore. Revolutionary is also the insight that injury-prone runners — and are not all runners injury-prone at heart? — are, in practice, so hindered by injuries that, in training, they can or should really never exceed the level of beginners, so that all they need is a beginner's schedule."

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