Alternative methods of payment

Paul Cooijmans

Payment methods other than PayPal

If you live in the Netherlands or another country that allows to convert money to a Netherlandic bank, you can convert the amount in Euros to the account number given below (belonging to I.Q. Tests for the High Range, Lieshout, the Netherlands); mention the item you are paying for, for instance the name of the test or title of the book, and your e-mail address (you may wish to send this information by e-mail as it is sometimes hard to read on a bank account statement).

IBAN: NL11 RABO 0103 9760 00

If all else fails you may send the amount in bank notes by mail in euro or U.S. dollar equivalent. Make certain it can not be seen from the outside there is money in the envelope. Checks are not accepted, unless for amounts over € 100.