Tidings from pen and cradle

© 1996 Paul Cooijmans


In the mid-nineties I did research on first-year childhood memories. I had always had such memories myself, and experienced that many did not believe they were real. Through ads in magazines I found about 15 persons with very early memories, and wrote a report called Tidings from pen and cradle, containing examples of memories and their answers to a questionnaire, as well as some comments.

This report is, in hindsight, not satisfactory to me from the scientific viewpoint. Might one still wish to see the original 1996 report, a facsimile edition in P.D.F. can be ordered for € 3 through the below PayPal button. Or, use one of the alternative methods of payment. The report of about 3.8 MB will be sent by e-mail after receiving your payment.