Test for E.S.P. - The cards

© Paul Cooijmans

The cards in their current positions

The cards in their current positions

One can see the cards lying on the bottom of the top drawer; they are actually taped in place with transparent adhesive tape. The three in the top row are, from left to right, the first, second, and third card, the other two are, also from left to right, the fourth and fifth. Obviously, the cards are facing down.

For further information, the cards are 14.7 by 10.5 cm large (A6). They fit easily in the chest of drawers, which is 70.4 cm wide, 39.7 cm deep, and 75 cm high. The aftershave bottle is 6.8 cm wide and 10 cm tall. These measurements are provided here to counter received criticisms like "those cards can not really be there, they would never fit in the drawer because the chest is not deep enough", and "I own a jewelery store and that perfume bottle only exists in [a certain size, supposedly different from the size of the bottle shown]".

Regarding the bottle, one should take into account that the photo was taken from above, so such a standing object may appear smaller as a result of perspective. The aftershave bottle can be admired in its full glory in this video of the Second miserable Paul Paulmans blues.

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