Test for extrasensory perception (E.S.P.)

© 1997 to June 2021 Paul Cooijmans

The results so far

The Test for Extrasensory Perception has been published in various I.Q. society journals and web locations. The scores from early 1997 to present:

Score Frequency

An estimate of each score's probability:

Score Probability (1/x)
0 1.002
1 600
2 108
3 1017
4 10100
5 1010100

The test itself

Does extrasensory perception exist? Let us find out. In the Paul Cooijmans Institute For Advanced Study, five postcards are kept in the top drawer of this chest:

The chest of drawers
  1. Which number is written on the first?
  2. The name of which historical figure is on the second?
  3. Which English word is on the third?
  4. Which geometric figure is drawn on the fourth? Draw.
  5. Which object or organism is drawn on the fifth? Draw.

The current deadline for submitting answers is 1 January . If only few correct answers have come in by then, the test will continue for another decade, and so on. After withdrawal of the test the correct answers will be published. They have been legally registered early 1997.

The drawings should be recognizable but do not have to be accurate to the millimetre. Repeated attempts are allowed as long as you have not scored higher than 0. Discussion with others is not allowed, either before, during, or after taking the test and regardless if you intend to submit answers.

A comment sometimes made is that extrasensory perception requires a "sender" in order to work. This is not true, however, for phenomena like clairvoyance, precognition, and "remote viewing". Only telepathy would require a "sender", but is experimentally and theoretically impossible to distinguish from the non-sender forms of extrasensory perception just named (for what appears to be telepathy can always be explained as clairvoyance or as another non-sender form of extrasensory perception). The claims made about "remote viewing", as supposedly applied extensively by various secret agencies, are such that a test like this should be a realistic challenge for anyone who has seriously developed one's skills in this field.

Send answers to Paul Cooijmans. You will receive a score report only if your score is greater than 0 (zero). Although entirely superfluous, some require it to be pointed out that therefore the absence of score reporting following a particular submission of answers implies a score of 0 for that set of answers. If you find yourself unable to accept that your score is zero, please be informed that such indicates a serious psychiatric disorder for which you may require treatment.

Extra information for sceptics

Some are sceptical about this test, a frequent remark being In all likelihood, the cards are not actually in that chest at all; how else could it be explained that not many more correct answers have come in over all of those years? Probably you have hidden the cards somewhere else to delude us.

Well, to accommodate those critical thinkers, the exact positions of the cards are shown in this photo.

Challenge Distinction: Brennan Martin Prize for ESP

I am putting out a challenge to professed psychics to demonstrate their psychic abilities in this unique contest.

I hereby offer a monetary prize of NZD$1,500 to the person with the first perfect score performance on Paul Cooijmans "Test for ESP".

Paul Cooijmans will inform me of both the name of the "Brennan Martin Prize for ESP" prize winner, and provide me with relevant contact details to reach this entity. Arrangements for payment transfer will then commence.


- Brennan Martin.