Neo-Marxist code explained

© November 2016 Paul Cooijmans


This essential lexicon aims to explain the intended meaning of words and phrases used by cultural Marxists (leftists, neo-Marxists) to criticize members of mainly native Western populations whom they seek to dominate, reduce in number, and replace. Such exegesis is useful because of this idiom's tendency to regress toward ever more concealment. Whenever the target public begins to understand what is meant by a particular term, neo-Marxists invent a new, even more veiling euphemism for the same.


The lexicon contains not the true dictionary meanings, but tries to describe what is really meant when these terms are used by neo-Marxists in contemporary public and political debate. The terms are italicized; when the corresponding words are used below without italicization, the true meaning applies, not the encoded one.

Essential lexicon of neo-Marxist code

angry White men
Derogatory term for mostly Caucasoid heterosexual non-Jewish males, who are stereotyped as lowly intelligent, uneducated, lazy, bigoted, racist, and degenerated. The non-Jewish aspect, if present, is tacit and contextual. Archetypes of this racist and sexist stereotype are American comedy characters like Archie Bunker ("All in the family") and Al Bundy ("Married with children"). Were any other group stereotyped and stigmatized like this, that would be deemed hate crime and result in immediate prosecution.
Accusatory term, typically used for one who makes true statements regarding male-female differences and thus offends the neo-Marxist doctrine that there exist no inborn sex differences in personality, ability, or behaviour, and that any such differences observed are due to social conditioning. There is sexist bias in the fact that the truth about sex differences is taken to be offending to females but not to males.
black-and-white thinker
One with whom one disagrees but has no substantial arguments against.
conspiracy theory
Any attempt to explain or expose the role of neo-Marxism in society.
One who is openly sceptical about any neo-Marxist doctrine. The Marxists' modus operandi is to try to censor or criminalize denial and ostracise, character-assassinate, or prosecute the denier rather than to bring in substantial arguments against the denial.
Concept, invoked to explain the societal failure and over-representation in crime of certain groups. Its use has a strong racist and sexist bias, as betrayed, for instance, by the fact that anti-discrimination organizations will refuse to accept complaints from persons not belonging to the relevant groups, with arguments like, "It is not possible to discriminate against a heterosexual White male".
Euphemism for the sought-after over-representation of supposedly discriminated groups in any field, irrespective of their suitability. Diversity is required for approval in neo-Marxist circles, and equivalent to the concept judenrein in Nazi Germany. The final goal of diversity is the marginalization of Western culture and of the Caucasoid subspecies; that is, genocide. Expressing tolerance of diversity serves as a masonic handshake between cultural Marxists, tacitly identifying one as such. There is no way back from implementing diversity; it is the neo-Marxists' Endlösung.
dumb blonde
Racist stereotype and the female counterpart of angry white men. These stereotypes are deliberately propagated by the neo-Marxist-controlled media and entertainment industry to stigmatize Whites as possessing negative traits like low intelligence and more. The implicit racism lies in the fact that blondes are naturally White.
Euphemism for discrimination
fake news
Accusatory term to dismiss truths that leftists find inconvenient.
Antagonizing term for even moderately conservative political views as were mainstream in most Western nation states until about the 1960s.
far right
Misnomer that mostly refers to political parties with an element of nationalism, usually combined with left-wing economical views. Implied is an association with National Socialism. There is an inconsistency in that nationalist movements of non-Western peoples are generally not called far right, but often supported by cultural Marxists in the name of "human rights", the movements' leaders not infrequently receiving Nobel Peace Prizes. The reason to use the misnomer far right for what is really left-wing conservatism is to obscure the fact that National Socialism was a left-wing movement, which is also what Marxism reckons itself to be.
Euphemism for sex (the male-female dimension) and purposely confused with it, although its proper meaning is a different one. The orchestrated replacement of sex with gender serves to spread the neo-Marxist propagandic notion that we are all on a continuum between male and female, that actual males and females do not exist, and that any observed behavioural sex differences are solely due to social conditioning. The term gender suits this purpose because it properly refers to a psychological masculine-feminine identity, which is indeed fuzzy and continuous, in sharp contrast to actual physical sex, which is close to a dichotomy. True biological intersexuals/hermaphrodites are rare and should not be confused with the much more prevalent transsexuals/transgenders, who merely have a gender that is opposite to their sex and who therefore only exist by the grace of the dichotomous nature of sex.
hate, hate crime, hate mongering
Accusatory concept, concocted largely to make it illegal for Caucasoids to criticize the implementation of diversity. Its effect is to silence utterers of inconvenient truths, especially concerning supposedly discriminated groups and diversity.
Hitler, a kind of Hitler, a new Hitler
Disguised death sentence, calling upon any attentive member of the public to assassinate the person thus characterized at any cost, including the guarantee that the assassin will be punished leniently and supported well during and after one's brief and nominal imprisonment.
One who does not wholeheartedly and actively endorse the emancipation and conspicuous display in the public space of male and female homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality. There is hypocrisy in the fact that no analogous "phobia" is attributed to those disapproving of other sexual deviations like paedophilia, necrophilia, exhibitionism, and bestiality. Where are the P, N, E, and second B in L.G.T.B.?
Euphemism for racism and hate.
Euphemism for the implementation of diversity.
One who does not wholeheartedly and actively endorse the Islamization of the West.
The state of not wholeheartedly and actively endorsing diversity.
lone wolf
Purposely misguiding term to dismiss terror attacks as random incidents, thus hiding their being part of a large-scale orchestrated guerrilla war.
Esoteric and posh euphemism for anti-feminist.
multiculturalism, multicultural society
Euphemisms for (attempts to establish) a multi-ethnic and multi-racial society. These terms have been as good as abandoned by leftists in favour of diversity, since the general public have long understood that multiculturalism will not work unless to their detriment, and that attempts to set up a multicultural society have been a deliberate onslaught on Western civilization and the people who created it. The successor term diversity is in the process of going the same way.
Euphemism for fascism and far right. That the term populism is indeed meant thus is illustrated by the fact that the derogatory adjective brown, as in brown shirts, is used for all three concepts.
The being realistic about racial and ethnic differences.
Euphemism for colonists from non-Western regions who are deliberately invited, transported, sent, or forced to Western countries to replace the native Caucasoid populations and their culture through mass immigration and differential fertility. This humours the interests of the neo-Marxist elites within the West, who are after the genocide of Caucasoids and destruction of their culture and civilization, and the interests of the countries of origin of the colonists, for which this is a way to spread their culture and religion and get rid of their population surplus. The colonists themselves are mostly unaware of this scheme and acting out of self-interest.
reverse racism
Accusatory term for anti-White racism, containing the implication that the original racism was in the opposite direction (from Whites to others). Only used in contexts of denial: "There is no such thing as reverse racism because it is not possible to be racist to a White person". It works as a double-edged sword; not only is its existence denied, but at the same time an accusation of racism in the opposite direction is made via the word "reverse".
Derogatory term for any arguments or concerns expressed in populism.
To refer to women by their feminine qualities, including the making of compliments, which is virtually equated to sexual assault when done by heterosexual non-feminized men. Contrary to what one might expect, sexism does not generally refer to statements about male-female differences; for that offense, terms like anti-feminist and misogynist seem to be preferred.
Stamp of approval for any product or practice that cultural Marxism seeks to promote, analogous to kosher or halal.
unconscious bias, unconscious prejudice, implicit association
Fraudulent pseudoscientific construct to reveal supposed unaware racism, sexism, homo-hatred and so on. The tests in question are constructed so that they will necessarily (and can only) show bias in certain directions, and can not detect bias in other directions in which bias can a priori not exist in the neo-Marxist world view.
Derogatory adjective for any arguments or concerns expressed in populism.
White privilege
Fictitious pseudoscientific concept to accuse Caucasoids of unaware, invisibly subtle, unverifiable racism and discrimination. Caucasoids are expected to apologize and feel guilty for this alleged racism even though it is unaware and unintended, and are not permitted to feel offended when accused of it.
Euphemism for racism and hate.

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