Cooijmans Inventory of Neo-Marxist Attitudes

Cooijmans Inventory of Neo-Marxist Attitudes

© 2012 Paul Cooijmans

Learn if you are a cultural Marxist!

Do you want to find out whether you are one of those cultural Marxists that everyone loves and admires so much? Fill in the questionnaire and click the button to know your score. This inventory is a serious psychometric instrument, and will be used to study the relation between neo-Marxist attitudes and other personality variables.


For each of the below statements, indicate whether you agree, disagree, or take a neutral position with respect to that statement.

1Twentieth century "modern" art forms, like abstract art and conceptual art, have enriched our culture.
2Death penalty is unethical.
3Humans, through the exhaust of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, are causing a global warming of the climate.
4Individual human personality is to a sizeable degree shaped by social environment.
5One person's truth may not be the same as another person's truth.
6The rich countries should share their wealth better with the poor countries.
7Men should learn to express and talk about their emotions better.
8I admire the Dalai Lama.
9Soft drugs should be legalized, because that is the only way to end the criminal black market whereon they are traded.
10In contact with people from other cultures I always try to adapt to their culture, regardless if said contact takes place in my own or in the other's country.
11If you travel by air, it is good to make it carbon-neutral by compensating the exhaust of carbon dioxide in some way to thus prevent or reduce the adverse effect on the ecology.
12Repetitive criminals should be re-educated rather than punished.
13If you do not lock your car, it is your own fault if it gets stolen, because you have given cause for theft.
14I admire Martin Luther King.
15Mass immigration into Western countries is inevitable as a logical consequence of ongoing globalization.
16All human cultures are of equal value.
17A person's level of intelligence is for a considerate part determined by that person's social environment.
18Overpopulation is absolutely no problem, provided we all adopt ways of living and producing that are in balance with the ecology, and let the Third World share in our wealth.
19Criminals are not born bad, but made that way by their environment.
20The effect of what one says is more important than whether or not it is true.
21To increase security measures is a good - that is, ethically desirable - way to reduce crime.
22A society of higher average I.Q. is not necessarily a better society.
23Wealth should be redistributed over the world, such that all countries become equally wealthy.
24I admire Nelson Mandela.
25When women or ethnic minorities are less than proportionally represented in any field, this is probably the result of discrimination.
26Mass immigration of other-ethnic peoples into Western countries is good for the economies and societies of those Western countries.
27Poverty in the Third World is mainly the result of Western colonialism and exploitation.
28If a Black and a White athlete compete against each other, commentators should refer to them by the colour of their clothes and never by the colour of their skin.
29In contact with people from other cultures I never expect them to adapt to my own culture, regardless if said contact takes place in my own or in the other's country.
30If we all became vegetarians, this would be good for the environment and/or the climate.
31If poor people commit crimes, this is likely a result of their poverty, being discriminated, or other depressing social circumstances.
32Lying is normal social behaviour.
33Insufficient security measures are a major cause of crime.
34White people bear the guilt of colonialism and slavery.
35A society of lower average I.Q. is not necessarily a worse society.
36Men should learn to behave more like women, in the social and emotional respects.
37If certain ethnic minorities are over-represented in crime, this is probably caused by discrimination and/or other depressing social circumstances.
38A welfare state can be maintained while allowing mass immigration of other-ethnic peoples.
39I always try to pronounce foreign names the way they are pronounced by natives of that language.
40If everyone were a Buddhist, the world would be a better place.
41Hard punishment is not a good way to reduce crime.
42Absolute truth does not exist; everything is relative.
43The West bears the guilt of the crusades.
44Measures must be taken to enforce proportional representation of women and minorities in high positions.
45If someone looks very ugly or has an obvious physical defect, one should always act as if one does not notice it at all.
46A welfare state is compatible with, can be maintained in, a multicultural society.
47Using involuntary measures to prevent repetitive criminals from having children is unethical.
48The current Western standard of civilization could easily be maintained, were average I.Q. in the West to drop.
49I admire Che Guevara.
50"Races" like Blacks, Whites, and Orientals are social constructs that lack a biological basis; all currently living humans belong to one and the same race.
51Tolerance of other cultures is always good.
52Corporal punishment is bad and must not be reintroduced in countries that have abolished it.
53Teaching retarded persons how to vote is a good thing to do.
54Scientific research results that could be used to stigmatize certain disadvantaged minority groups should not be published.
55I would never expect people from other cultures to pronounce my name the way it is pronounced in my own country.
56Nationalism is wrong.
57Compulsory sterilization of violent criminals is unethical.
58I prefer to socialize with women and homosexual and/or feminized men, rather than with regular (that is, non-feminized) heterosexual men.
59If richer countries have higher average I.Q.'s, then apparently it is wealth that makes people smart.
60Social scientists should be careful in the selection of their data to prevent a socially undesirable outcome, for instance the inequality of races or sexes.
61Immigrants should be allowed to live according to their own culture, even if that violates the moral values of our culture.
62It is absolutely no problem if those of higher intelligence and education have low fertility rates, have few children.
63When people from countries where average I.Q. is low migrate to rich countries, their I.Q.'s and/or those of their children will rise to the level of natives of the destination country as a result of the better environment.
64Preventing retarded persons from having children is unethical.
65It is acceptable for scientists to manipulate their research results, in order to prove that women are better than men in certain respects, in certain fields, or at certain tasks.
66Multicultural societies are better than monocultural societies.
67Compulsory castration of violent criminals is unethical.
68Mass immigration of other-ethnic peoples into Western countries should be allowed as a compensation for atrocities like colonialism, slavery, and the crusades.
69If a man from another culture refuses to shake hands with women in our country, we must respect that.
70If men did not exist, or were more like women, the world would be a better place.
71Scientists who publish books to the extent that some races are more intelligent than others should be exposed as racists, and banned from the academic world and its publication fora.
72If immigrants from another culture take offence at women wearing short skirts in our country, those women would be wise to wear longer skirts out of respect for the culture in question.
73On the whole, women are better people than men.
74If immigration leads to more crime, then people must simply accept that, learn to live with it, and take extra security measures.
75Cultures in which women are severely suppressed are equal in value to Western culture.
76It is absolutely no problem if the social underclasses do most of the breeding, have the most children.
77People who are opposed to multiculturalism are far-right, xenophobic, or racist.
78Many of the statements in this test are not so much "attitudes", but are simply true facts or sound viewpoints.
79I admire Osama Bin Laden.
80If a right-wing politician with xenophobic or racist ideas is on one's way to gain power, it is acceptable to kill that politician to prevent this from happening.
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