Introversion versus extraversion

© 2001-2014 Paul Cooijmans

In contrasting words

Introvert Extravert
Essence Appearance
Long-term Short-term
Focus Multi-tasking
Verbal (language) Non-verbal (body language)
Create Consume
Ethical Social
Communicate and cooperate Intimidate and manipulate
Lead Follow
Deserve Get paid
Think in advance and afterwards Think during
Consistent Contradictory
Whole Scattered
Permanent Disposable
Formal Conventional
Humour Entertainment
Genius Tycoon
Future and past Present
Satisfaction Enjoyment
Inner motivation (independent) External reward (reward-dependent, other-directed)
Style Fashion
Endure Suppress
Tolerate Restrict
Rule by authority, trust and example Rule by force, charisma and deceit
Invent Claim credit and cash in
Sincere Hypocritical
Fundamental science Applied science
Be right Be put in the right
Autonomous Herded
I.Q. "E.Q."
Research and progress Delay and counteract