Personality Scales for Intelligent Adults — Report for Paul Cooijmans

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Personality Scales for Intelligent Adults — Revision 2007

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Paul Cooijmans

Report date

10 July 2017 (year taken: 2007)

The scales and factors

Below are your standard scores on a scale with a mean of 50 and standard deviation of 10.

The 12 scales

The 3 factors


This profile suggests a personality that is extremely low in empathy while being disposed for psychosocial problems to an extremely high degree. The personality also prefers to deal with things or systems rather than humans to an extremely high degree. Furthermore, the personality has very high introversion while entertaining a very high desire to punish evildoers and being truthful to a very high degree. The personality is also highly ethical and highly orderly as well as highly rational. The personality has unshared experiences to a high degree.

The configuration of values in this profile implies an extremely to exceptionally wide associative horizon (Cold, Introversion) and very high conscientiousness (Orderly, Ethics). Combined with high intelligence, these traits guarantee the emergence of a rare creative individual able to exercise a lasting influence in any field the individual occupies oneself with, thus advancing humanity and its successor species and genus to no end. Inherently, an individual of this quality attracts attention from evil elements, which will uninterruptedly be attempting to destroy the individual for if there is one thing evil can not bear it is good.

Thank you for taking these scales. Please save this report to a location that is backed up regularly, to avoid the need for later resending. Statistical reports on the scales can be found at , while an explanation of the scales is at

Paul Cooijmans
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