References regarding the possible mechanism behind psi phenomena

Paul Cooijmans

Quantum physics and non-local coherence

Some physicists have suggested that the non-local, retroactive effects demonstrated in quantum physics offer room for "paranormal" phenomena like psychokinesis and clairvoyance to occur. An explanation to that extent, with further references, can for instance be found in chapter 10 of The Scientifization of Culture by Wim Rietdijk (interviewed in 2004). Another physicist who has written on this topic is Evan Harris Walker in Quantum Physics and Parapsychology and other works.

Put very briefly, it is so that quantum-mechanical experiments show that an observation of a result at one point in a process may retroactively and instantaneously (that is, not limited by the speed of light) influence what happens at an earlier point in the process. This non-local effect can be theorized to play a role in the occurrence of consciousness and of psi phenomena, and in the mutual attunement of the laws of physics and physical constants to the effect that they obtain their current anthropic values.

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