The World’s Most Difficult PSI Test
© 2008 Brennan Martin. All Rights Reserved.

Objective: With Remote Viewing techniques apply sub-space mind to determine the target for each Target Reference Number identifier, 25 singular item coordinates; popular global monuments.

Elective: Express your answers in “verbal” or “pictorial” form, or therein a combination of the two! Notwithstanding, comments and explanations may be included with your submission as “supplementary” via sketches and other relevant data-types (alternative photographic images, sketches, verbal commentary).

Award: NZD$10,000 prize for score of 80% (or plus) raw score of 20/25.

Conditions (A): PREVIEW is to be taken under your real full name (not nick-name; not stage-name; not past-life name); Only one attempt is allowed; And if relevant list previous titles, dates and scores on PSI tests taken: chance-type supervised, e.g., Zener Card Trials; power-type unsupervised, e.g., Test for Extrasensory Perception (Paul Cooijmans).

Conditions: (B) Include along side your submission with that requested in “(A)”:
Age; Sex, Occupation; Country; Native-tongue; I.Q. scores on previously taken tests, relevant titles for those tests, date of assessment; Psychic training and PSI experiences detail (optional); And contact details for viable results reception (conditional).

(This information may be used for statistical and research purposes.)

Anti-triviality: This test is designed for highly-trained psychics to “know where they stand” not per se as pig flu cure-all for megalomaniacs to “know if they stand”! Take the test unprepared and you will suffer the burn!

Eventuality: High-PSIMETRIC Society formulated - for the psychically talented.

Principality: Credit to Adam Kisby with unearthing an interminably more pertinent, more creative title to this test: “PREVIEW!”.


TRN 00000   →  Answer: Auckland Sky Tower (Verbal); Or; (Pictorial)

^^ : ^^^ ^^^ ^^^

::Mission Initiate::

TRN 10000   →  Answer:

TRN 20000   →  Answer:

TRN 30000   →  Answer:

TRN 40000   →  Answer:

TRN 50000   →  Answer:

TRN 11000   →  Answer:

TRN 22000   →  Answer:

TRN 33000   →  Answer:

TRN 44000   →  Answer:

TRN 55000   →  Answer:

TRN 11100   →  Answer:

TRN 22200   →  Answer:

TRN 33300   →  Answer:

TRN 44400   →  Answer:

TRN 55500   →  Answer:

TRN 11110   →  Answer:

TRN 22220   →  Answer:

TRN 33330   →  Answer:

TRN 44440   →  Answer:

TRN 55550   →  Answer:

TRN 11111   →  Answer:

TRN 22222   →  Answer:

TRN 33333   →  Answer:

TRN 44444   →  Answer:

TRN 55555   →  Answer:

::Mission Terminate::

^^^ ^^^ ^^^ : ^^

To receive a PREVIEW score report in a limited space-time event:
Please send Answer Sheet and $10 U.S.D. via PayPal (curtailing brute force guessing) payable to:
brennanharpermartin AT gmail DOT com