To the Editor:

The White Brotherhood of Time Lords sent me the following for publication in In-Genius:

Official Report from Dr What

While strolling around in sunny Amarillo, California, I ended up in a place on Robert G. Lane where a bizarre society meeting was being held. Here's a fragment of a speech I happened to catch:

"...and finally I propose a toast to footnotes! Footnotes! Heck, why say what you want to say in the main text when you can also use footnotes? And remember our advancement scheme for Footmasters: for every footnote you get published in print you get one point! If it concerns an IQ journal: double points!! And with a mere thousand points you'll have your promotion to Distinguished Footmaster General! So keep throwing in those footnotes! Never say in the main text what you can also say in a footnote!"

Obviously, this seemingly nonsensical speech must have some relevance. I suggest we consult the highly intelligent readers of In-Genius to interpret it. Oh, when leaving the building I was informed it belonged to the Society For Promotion Of The Use Of Footnotes.