Detailed personal information

Paul Cooijmans

Various facts

Full name

Paulus Arnoldus Johannes Wilhelmina Cooijmans


6 April 1965, Lieshout, the Netherlands

Birth order

Eleventh of eleven




1.78 metres


60-62 kg







Preferred part of day


Marital status




First-year memories; eleven toenails; endowed with the gift of being exceptionally funny without anyone noticing it.


Netherlandic, English, German (understand written and spoken German well) and a bit of French (reading).


Running, walking, cycling

Interests (other than already mentioned elsewhere)

Human evolution, eugenics, exact sciences (for instance, astronomy).

Greatest annoyances

Crime, violence against innocent, the allowing of crime, too soft or nonexistent punishment of evil persons, punishing the victim who defends oneself, the emphasis on "security" which implicitly makes the victim responsible for and guilty of the crime, the fact that criminals are allowed to vote and even to reproduce, non-leashing owners of the woof-saying quadruped, the neo-Marxist paralysis of Western society in general.

Favourite television series

Inspector Morse, Catweazle, Dad's army, It ain't half hot mum!, Bergerac, Doctor Who, The Avengers, Blackadder, All creatures great and small, Absolutely Fabulous, Takeshi's Castle

Favourite movies


Tom Poes (M. Toonder), Gödel, Escher, Bach (D. Hofstadter), Kafka, Roald Dahl (favourite story: "The Visitor", from "Uncle Oswald"), Paling en Ko (Mortadelo y Filemón), Bob Evers (W. van der Heide).


Van Halen (the David Lee Roth period), Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Frank Zappa, J. S. Bach, Dowland, Led Zeppelin, Erik Satie, AC/DC (the Bon Scott period) medieval and Renaissance polyphony.


Chips (that is: "French fries", "pommes frites", not "crisps")


Driver's license

Since 1983 (passed driving test the first time)



Positions held (currently)

Administrator of The Glia Society (1997-present) and The Giga Society (1996-present); Psychometitor at "I.Q. Tests for the High Range" (2005-present).


(Mostly self-published) More than 40 compositions for various casts up to symphony orchestra, prose (short stories), several I.Q. tests and statistical reports thereon, articles in I.Q. society journals, report on early memories research, treatise on music theory, interpretation of Rider-Waite tarot, literary novel dealing with the subculture of I.Q. societies, articles on web locations.

Note on the surname "Cooijmans"

The name "Cooijmans" is pronounced approximately as an English-speaking person would pronounce "Coymans". A bit more precisely it can be said to rhyme with "Zoë runs", rapidly spoken.

It is an original Netherlandic name and really identical to the name "Cooymans"; the difference between the consonants "ij" and "y" is arbitrary in Netherlandic.

"Cooijmans" is also related to a number of similar names that have "K" in the place of "C", "o" in the place of "oo", "y" in the place of "ij", and/or lack the "s". When the "s" is missing, "de " (the ) is sometimes prepended, as in "Rutgerus Gerardus de Koijman".

The "Cooij-" in the name is possibly (but not certainly) an old form of "koeien" (cows), so that the name "de Coyman" means "the cows man", and "Cooijmans" means "cows man's son". I am descended from a long line of of slaughterers (so watch it). The coat of arms associated with the name has three cows on it (some say "bulls" or "oxes"), and also appears as such on a few portraits painted by Frans Hals, of persons named Cooymans, hanging on the wall (on the painting). Two portraits and several variants of the coat of arms can be seen at .

The southern part of the Netherlands was populated by Franks (a Germanic people) in the early Middle Ages, their main source of living being the keeping of cattle for the meat, and most of those currently living here are of Frankish descent, many of them, including we, being genealogically linked to the Emperor Charlemagne. When the existing European order collapses, we will in the utmost modesty yet without hesitance commend ourselves to the imperial throne.