Organizational structures

© 2002-2009 Paul Cooijmans

This essay proposes an Organization model that will enable Individuals with high abilities to cooperate effectively and peacefully.


1 Organization
a Aspectsa Creators
 b Interpretors
 n Individuals


A Creator formulates and has full responsibility for the policies, plans, methods and tasks regarding one's Aspect and expresses those in the form of exact instructions.

An Interpretor executes one's Creator's instructions as exactly as possible.



An Organization with four Aspects (numbered 1 to 4) and nine Individuals (each represented by a cell) may look like this:

Creator 1, Interpretor 1 Creator 2 Creator 3, Interpretor 2, 4
Interpretor 2 Creator 4, Interpretor 1, 3 Interpretor 1
Interpretor 4 Interpretor 2, 3 Interpretor 1, 2, 3, 4