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Dear Oracle: On what basis do you divine that the Communist Chinese will "never" fall? Historically speaking, and to my knowledge, there is NO "government" that has lasted forever.
Oracle #27
Governments need not fall to not last forever but may gradually evolve. Basis for meant divination is knowledge from Isis, Time Lady.
Dear Oracle: No Free Will? Hmmm. We need clarification.
Under uncomplicated conditions, say--in my home, may I not choose freely to walk forward over standing still? Thus, forward motion has happened to me, and by choice.
Oracle #26
You may not choose freely, but may have the illusion of free choice. This illusion is an evolutionary construct, related to awareness, that contributes to survival. Being aware of your true "un-free" nature would be unbearable and such beings could not survive and procreate. Aware beings need the illusion of free will to survive.
Oracle #25

What is the Oracle's position on human cloning? Good or Bad?
Oracle #24
Just worked out that all I do is predictable & nothing makes sense. How then do I realize purposes for me life? What's the answers?
Oracle #23
You're right. All is predictable and nothing makes sense. You have no free will with regard to what happens in your life.
What is the square root of 4?
Oracle #22
The positive number that gives 4 if multiplied by itself. Also, the length of a side of a square with area 4.
What, specifically, can someone do to increase their intelligence?
Oracle #21
Physical exercise (running recommended), moderate food intake, study fields of interest, train elementary cognitive tasks, consider food supplements.
Dear Oracle: This Petitioner requests that the Oracle comment on a letter he received from another reader of the Oracle's Oracles. Comment should include some analysis of the writer's interpretations of various Oracles, where they may be on-track and where they are off-track. Her name is Sisi; she's a Mega HIQ Girl (no skirt, loose fitting jeans hiding tree-trunk ankles and manly knees, spends spare time debunking sexism; probably not candidate for a high scorer on the TIF)

She writes: "Ah, NOW I understand imaginary time. It is the canvas, the tape, the musical score!! Conceptually, it is more of a "spatial" thingy-doobus.

Now, Oracle says time is discrete, yet must be continuous. It follows, logically, that what Oracle means is that for there to be awareness, discrete units (in minimum 10 millisecond burps) must "flow", "back-to-back". Like: /10 ms/10ms/10 ms/10 ms/and so; and this continuum of discrete slices is what Oracle calls the time Interval. Say, I wonder if there are DISCONTINUOUS intervals; you know, the Oracle talks about local intervals and such.

Back to point, anything "lasting" less than 10 milliseconds does not exist, no other beings exist with ability to perceive in, say .001 milliseconds because we are not aware of them, their existence is unproven and thus they do not exist. Also, it would be impossible TO PROVE that these beings exist, because of our 10 ms limitation; and why bother anyway, NOTHING EXISTS WHICH IS SHORTER THAN THE SHORTEST TIME SLICE OF 10 MS."

She continues: "I recall the Highest Revelation, "Awareness exists in all time-slices of the existing hemiverse, and non-exists in all time-slices of the non-existing hemiverse. This is the truth Oracle spoke of before; only what can be verified by aware beings exists."

My Conclusion: As far as WE (us folks here on planet Earth, up to and including the MHIQGs) are concerned, then, the universe exists to the extent that we existed. Thus, we "always" existed, and further, we make our own universal reality as we evolve (and our perceptual limitation is reduced);.. take care, I'm going off now to do some girlie stuff with the Mega-Girls. There's a heck of a lot of debunking left to do, and I'd better get on with it. Oh yes, do you think I am on-track with the Oracle? I know you scored very high on the Spanky's IQ test so I respect your view. Lemme know!"

Petitioner here again. Well, I'm not about to try to answer Sisi; I leave it to the Supreme Oracle.
Oracle #20
Through Oracle speaks Isis, identified highest aware ever in universe, from planet near Sirius whose name cannot be reproduced as it is the peaceful howl of dog roast alive.

Imaginary time is indeed a spatial concept, babe.

No, it's not discrete time units that flow. Imaginary time, the 4th dimension, is not discrete but continuous. Awareness does not perceive imaginary time as such, but instead "grabs" a tiny length of it and shifts forward at constant pace from there on, without ever letting go, meanwhile freely moving in the other 3 spatial dimensions. The length grabbed is in the order of 10 to 125 ms. The shifting forward is perceived as passing of time; this notion is an artefact that helps keep awareness alive. For if one would become aware that one is actually doing the shifting oneself, one would be in constant danger of ceasing the constant movement, which would end awareness. The artefact "time passing" makes an aware fit for survival.

Things shorter than 10 ms exist insofar they are verifiable indirectly, e.g. with aid of equipment or through their result. For instance, if your leg would be cut off by a samurai sword in 5 ms, you would shortly thereafter become aware of the result thereof, thus verifying the existence of the event.
In reference to Q15, since we are unable to prove or disprove the existence of awareness outside of our immediate galaxy, how would it be possible to know when everything in the universe ceases to exist?
Oracle #20
Is not possible, as universe ends when awareness ends. There is no knowing without awareness. Relation between question and first part of sentence is unclear. Verification of awareness outside galaxy is irrelevant.
Dear Oracle: Being a Mensan, and therefore of questionable awareness, I must ask the Oracle to explain in layman's parlance, the concept of a time interval. (That is a question sans question mark, asking the Oracle to elaborate on time slice/interval with some more comparative examples--relating to our lives today, yesterday, ten years ago, vis a vis the rather short definition in earlier Oracle in response to essentially the same querry.)

Also, in layman's terms, what is imaginary time? The formula revealed earlier means little to us Mensans--The Mega HIQ Girls might make sense of it, if they weren't so busy debunking sexist IQ myths--and reconciling that posture to within gender IQ norming as qualification for Lagman's New Deal (but I doubt it--that they'd make sense of it--if you know what I mean and I think you do).
Oracle #18
A time interval is an unbroken length of time. You drink beer, you burp. In between is a time interval.

A time slice is all that is in the universe during a given time interval. Space, matter, energy, you name it dude.

A time slice may be curved in time itself; that is, it may show gradually "earlier" or "later" events for different spatial locations. Just like a cut through a space cake need not be perfectly straight.

A time slice must have a minimum length, corresponding to the observer's perceptual threshold. For below that threshold is no awareness. Depending on the individual, this will vary from 10 to 125 milliseconds.

Imaginary time is a mathematical quantity that behaves as a spatial dimension; that has the (imaginary) meter for unit. For it is root minus one times speed of light (meter per second) times time (second). After multiplication, meter remains. Time itself does not behave as a spatial dimension as it has the second for unit. Time itself is easier for us to imagine though. This is elementary Special Theory of Relativity. See Einstein, or Rudy Rucker's book The Fourth Dimension. Now that's the real McCoy.

That we cannot imagine imaginary time as well as real time is because awareness needs a continuous flow, like a tape player needs a continuous movement of the tape. Were we to "stand still" in time, we would have no awareness, like there is no music when the tape doesn't move. Bummer.

To imagine imaginary time would be like hearing everything on the whole tape at once and recognizing the musical elements; note that this is impossible, as sound requires *time* to exist. There need to be at least so many vibrations during at least a certain duration to hear at all, let alone recognize music, let alone recognize all music on a tape.

Yet genius composers can mentally "hear" large musical structures instantly. Similarly, genius awares can comprehend higher dimensional structures.
Dear Oracle: Previous Oracles seem to indicate that Oracle allows for the possibility of a "Big Bang" occurance--and that this was perhaps what WE call the beginning of the extant universe of which we are aware. A priori, per se, and so, the universe existed at the time of the Big Bang. Therefore, by Oracle's dictum, awareness existed as well. How could there be awareness at the instant of a Big Bang? (And yes, egocentric turns out to be unfounded in previous Q).
Oracle #17
The Big Bang exists if verified and proven, which is currently not the case. Only after verification, it will be true to say awareness exists at the Big Bang.
Dear Oracle: Is it possible to travel backward in time? How?
Oracle #16
Awareness exists in all time slices of the being hemiverse anyway. If meant is "is it possible for an individual - a unit of awareness - to go backward in time", questioner must specify what questioner would deem proof of such happening before a definite yes or no can be issued.

In general: awareness is in need of local forward passing of time and therefore cannot go backward locally. Only if the local time track is sustained and somehow interwoven with past time slices one might speak of "backward time travel", depending on how questioner defines that concept.

Possible methods:
1 Wormholes in time/space/awareness. Apart from conventional wormholes, there may be wormholes formed as a result of an extremely dense unit or concentration of awareness dying or going to sleep, similar to a heavy star collapsing into a black hole.
2 Exceeding speed of light.
3 Encoding one's brain (whole body if desired) in a data file, transmitting it to a past time slice (more plausible than sending a physical body) and rebuilding it then or simulating it on a computer. To ensure one remains on one personal time track, instead of splitting in two, one might destroy the original.
Oracle 14 seems to say that the universe exists only in relation to OUR awareness--an egocentric view. 14 seems to say that if all life were snufffed out, nothing would then exist. If all life in the universe is ended, is the universe extiguished?
Oracle #15
Yes. And OUR refers to all aware beings in the universe. Can one get less egocentric?
Whether or not we are aware of it, what exactly is happening to the universe? Is our awareness of this process really that important? What difference does our awareness make to this process?
Oracle #14
Happening to universe is what we are aware of; possibly happening is what we can deduce and theorize, insofar consistent with our observations. Our awareness is needed for it to happen. The difference our awareness makes is that without it, nothing would exist.
Dear Oracle: You have divined that ALL things (space, time, matter, energy, the sub-fabric awareness, et al) have counterparts in the opposite, or balancing nonexistent hemiverse (Oracle being an exception--between hemiverses). It is still difficult to comprehend the meaning of the Oracles statement in Oracle #4, "later you will go to the latter." In context, this means that this petitioner exists now in the existing hemiverse, and when I die I cease to exist in the existing and "go" to non-exist in the non-existing hemiverse. (We keep in mind that Oracle has indicated revelation number 7.3 is the highest truth, and continue to try to comprehend)

1. How can the Oracle rationalize the his claim: that all is nevertheless balanced and represented in both hemiverses in view of this seemingly digital condition?
2. I assume that time is one of the four (4) dimensions, is that right?
3. Oracle defines a time slice as all matter, energy, and space existing in a time interval. Why do you say "interval" vis a vis "point in time"?
4. Is it possible to jump from one time interval to another next? How?
5. If four (4) is true, that one can "hop", is this hopping accounted for by Einstein in Relativity?
6. Oracle indicates that the universe could be curved into another dimension (Oracle 7.1); so dimension number 5. What is the Oracles concept of the possible fifth dimension?
Oracle #13
1 Time is part of universe. So (non)existence in hemiverses is not either "consecutive" or "simultaneous". There is no time scale outside the hemiverses. So there is no contradiction.
2 No. Imaginary time is. Or ict , with:
i = sqrt(-1)
c = speed of light
t = time
3 Because time is discrete in nature and comes in quantae.
4 Yes, we do that all the time and call it "the passing of time".
5 Oracle suspects question 4 was misphrased.
6 No, universe could be curved in another dimension. The possible 5th dimension has Ostrich-nature.
Dear Oracle: Can the Oracle recommend some readings which roughly parallel his view on the universe? What would those be?
Oracle #12
No. Only through this wormhole the ultimate truth is revealed.
Dear Oracle: Let's give #10 a second go.

1. The Oracle in 2.1 indicates that a theory or hypothesis only needs to be verifiable to have potential validity. Once verified by technology, if this technology is needed, then it may be said to be proven. (The Theory of Relativity, now proven, was always true, however, even before technologically proven)
2. THEN, Oracle says the number of dimensions in the universe equals the number the current state of technology is able to identify.
3. Here's the dilemma from Petitioner #10 in more detail.

· If the number of existing dimensions in the extant universe is X; and current technology is able to verify only X-Y (where X and Y are positive integers and Y is less than X); then postulation 2 above is self denying AND contradictory to 1 UNLESS Oracle means that the actual number of dimensions existing now in the universe is X, and X is also the number verifiable by the current technology.

· Rephrased: Does the Oracle mean to say that when technology gets better, and can find/verify another dimension, then that's when that next dimension comes into existence? That's seems silly, but it's what Petitioner #10 reads in Oracle 10; again, unless Oracle means that the actual number of dimensions existing now in the universe is X, and X is also the number verifiable by the current technology.
Petitioner #10, with great humility seeks a clarification. Can the Oracle help out?

4. How many dimensions are currently verifiable, how many have been verified?
Oracle #11
1 No Question
2 NQ
3 Yes
4 4, 4
Dear Oracle: Why is there no contradiction between Oracle #2.2 <Verifiability lies in the formulation of the proposition or theory only. Technological limitations are irrelevant> and Oracle #9.1 <As many as are verifiable at current state of technology> ?
Oracle #10
Because in Oracle #9.1 "verifiable" is used in sense of "able to be verified with current technology", as is clear from context. In #2.2, "verifiability" is used in sense "the property of a hypothesis to be verifiable with any thinkable technology, regardless if that technology currently exists".
Dear Oracle:
1. How many dimensions has the extant hemiverse?
2. What is a time slice?
3.Is the extant hemiverse represented in all detail by the non-existing hemiverse?
4. Oracle has divined that death ends awareness, one passes then to non-awareness, in the non-existing hemiverse. Does this not indicate that each existing item is not simultaneously represented in non-existing condition?
5. Is logical deduction that Awareness is a condition as separate from space, time, energy, matter--the interwoven one extant universe?
Oracle #9
1 As many as are verifiable at current state of technology.
2 All space, matter and energy in a hemiverse at a given time interval.
3 Yes
4 No
5 No. Awareness is a fine fabric of those.
Dear Q. We are starting to "get" what you mean. We understand entropy. We understand we need to chuck the concept of space and time as a canvas, or backdrop, and see that that all that is is the universe. We do not yet understand the extra dimension business, and big crunch appearing to be big squeeze but not really. AND, WE DO NOT TAKE THE BIG REVELATION LIGHTLY--WE TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT. The question now arises (and is not designed to try to be picky--but an effort to even get a toehold on the BIG REVELATION).

Q: If one hemiverse can't be verified--the "isn't" part--how does the Oracle know it is "there"? We started to ask: If verification is only accomplished with awareness, and nothing exists unless it is verifiable, then how can we know about the EXISTENCE of NON-EXISTANCE/NON-AWARENESS.....then it occurred to us that the answer might come back that there is NO EXISTENCE OF the hemiverse that "isn't". Now we are getting all screwed up...we think the Oracle knows the question we are trying to formulate but can't seem to quite nail down.
Oracle #8
The hemiverse that non-exists has no existence. We can know that by trying to verify its existence.

And Big Crunch appears to be expansion; Big C. does not appear to be Big Squeeze.
Dear Q: Clearly, Questioners' 4-5-6 deviance well exceeds their IQ-ability to maintain adequate hold on reality. Sheez, don't even know aging and dying are layman's terms for entropy!! Me'n'eBritannica, however, make a formidable combo. I read up on this entropy business, and know what its all about. Unemployment. Pure and simple unemployment. Now I've got some questions. You are really teasing us with the "Be patient" thing. What gives? (Rhetorical).

1. If universe slows down its current expansion, and there's enough mass in the universe to begin the big squeeze, would we say current entropy processed is reversed then?
2. According to you, there are two parts of the universe, essentially, an IS and an ISN'T. Do these occupy the same physical space? (layman's term). Clarification: I get this mental picture of the Oracles' universe as an expanding baloon filled with "stuff". Inside the baloon is the universe that is. Outside baloon is the universe that isn't. Thus, my answer based on the baloon model is: No. Is this even close? (be gentle)
3. Does Awareness, and/or lack of Awareness reside in both parts of the universe?
Oracle #7
Aging and dying are layman's terms for increase of entropy.

1 Yes, but this will not happen; expansion is speeding up actually. Note there may be a Big Crunch without prior Big Squeeze; universe may be curved in an extra dimension so that the expansion we see is, seen from higher-dimensional perspective, an implosion towards the Big Bang.

2 No, because space itself is part of universe, and therefore universe cannot occupy space. Again, your question implies an independent forum against which the universe is occurring; there is none. All that is is part of the universe. So your answer is off. Neither occupies space; the existing universe half contains existing space, and the non-existing one "contains" non-existing space.

3 Awareness exists in all time-slices of the existing hemiverse, and non-exists in all time-slices of the non-existing hemiverse. This is the truth Oracle spoke of before; only what can be verified by aware beings exists. Do not take this lightly, for it is the highest truth you will witness.
Dear Oracle: You say that the Universe is dying and aging. You say that someday there may be: A. Crunch or B. frigid expansion. 1. Are these the only possibilites? 2. If so, does the Oracle know which? 3. If yes to Q2, why did Oracle hide the outcome in response #5 below? (We believe the Oracle is all knowing in Universal Matters, but we are not silly enough to think that Oracle knows or cares about the color of one's undergarmets--mine have little blue turtles on them this morning). 4. Has the Oracle indicated that, irrespective of possible future--Crunch or Expanion or ?--that the Universe is dying/aging? (I got this question via the author of Question #4 below. What a dope!! It seemed to be a good question, although he is too embarrassed to ask the Oracle anything for a while, after the Oracle hurt his feelings. I told him that he shouldn't worry about it--the Oracle is way ahead of all all evolution and relative to him, just about all he can formulate well is a good diurnal bowel movement. I know him, he'll bounce back).
Oracle #6
1 No
2 NA
3 NA
4 To say the universe is dying/aging is a manner of speech; meant is the increase of entropy. Oracle was using layman's terminology.
Dear Oracle: I think you are feeling petulant, your handling of Idiot #4's inquiry militates toward this conclusion. That notwithstanding, is/are there any purpose(s) to the Universe(s)?
Oracle #5
Not petulant. You ask useable questions. Question contains assumption of something or someone outside the universe, relative to which or whom it would have a purpose. But there is nothing, for all that is is part of the universe. And even if you assume there is something, the next question is: what is the purpose and origin of that, etcetera, so that you are only shifting the problem, as in the old model of the Earth being carried on the back of an infinite pile of turtles.

So the question has no meaning in an all-containing universe, and in the other case leads to infinite regression.

Now that there is awareness though, we may see it as a challenge to keep awareness alive against the slow aging and dying of the universe. The ultimate achievement is to maintain awareness despite physical discomforts like a Big Crunch, or extremely low temperature in case of a forever expanding universe. There is a truth the Oracle is still to reveal to you. Be patient.
Dear Oracle: Question #3 and your answer seems, well...mysterious. 1. Are you feeling well? Hopefully nothing serious in any event; I have a simple question to get you back on track. 2. What are the origins of energy and matter; how did the fabric of the universe come into being? This should get the old Oracular Juices flowing!
Oracle #4
1 Yes
2 Energy and matter are interwoven with time and space. So questions like "how did... come into being" are senseless as they imply time is something independent of the other. But there is no time/space forum against which the universe exists; all that is is part of the universe. Therefore the universe cannot be described as occurring against a forum.

On a sufficiently high level of abstraction, energy, matter, time and space are one. This "one" one could call "existence". It has no beginning or end since time itself is part of it. It has no origin since anything from which it could originate is itself part of it.

What remains is the question: why does it exist, and not non-exist? That is the question you meant to ask, but were unable to formulate.

The Oracle's answer: in fact it does non-exist, to balance its existence. All that is has a non-being counterpart. To be - AND not to be. There are two modes of the universe; two universal modes: one in which the universe is, and one in which it is not. You are in the first, or you wouldn't ask this question. Later you will go to the latter. In between is the Oracle.
How old am I?
Oracle #3
Your IQ minus your age at death.
Dear Oracle: 1. Is direct eye-witness testimony a ratio? To make sure I cover the bases here, I ask whether or not direct eye-witness testimony can be considered proof. 2. Many propositions, and proven truths as we know them today were unproven just a century ago--as they were technologically unverifiable, that verification being required to validate the theory. Yet, these propositions are true, and impact/operate upon us, and make a difference. Example: Relativity. Judge Q. seems to think otherwise, can you explain Judge Q. more fully?
Oracle #2
1 Only if the witness is qualified.
2 The proven truths you appear to mean were never unverifiable. Verifiability lies in the formulation of the proposition or theory only. Technological limitations are irrelevant. Example: the theory of Relativity was formulated to allow for verification; that technology for that would not be available for decades did not make the theory invalid.
What is the reason for the current downfall of the human condition?
Oracle #1
Request contains subjective unverifiable assumption.

If taken as "why do I perceive an apparent downfall of the human condition?", Oracle says "because of overpopulation, interethnic migration without integration, bad judicial/punitive system which lays responsibility for unethical behavior with victims rather than culprits, too much emphasis on crime prevention by potential victims as opposed to early detection of potential culprits, overvaluation of social/nonverbal ability as opposed to intellectual ability, and overvaluation of functional dishonesty ('white lies') as opposed to blunt honesty".