Personality Scales for Intelligent Adults (PSIA)

© 2003-2007 Paul Cooijmans


These personality scales aim to research and detect a number of traits in intelligent adults related to genius, creativity and various psychiatric disorders, and to assess proneness to those. An explanation of the scales can be found here, and statistical reports about the various scales are on the statistics section of I.Q. Tests for the High Range.

Practical information

The PSIA can be ordered for a fee of € 20 and taken on your own computer. The results are then scored and interpreted by Paul Cooijmans, after which you receive a report.

This test is online and accessible after logging in. The PSIA requires you to be able to copy and paste.

Ordering information

Within a day after receiving your payment the login information will be sent to you as an e-mail attachment. This arrangement (prepaying) is to protect the tests from being exposed to an unselected audience, discussed on public message boards and so on. Please read the points below carefully and make certain you understand them before ordering.

Payment of test fee via PayPal

To pay via PayPal, click the below button. If you wish the test to be sent to a different address than the one you are paying from, send a message stating so and mention both addresses and the name of the test.

Please indicate with your payment whether or not you are a resident of the European Union.

Alternative methods of payment

If you do not wish to pay by PayPal, use one of the alternative methods of payment.