GAIA - Gifted Adult's Inventory of Aspergerisms

Gifted Adult's Inventory of Aspergerisms

© 2000 Paul Cooijmans


GAIA lists Aspergoid features in gifted adults. Determine your score below. Check each of the 54 items you feel applies to you and click the button to see how many you checked. There is also a Netherlandic version of this questionnaire.

For clarity, Asperger Syndrome may occur at any I.Q. level from about 70 upward, but this inventory is aimed at the combination of Asperger with high intelligence in adults, with its specific problems. There is no claim of an adult onset of the condition, which starts in infancy and is lifelong. In psychiatry, adults with Asperger have often received alternative diagnoses such as schizophrenia, depression or almost any personality disorder. Asperger Syndrome, by some considered identical to high-functioning autism, is especially similar to Nonverbal Learning Disability and Schizoid Personality.

Obviously, not all highly intelligent adults have Asperger. With no or few features from the list one does not have the condition. Even with a high score, one should realize a diagnosis can not be made on this basis, but requires interviews and observation in person next to psychological testing. Although GAIA was originally conceived to detect Aspergoid features, it may actually be measuring a more general disposition for psychiatric disorders without in itself being able to point to one specific disorder.

The Inventory

  1. Write complaint letters to authorities, professionals, companies etc.
  2. Read full manual before taking equipment into use
  3. Severely bullied at school
  4. Little or no facial expression
  5. Not well able to read another's facial expression
  6. Flat or monotonous voice
  7. Rigid day or week schedule (repetitive patterns)
  8. Strong interest in arcane subjects (either scientific, occult or trivial)
  9. Lack sensitivity to nonverbal cues and social codes
  10. Employed below ability level
  11. Poor work record
  12. Never had a steady job
  13. Social isolation
  14. Educated below ability level
  15. Never married
  16. Never had an amorous relationship
  17. Still virgin
  18. Fetishism
  19. Read reference works from A to Z
  20. Motor clumsiness
  21. "Talk too much"
  22. "Talk too little"
  23. Low "social skills"
  24. Little eye contact
  25. Shy
  26. One-sided eating habits
  27. Capable of sustained rigorous hard work
  28. Savant
  29. Not taken seriously or misunderstood in face-to-face situations
  30. Neurotic habits or tics
  31. Diagnosed Schizophrenia
  32. Diagnosed Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  33. Diagnosed any Personality Disorder
  34. Very honest
  35. Peculiar or (for males) too high-pitched voice
  36. Not emotional
  37. Highly sensitive to criticism
  38. Lack "common sense"
  39. Bitten by dogs
  40. A-rhythmic speech or abnormal speech rhythm
  41. Teased by children in adulthood
  42. Clumsy or exaggerated gestures when talking
  43. Unrightfully punished at school
  44. Perfectionist
  45. Longing for death or suicidal thoughts
  46. Eating disorder (like anorexia)
  47. Depression or on anti-depressant
  48. Attached to animals or things rather than humans
  49. On tranquillizers
  50. Drug addict
  51. Homeless
  52. Sleeping problems
  53. Stilted and overformal in social interaction
  54. Oversensitive to particular sounds
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Age (optional):

You may consult the statistics for this questionnaire for comparison and further information. If you have also taken other personality or intelligence tests scored by Paul Cooijmans, it will be appreciated if you notify him of your GAIA score (please note the condition in that sentence).

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