By Wile E. Coyote

Introduction to the Test:

About the Test Designer-Qualifications and So

Allow me to introduce myself, Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius. That's right-not just Genius, SUPER Genius. I note that this appellation is not common amongst the HIQ Groups. I've seen "Genius", "Universal Genius", "Genius of Distinction", and so-but no SUPER Genius. Perhaps "SUPER" seems too mundane? I disagree. I just LOVE the way it rolls out! Wile E. Coyote-Super Genius!

I am a member of the Glia Society, and SHOULD BE a member of the GIGA Society. I am a certified Super Genius with an IQ established well above the 200s.

Complete Name: William Eatus-birdus Coyote
Birth Date: Unverified
Tribe: Canis Latrans
Height: 60 cm (at shoulders)
Weight: 20kg
Length: 1.25 m (including tail)
Distinctive Features: Tail
Color: A beautiful reddish bronze
Favorite Food: Bird
Next Favorite Food: Bird with salt and pepper
Favorite Music: "Roast Dog Alive" album by "Isis"
Intelligence: Super Genius
Hobbies: Nocturnal Opera (singing at night)
Education: Didn't need any
Religion: Only when I'm in trouble
Positions Held: CEO ACME Corp., TV Actor

Test Rules

* No time limit
* All reference materials allowed
* Use computer if you like
* Talk to others allowed (it probably won't help you)

The Test For Super Genius


I. How many dimensions are in the existing universe? Name them.
II. How many parts does the universe have? Name them.
III. What would happen to you if you became aware that you were the driving force behind movement in the dimension of imaginary time?
IV. Is travel faster than speed of light possible? If so, explain. If not, explain.
V. What is a time slice? Explain.
VI. Does the universe have a beginning or end? Explain.
VII. Is the existence of God provable? Explain.
VIII. Was Paul (or Saul) of Tarsus a credible witness? Why or why not?
IX. What happens to you when you die? Explain.
X. Explain the concept of awareness and when it came into being, if at all.


I. Do you think about lingerie a whole lot? Explain. If so, what kind?
II. Do you think about going to the bathroom when you don't need to?
III. Do you drink "lite" beer? Explain.
IV. Do you have feelings for small rodents? Explain.
V. Do you think that you are unique? Explain.
VI. Do you think that you are unworthy? Explain?
VII. Do you feel like someone is out to get you? Explain?
VIII. Which word(s) do you find most appealing, choose one:

Coors Light
Van Halen

IX. Did your mother love you?
X. Would you rather have: A. A Bird in the hand. B. Two Birds in the bush.