By Wile E. Coyote (Super Genius)

Allow me again to introduce myself, Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius. Awful story actually..."The Fox and the Grapes". And imagine, telling it to CHILDREN!!! Foxes, distant, duller relations to yours truly, are just trying to get along with what little awareness they do possess-squeezing the most out of life before the life gets squeezed out of them... ultimately and possibly (see Oracle in another section of website). Ah well, for centuries we animals have oft' been the hapless subjects of even more malicious inference.

Back to Fox and you know this? Fox sees grapes in a tree (what are grapes doing in a tree?). Grapes look good. Fox jumps to get grapes but can't get to them. Fox tells everybody grapes are sour.

And that's the whole story. Now, what kind of story is this? It's all about putting down Foxes, that's what it is. I've heard a lot of people describe it as a story with a moral. Hogwash. Think about it. Put another being in place of the Fox-lets say an American Indian. American Indian sees grapes, grapes look good, Indian jumps for grapes but can't get them, Indian tells everyone grapes are sour.

Friends, you tell this kind of story, and you're gonna get your tepee torched. You just said the American Indian was too dumb to climb the tree, and then is a liar...and folks gonna say what you meant was ALL Indians are dumb and liars. People gonna ask you, why an American Indian? Why not a White Man? Why not a Mongol? Why not an Eskimo? So...why a FOX? Why not a Bear? Why not a Rabbit? Nooooo, its gotta be a Fox, 'cause that's what people exactly mean and its directed right smack dab at FOXES.

I haven't gotten any response from my "Heap of Vituperative" article yet. I suppose it's just too doggone accurate, the Giga Cowards are too "duck" to answer...not that I'd want to be in that stupid club anyway...