Thinking About My Own Business
By Maximum Orange

I've been checking into this HIQ business pretty carefully. Make up a couple of riddles, norm a few can work out pretty sweet. I even made up my own little ditty for the rock'n'roll aficionados.


Let me be frank with you,
I'm a young side of beef and I got pizzazz,
I got no mamma and I got no grandma,
When I get tired I don't take a nap,
The Boys, Me, an' Gus, we don't take crap,
You get this riddle, you get an "A",
And, We Salute You!

If I'm not Frank Zappa, then who the heck am I? This puzzle may seem impossible to some of you (idiots), but I assure you that strict logical reasoning will reveal a result as crystal clear as a cerulean sky over Athens on a clear summer's day.

Send your answer, with a contribution in excess of USD 1,000.00 care of "Stop the Persecution of MAX", PO Box 1,12,12,6,15,18,13,5 Potawatami, WI. USA. AMEX, VISA, MC, Diners, and especially Cash accepted. In somewhere between a week and a year you'll receive a just slightly soiled T-shirt from a famous HIQ Society and a certificate of some kind. (If you don't have the whole grand, send half now and half later. You still get the shirt, but the certificate is withheld until I receive the balance).

So, whaddya think?

Yours Truly, MAX !!!!!