Puzzle © Faverio Maria Claudia

Sometimes (although not so often) geniuses fall in love and marry (for unknown, irrational reasons beyond their control). Clairvoyante, Perspicace and Sagace met their wives (Belle, Charmante and Jolie, though not necessarily in this order) at a Glia meeting in Paris and fell in love with them at first sight.

Now each couple has a daughter named IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3 (in honour of their parents' IQ). We know the following facts:

1. Sagace is neither Jolie's husband nor IQ2's father.

2. Belle is neither Perspicace's wife nor IQ1's mother.

3. If IQ1's father is either Perspicace or Sagace, then Jolie is IQ3's mother.

4. If Perspicace is Jolie's husband, then Charmante is not IQ1's mother.

What are the names of each genius's respective wife and daughter?