Untitled Writing #3

Heather J. Kintyre

It is the curse of every man to not be able to satisfy their loins as well as their intellect with one good companion. Have you ever noticed how the lesser intelligent like smelly things, and the more intelligent don't? This is directly related to some sex acts since it has a smell about it. 'Bubble heads' love more variations of it, while most others don't. For a lot of the rest, it gets boring and tedious; a routine in every day.

There really is a correlation between intelligence and sex when applied to women. For the 'bubble heads' sex is great. It's all they're good at and the only thing they're ever good at. For the more intelligent, sex is okay, but it gets boring to always have to be on call for hours at a tyme, too long a time spent satisfying the sex of some man or a lot of men they're with. They'd rather be doing something else. They refuse to be one of the 'bubble headed sex pots' most men prefer. For the 'bubble heads' this is fine, since they have no life outside of the bedroom.

Naturally the man can't understand this attitude a lot of women have since they are so horny themselves and prefer to spend most all their tyme in bed having sex.

Knowing the penalty of keeping someone sexually happy in order to keep them faithful, I'd prefer to be alone and not bored in bed for hours on end. I refuse to spend all my tyme in bed, being bored out of my skull, no matter how much money I was paid or not.

Oh you can label call girls whatever else you want, but it's the same thing, as when they get paid-a whore.

Now I ask you. How do you measure wealth? Do you measure wealth as Howard Hughes did? Mayhap you thought he was right. Howard Hughes was known to say that if you have enough money you could buy anyone and everything you want. I can tell you that he died a bitter man. Regardless of all his wealth and all he ever bought and sold, he was a very bitter man. You truly believe he was right? Will you also die a bitter man?

Did you know that Katherine Hepburn turned Howard Hughes down when he proposed to her? Do you know what she said? She refused to be one of his many pieces of cattle, wife or otherwise.

Upon buying someone, how long will you respect him or her, if at all? I, like Katherine Hepburn, am too far-gone. My suspicions will no quiet find when it comes to living with anyone other than another species than in human form.

Could it be that up until now you were able to buy everything and everyone? There's always a first tyme for everything, and I like Katherine Hepburn before me, turn down anyone who tries to offer to buy me, via his or her wealth and empty promises.

No? Still claim innocence? David Gilmour partakes of it I'm sure. Or he used to. You can say whatever you like. Like Anne Frank once said, paper's patient. So are the disks. You can get others to speak in your favor, claiming your innocence. I'm sure you'd already told them to possibly lie for you. Even if it wasn't, there's no proof, no way to be sure it never was reality.

It doesn't matter what life style you lead. I, like Katherine Hepburn before me, refuse to be a part of any life with anyone I am already suspicious of.

Mayhap it won't make any sense to you that someone like myself and Katherine Hepburn would turn down the chance to live in more comfort and wealth than we could hope for ourselves, possibly. You poor booby.

I've actually customized some living trusts for customers who were all very wealthy and very fluent financially. I've also seen most of them to be no better than walking corpses mentally. They often had the minds of a corpse, so to speak. A pitiful situation, as they were waiting to die.

Oh yes, it'd be nice to be financially wealthy, respected and mentally rich as well. That's not always possible. Did you know that Mozart died financially poor? Poe, also. Died in a gutter, he did.

So you see, your disadvantage is in being rich. Less likely to be trusted by someone like myself. The best you'd ever get out of someone like myself is a platonic relationship, no more.

Do you really think all the money in the world could come close to repairing any future damage done to us? Not all scars are external. How shallow of you to think so. That may apply to the shallow women who travel with you. but not for my kind. Best you stick with some shallow 'bubble' headed woman who won't ask too many questions.

Now you can go ahead and continue searching the world over for someone like myself and Katherine Hepburn. Mayhap you'll find someone even better. Good luck, because you're going to need it. You have a major problem in that like Howard Hughes you are now in a position to buy anything and anyone. Equally it's your asset, because after all, you can always partake of the one night stands, and never have to worry about those like myself who would always wonder when the respect would end. John Denver 'Sleeping Alone.'

If I ever became a willing participant, say some whore to a rock star, I'd be selling myself short. I'd eventually be no better off than those 'dead soulless' customers I customized the trusts for.

I met four Frenchmen on their Peugeot bicycles back in '75. They were the racing team for the French in the winter Olympics they said. There was Gerard, Dominique, Noel and Ives. They sold everything they had to make that event. Peugeot sponsored them, but that wasn't enough. Yes, they were financially poor, yet very rich in their spirits. It was a three-day weekend coming up. They stayed the weekend going sand dunning, horseshoe throwing and running. It was great. I hated it when they had to leave.

If this scenario's wrong, so be it. It's just an alternate view. I have a nasty habit of trying to cover all angles, in trying to get to the truth. Unfortunately there's a major disadvantage. It may be wrong, but the suspicious mind will never remain quiet. Once ignited, especially. It's a cursed legacy to be sure make no mistake. Trust is not something I can give of completely. Even Joe will never have my complete trust, and especially now.

So now that you know that scenario, read on. I give you the many variations of different personalities. Mayhap then you can manage to get around the defenses and get in their good graces. If nothing else, you'll learn something. It's only too late to learn when you willingly choose to stop. It's then that senility sets in. Senility terrifies me, at least. Aye; it's actually healthy so be terrifid of senility, because then you're less likely to become senile as you keep exercising your mind to never become senile. To go backward in mental growth, to be stunted by having to spend too much tyme 'in bed' is to eventually grow senile.

If you ever wonder what type of temperament I use, what tone of voice, check out 'Return To Treasure Island' and especially Long John Silver and Ben Gunn. I love that mini-series. It's the pirate conscience within me.