The Edges of Insanity (2nd version)

Heather J. Kintyre

One day as Johnny was taking a leisurely stroll through the private cemetery, a woman who was crying as though she'd lost her best friend was trying to walk up to Johnny.

Johnny walked up to the woman and stopped her. He placed his hands gently on each shoulder. "My dear lady, please tell me what distresses you so."

The woman looked at Johnny startled through her tears. "Good sir, I was looking for my cat whom I'm very attached to. She-we were soul mates, and I have felt the severing of our connection. I've looked everywhere for her, and she's gone."

"What happened? When did this occur?"

"I went to the grocery store and when I came back home, she was gone."

"Did your cat manage to sneak out of the house," asked Johnny. "Or was she already outdoors?"

"She was outside in the back yard. She was a good girl and she usually stayed wherever I told her to stay." The woman wasn't acting, and if she was, she was very good at it. Her body language was one that read true.

"How did you know about me, if I may ask?"

The woman sniffed as she tried to smile. "A friend of mine told me I should try to find you. They said you might could help me. Can you help me?"

Johnny smiled as he looked at the woman. She was a beautiful woman, and Johnny hated to see her in such a distressed condition that didn't show her beauty to it's full potential.

"I believe I can. Show me where you were, when you last saw your cat." Johnny smiled and gave the woman a reassuring squeeze on her hand. "I also have soul mates. I know exactly how it feels when one dies, and is cut off. Rest assured I will find out what happened to your cat."

"Thank you. I'm sorry for being so rude, Mr. Tanner. My name is Ms. Wright." Ms Wright was wiping her eyes on the long sleeve of her shirt, because her handkerchief was too wet.

Johnny gave Ms. Wright a dry handkerchief. "Please, I prefer Johnny." Johnny smiled as the woman looked at Johnny sadly.

"My name's Susan."

"Glad to meet you, Susan."

"I've heard rumours that are not so good about you, Johnny. It's rumoured that you eat people, as many criminals mysteriously disappear. Not that it isn't appreciated by many, for they were some of the worst types. Are you a cannibal?"

Johnny smiled sadly. "Guilty, in regards to getting rid of the criminals. Unfortunately since no one sees or knows how I get rid of the criminals, the worst is assumed. Myself, I never make assumptions except when driving."

"Why only when driving?" Susan was puzzled at this.

"Well, when you assume the worst and prepare for everyone to jump out in front of you, you tend to drive more carefully. I think it's called defensive driving. All other times you get yourself in trouble by being wrong about the assumptions."

As Johnny spoke, his charm was effecting the woman, and she was feeling better. Her tear streaked face was starting to dry up.

Susan was reassured then that she was safe and Johnny would never hurt her. "If you wouldn't mind walking with me, I'll show you where I left my cat."

"I'm all yours. Lead the way, Susan." Johnny smiled as he motioned with his left arm for her to start her walk.

Susan and Johnny walked a few blocks away from the cemetery to a neighborhood with some crackerbox palaces in a line. They weren't too shabby, but still not any great shakes. Johnny saw a restaurant a couple blocks away. It served Japanese food. Johnny heard some pretty bad things about the place.

"Susan, do you know anything about that restaurant down the road?"

"I know a few of the workers, unfortunately." Susan sighed as Johnny looked at Susan quickly. He didn't like the undertone Susan used as she spoke.

"I tried dating a couple of the men, but they're really mean. You wouldn't know it until it was too late."

"What do you mean, too late?"

"They cover themselves in public. They're all nice and charming. In private, that's another matter. Then it's too late, and you're stuck until the date is over."

As they were talking Susan was taking Johnny into her back yard where she last saw her cat. She pointed to a spot in the yard. "This is where she last was sleeping when I left her."

Johnny went over and examined the area. Sure enough, there were signs of a struggle and the smell of some human. The cat didn't die on the spot, or was taken by anyone other than another human.

Johnny stood up and sighed. He looked at Susan, who was starting to cry again. "I'm sorry to say that she's been taken,, most likely by another person. It looks like a struggle took place here."

Susan buried her face in Johnny's chest as she cried anew. Johnny stroked her hair as he would pet an animal in distress.

"Please don't worry. I know it hurts. I also know that the soulmate connection will remain even after mortal death of one or both soulmates."

"You mean she's still alive?" Susan looked so pitiful that Johnny dared not tell her that currently her cat was dead.

"Oh yes, as long as you want her to be. Every soul mate will remain connected, unless you or one of the others embraces eternal death."

"What's the difference between mortal death and eternal death? Aren't they the same thing?"

"No. A mortal death means the soulmate is dead only in the last life. They continue to live again in another form, a future life. Eternal death is when the soul itself dies, and it no longer survives after its last life."

"Don't feel so bad, Susan. You were never abandoned by your soulmate. Now go wash your face and I'll see what else I can find here."

Susan went into her house, leaving Johnny in the back yard. Johnny examined the trail further. The scent went towards the restaurant. Susan came out of the house after Johnny was back from his tracing of the scent. Her eyes were still red and puffy, but she looked better.

"It looks like your cat was abducted from this spot. The best thing you can do now is make yourself a drink of coffee or tea and have something to eat. I'll let you know more when I find out what happened. I think I'll be able to get her back for you." Johnny smiled as he watched Susan's eyes light up in pleasure.

"Thank you, Johnny. If there's anything I can do, let me know."

Johnny smiled and held his hands up to stop Susan from speaking further. "Please, it's my pleasure. I don't like scummy people who treat animals so. I'm doing this more for myself than for any other reason."

Susan smiled awkwardly and went back in her house, then locked the door. Afterwards, Johnny went to see what he could find in the nearby restaurant.

As soon as Johnny went into the restaurant, instead of taking a seat, he went straight into the kitchen before anyone could object. He took one look at the cook and knew the cook was guilty.

"Why'd you do it?" Johnny gave a hard cold stare at the cook. The cook stopped using the butcher knife as he looked at Johnny.

"Do what?"

"Don't play games with me, you polish flower. Why'd you kill Susan's cat?"

"We ran out of meat, the cat was handy." The cook resumed chopping up the remains of the cat. "The woman won't miss the cat, anyway."

One of the workers from the front of the restaurant caught up with Johnny then. He stopped as he saw Johnny take the gun out of his vest pocket.

"You lying sack of shit." Johnny pulled a 45 magnum out of his vest pocket. He had a silencer on it, special made so there would be no sound at all. "I hate liars. You just killed a treasured cat. There's only one penalty for that."

The cook looked at Johnny who was smiling wickedly. He got a look of alarm that was cut short as Johnny shot him between the eyes, and then the heart.

Johnny turned quickly to the worker who followed him, making sure he couldn't escape or raise an alarm to anyone else.

"I'm a very impatient man. The animals taught me everything they could, but they never were able to teach me patience. So open up the walk in freezer. I'd get moving if I were you. Any slightest sound out of you, and I'll do to you what I did to the cook. Now move."

The worker edged over to the walk in freezer, keeping an eye on Johnny. By the tone of Johnny's voice, the worker knew that Johnny wasn't lying. He already shot the cook, anyway. The worker went inside. Johnny followed. As Johnny looked around, he saw meat stacked up and packaged in various cuts.

"No meat, huh? I wonder what he calls all this?"

"I've changed my mind. You've managed to make me very angry, along with your buddy out there. I tend to get trigger happy when I'm angry. Open wide and this won't hurt a bit." Johnny smiled and laughed quietly with madness in his eyes. The worker looked white as a sheet and horrified at Johnny's threat. "Well, it may hurt a little. Not for long, though. I promise, scouts honor."

Johnny shoved the barrel down the throat of the worker and pulled the trigger. A soft explosion took place. The workers body exploded. Johnny looked at his clothes disgusted. He sighed in dismay. "Oh shit. Now you made me even more angry. At least you won't be killing any more soul mates.

"I guess I'll have to take care of disposing of you both now."

Johnny sighed and went to butchering up the bodies. When he finished, he cleaned up the area so there was no trace of any murder in the kitchen. Just as Johnny was finishing up, a stupid worker came in.

"Duh, where's the cook?"

Johnny signalled to the still open freezer. "Inside. He may need some help."

"Duh, yep. Okie dokie." The worker walked into the freezer. He then pulled out the 45 magnum and killed the idiot worker. Johnny put the magnum back in his vest pocket as he walked out. Another pesky worker met Johnny.

"Where's Tom?"

"Oh, he and another guy decided to take some time off and hang around a bit. They're currently inside the freezer. I think they were looking to be alone for a while."

The worker grew angry when he heard that not only were his employees taking time off but that they were possible closet lovers. Worse, they were making out in his restaurant. Oh, what would everyone think if that got out? The man stormed into the walk in freezer. He was appalled at seeing one hung on a meat hook, and another partially sliced, and some hamburger meat beside him, probably from his body. The man went white as a sheet as he saw this before him. Johnny, having followed, had his magnum 45 out and was pointing it at the man as he slowly turned around.

"What's the meaning of this?"

"A woman came to me about her missing cat. A very special cat, I might add. The trail leads here. Your cook was fixing the meat from that cat to feed to your customers. I decided it was time for the cook and his buddies to contribute themselves instead."

"I ordered the cats death. The woman had it coming. She made me angry."

"Now you have made me angry. Whatever you have against her, the cat and all others are innocent. There's only one penalty for making me angry. So open wide and sat 'ah'. Stop wasting time, will you? Let's get on with it."

The man was trembling with anger and fear. "Who the hell are you?"

"Fair enough. Some people call me Mr. Tanner. My friends call me Johnny. Most believe that I eat my victims, but in reality for the most part I prefer to feed them to their friends."

"Oh good god almighty."

"No god is going to help you here. Now be a good boy and open wide. There are a lot of hungry customers waiting to be fed. You don't want to keep them waiting." Johnny forced the magnum down the man's throat and pulled the trigger. Again, the body exploded. Johnny's clothes were ruined anyway, so he wasn't too concerned about his attyre.

Johnny put the magnum back in his vest pocket and resumed preparing the meat dishes on the menu. He took the bloody clothes off and put the cooks apron on. He served the orders, taking other orders as customers walked in.

When Johnny went back to the kitchen, he took the rest of the orders, then after serving those he decided to make an announcement.

Johnny walked out, dressed as the cook, before the customers. Many recognized him as the one who gave such great meals at charities.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention for a moment I won't take too long. There's been a slight delay. The regular cook has suddenly retyred. I was asked to fill in until a replacement was found. I'll be as quick as I can. Thank you for your patience."

Johnny left the table area and went back to tend to the bodies. Actually most of the food was already made so all Johnny had to do was put everything together and call the waitress to retrieve the dishes.

Johnny went through the motions of playing cook until the restaurant closed for the day. Johnny took out his portable time machine device. He sighed as he spoke to himself. A waitress heard his remark.

"I can't stand it."

"Tell me about it." The waitress spoke with a weary voice.

"How long have you been here?"

"Just a few minutes, so far."

"What are you still here for?"

"I'm supposed to clean up and lock down the place."

Johnny sighed as he spoke. "I don't think anyone will object if you leave that task to myself. I'll make sure it's safe."

The waitress looked uncomfortable with that. "I don't know. I'm trusted to do the lock down and tidying up. If they ever found out, I'd be canned."

"I'll make sure no one is the wiser. How's that sound? You can have that time off, and still get paid for it."

The waitress smiled then. "Deal." She threw the keys to Johnny who smiled as he caught them. "See you later." She winked at Johnny before she turned and walked off.

Johnny went to the time machine, making sure the coast was clear first. He set the time machine for the exact time, date and day when the woman's cat disappeared.

Johnny's tyme machine appeared just after Susan left to go shopping. He went out and looked at the area. The cat was there, asleep. Johnny went over and tapped the cat's shoulder. She woke up, startled at being disturbed by a stranger. Then the cat recognized the body language of an old friend and yawned sleepily.

Johnny barely got the cat into the tyme machine when the cook showed up with some chloroform and cotton ready for the cat. Johnny watched as the cook was surprised at the empty spot. Johnny froze time then while he went out of the tyme machine, took the chloroform and cotton from the cook. He then soaked the cotton with the chloroform and put it up against the cook's nose.

Upon starting time again, the cook was asleep. Johnny then took the cook and placed him near the back door of the restaurant, close to the trash bins. Johnny then went back into the time machine with Susan's cat.

Johnny went ahead a couple of hours. Everything looked normal, so Johnny went ahead to when the restaurant closed and called Susan.

Susan answered in a shaky but calm voice.


"Hi, Susan. It's me, Johnny Tanner."

"Did you find my cat?"

"Oh yes, and she's very much alive and anxious to see you. What's more, the people who tried to abduct your cat will no longer be a problem to you again. I straightened them out, you might say and gave them an offer they couldn't refuse."

Susan sighed in relief. "Oh, good." She didn't seem to catch the meaning behind Johnny's words, since she was so anxious to see her cat again.

"I'll be over in a couple of minutes. This is a reunion I don't want to miss."

"I'll be waiting." Susan was very happy now, and her voice reflected it.

Susan's cat was wide awake now, and curious about Johnny. The cat recognized Johnny's body language, although she and Johnny never met. Not in the cat's present life, anyway.

"Fear not, little one. You gave Susan quite a scare back there. You would normally be dead, but I have a deep love for the cat family, so I altered time to save you. Now come along, we have a reunion to go to."

Susan's cat looked at Johnny as though she understood every word Johnny spoke. She followed Johnny as though they'd known each other all of their lives.

After Johnny did some more cleaning up, he set the time machine for the hour Susan gave. The time machine appeared near Susan's house so Susan wouldn't know how Johnny arrived.

Johnny and Susan's cat walked up to Susan's house. As Johnny and the cat walked to the house, Johnny spoke silently to the cat. "Yes, I remember you, Swinger. I also hated to be separated from you. Now we have met again, however briefly. Unfortunately, Susan needs you more, right now. You and I will always be soul mates as well, Swinger."

When Johnny rang the doorbell Susan opened the door shortly. "Swinger!" Susan cried. Johnny was surprised to hear the same name used as the name he also used when Swinger was his cat. Susan hugged Swinger as she spoke. "I've missed you so very much!" Susan looked at Johnny then as though she saw him for the first time only just then. "Please, come in." Johnny entered as Susan spoke. "Where did you find her?"

"Actually she was in another nearby hidy hole. We just didn't see her. I'm sorry if I alarmed you earlier. The people at the restaurant really did have some violent intentions against you, but I gave them a one way ticket out of town, never to return. They'll never bother you again."

Susan and Swinger this entire time were hugging. Swinger was on Susan's right shoulder with her head buried in Susan's hair.

"I'll leave you two to spend your time together. Seeing you both together like this was worth the effort to make sure you were together again."

Johnny smiled and left by the door he went in, not noticed hardly at all by Susan or Swinger.

As Johnny got back in the time machine, he was greeted by another cat soul mate of his, Lancelot. Johnny smiled as he greeted Lancelot. "Another day, another soul mate saved. We have a lot of work yet to do, my friend."


Tell me something, Johnny" said David. "I understand your anger and desire to kill. What I don't understand is what happened that you not only kill, nut you eat the victims."

"That's a fair enough question. Back when I was growing up as I went to seminary school I tried to get other people help me so I wouldn't have to continue to suffer the abuses I was enduring. Since the parents were such well-known town charity people no one would believe me about the abuse. So I tried to ask the 'Lord' with prayers. My petition was denied or ignored. Now I rebel by serving them mostly to their friends."


One day as I was walking through a pretty little town, my steps were all of a sudden guided by some unknown will. I had never been to the town before or ever seen a map, nor any part of the town on any TV or pictures of any kind. It was all the more mysterious as I started walking as though I lived in the town all of my life. Without knowing where I was going, I found myself in front of the local animal control. I walked in and looked around. I walked directly to the cat cages. There before me I recognized a soul mate. "Hello, Lancelot. Have you had enough adventures yet? Ready to go home now? I'll have to trust you to walk beside me. I don't have a harness or a cat carrier. There's nothing to keep you away from danger. Not until we get in the time machine."

Lancelot looked at his soul mate, Johnny, and seemed to understand everything that Johnny said.

Johnny paid the fee and got Lancelot released. Then they both started walking to the time machine, disguised as a car. Lancelot didn't once try to dart out in traffic or get scared. He stayed beside Johnny as though he knew he would be safe as long as he didn't venture away from Johnny.


"You're sick."

"I never said I wasn't."

"You're crazy."

"Never said I was sane, either."

"You should be locked up."

"That remains to be seen, don't you think?"


Never judge another corpse until you've walked a mile in its bones.

This above all else: to yourself always be true, and it will follow, as the night always follows the day, that thou can never be false to any man.


Broken down on the highway of life

Oh woe my life is hardship and strife.

People yellin' and screamin' at me to move,

The rut of my life is just another groove.

As I teeter on the edge

My life hangs by a thread

As the cliff edge recedes A ground I never see.

Oh woe my life

Is full of strife

Accelerating faster my sanity and life

Everyone thinks I'm strange

When it's society to blame.

As my stomach starts jerkin'

My brain stops workin'

Starvation alone creates enough pain

Then the roof collapses and it starts to rain.

Your pockets are empty

But pay you must

Fix the car, the roof

It's a boom or bust.

So down and down and down I go

To the sharp rocks far far below.

With stress so high, my hair's gone white.

I've fought for years-no end in sight.

But the time will come or so they say

The rich will lose as to the piper they'll pay.


The surrounding area was well kept in a very green cemetery. The tombstones were an average of fifteen feet apart. There were eucalyptus trees around the border. The grounds were cleared of debris.

The office was in the center of the cemetery. The grounds were level around the office for a couple of blocks all around. The cemetery then continued another couple miles on a gentle slope as it 'dipped' from the office. You eventually walked an additional twenty feet below to some older sections. There were no stairs. You had to walk the decent in a two city block distance. When you got to the bottom there were fancy letters, gilded iron works rarely seen in the more modern area, since such work is now too expensive to decorate the more recent graves. The graves here were about twelve feet apart from each other.

There were old fruit trees, ivy plants and other climbing plants woven in tresses and some iron engravings. Most of the tresses were rotten, and the only thing keeping them from crumbling was the climbing ivy.

Johnny passed all these, beautiful as they were. The grave he was interested in was on the outskirts of the cemetery.

Johnny had his dark sunglasses on. He wore black Levi's and a black shirt. He was carrying a dozen pitch black roses.

The cemetery was large, and so it was unusual to see more than an occasional human in one spot at one time. Especially in the older sections.


"Please, kind sir. I need to knead. If I don't I'll go mad. It's a craving I have- like my need to be alone most of the time."

You're as dumb as they come.


When the brains were being handed out you were nowhere to be found.


Sometimes I doubt you're quite human. That's because I'm a humanoid, my dear. A cut above the humans.

In evolving, humans have been able to detach their arms and legs for three days at a time. This was convenient when one of the limbs was in excruciating pain and convalescing. However if you for some reason or another couldn't put your on within the three day limit, the limb would never reattach.

In the event that your limb needed to recover, needing more shelf time, you'd only have to reattach it for some five minutes, then you could reshelf it for another three days.


An agnostic and an atheist are conversing. The atheist is on the verge of rebelling.

Ag: It's such a sad world when the atheist can't see the religion within themselves.

At: What? We're not religious. That's the whole purpose of being atheist, to not be religious. We're not at all like the wishy washy agnostics like yourself.

Ag: Really? Wishy washy, is it? You could've fooled me. Your religion is trying to prove that all religions are man made. That's a religion in itself, as that's what you preach and promote. Just what do you think religion is anyway?

Oh yes. You're religion is saying you KNOW there is no god.

At: Well, there isn't, never was, and never will be.

Ag: Yes, yes. You have all the proof in the world to justify yourself, I'm sure.

At: Yes, I do have all the proof.

Ag: Okay, smart ass. Since you're so sure of yourself, give me the last digit of infinity.

At: I can't.

Ag: Why not?

At: Because I don't know.

Ag: Okay, then tell me what took place before the Big Bang.

At: Again, I can't.

Ag: Why not? Since you're so sure of yourself, and it's an absolute, you should know these answers.

At: That may be, but I don't know.

Ag: Then how can you say in a straight face that there's no god? How can you be so sure?

At: Because there isn't.

Ag: You just said you didn't know what was before the Big Bang.

At: That's correct.

Ag: Then How do you know that it wasn't some life force that set it off originally? What if some 'God' set the Bid Bang off, then died later, or just ignored the universe we are living in, going off to other things? How do you know that some other life form doesn't live much longer than ourselves? It's all relative, after all.

How do you know what's outside of our universe, if anything? How do you know we're the only universe there is or ever could be?

At: You speak in a sci-fi manner.

Ag: Sci-fi or not, such easy questions are valid. Give me the answers, you who are into absolutes. Or when atheists gave the admission 'There is no god' have they eliminated their imaginations completely?

At: I guess we are devoid of such imaginations.

Ag: Yes, that's why no atheist can make any worthwhile inventions. If Leonardo DaVinci was an atheist incapable of dreaming, the airplane would never have been invented by him., or any other atheist. Benjamin Franklin would never have harnessed electricity, and so many other 'dreamers' would never have left behind themselves the crucial inventions we depend upon today.

You think we're wishy washy, but we're not. We just choose to leave those certain questions alone, and play with the imaginations, dream and invent. It's an art form and no mistake.

At: You mean leave those questions alone until your death.

Ag: Precisely. You believe we have no soul, or it's as mortal as the body which upon death dies for all eternity.

At: That's true.

Ag: Again, how can you be so sure? Have you died before? Can you remember it in detail? If you've died before, then you couldn't live by such a belief, since obviously you're alive for at least the second go, and reincarnation is therefore a reality. You could say we ask a lot of 'What if' questions. It's not being wishy washy when we do that. There's no crime in being curious, or dreaming with the imagination. No one can be creative without an imagination.

At: So what are you saying exactly? What's your point?

Ag: If the soul's eternal, if there's another life form after death, we'll know of it then.

If the atheists are correct, we've lost nothing. If on the other hand the atheists and all other religions are wrong, then something exists after mortal death. It's an unknown, but there. You want to know why I'm agnostic, that's why.

When it comes to imagination, I refuse to be harnessed by any doctrine, so I'm not limited by any god religion. Nor will I kill my imagination as the hard core atheists have done. When I come to a 'wall' within the imagination, I look for a door and go through it. Only as an agnostic can this imaginative manner remain unchained. The only limitations are those we apply ourselves for whatever our reasons.

If you prefer to remain atheist, fine. Not me. Never try to convert me to your 'religion' for it won't work. I'll not try to convert you either. All I do is tell you the reasons for being agnostic, how I've found it better, or more preferable to atheism. Nothing more, nothing less.

The atheist sighed, knowing the agnostic had a better argument. He walked away then, having no recourse to argue.

You may wonder how I came to understand the atheist 'religion' so. Because the parents were such atheists, as well as an acquaintance who was always preaching to me, trying so hard to convince me that atheism wasn't a religion, while trying to convert me to becoming an atheist like himself at the same tyme. As I argued with him so many tymes, what's the difference if it's a god religion or lack of god? If he were able to do so, he'd be preaching his dogma in a church and collecting 10% of the wages or more like all the rest. Where's the difference? Every religion is the same-a business. It's their job to dish out empty promises for your hard earned money. This keeps you poor as they get rich at your expense. It's an easy job, also

No, Billy. I would never judge anyone as you think I would. I refuse to judge anyone on a personal level. The last tyme I was forced to do that, I lost a family. True, it wasn't much to begin with, but still. It's a lesson I care not to repeat. I do judge my conscience, the damned pirate keeps torturing me with those worn out memories that cause me pain. Any attempts to take my life are not so the parents would win, but that I would win. I'd be free of this damned conscience. That's why I remain so suicidal minded.

What I will criticize is the rigid atheist attitude that leaves no room for imagination. Those same types are better known as bureaucrats, government workers. They're most always doctors who think they know you better than you know yourself. They'd rather lock the crazies up and throw away the keys instead of trying to understand the how and why. The agnostics are too creative, high strung, imaginative and too weird for their own good. They're jealous that they aren't able to have and use a creative mind of their own, so they'll destroy those who are in their hatred or shall I say Jealousies?

If you ever want to know the driver of all the negative emotions, it's jealousy. Beware of jealousies deadly grip. Once it takes the tiniest hold of your soul, it'll eat your soul alive once left unchecked. Strip jealousy of the pomp and material glitter. Once revealed you'll find jealousy to be a smelly, rotting, half eaten, maggot filled cadaver.

Yes, I may be on the 'crazy' side. At the same tyme I've seen and known a side of life very few ever see or will know. I've survived with accumulated knowledge very few ever live with, or through. The shock of it would kill most. Many will never encounter what I've known even before I was five. Many more if they're lucky will gain such knowledge when they're seventy, if they live so long. No, chalk it up to life experiences. Not classroom settings. Knowledge from survival.

It's not death that scares us. It's survival. To make a failed attempt, and live the rest of our lives in a fate worse than death.

You know something interesting? Every 'rigid' atheist I've ever known is a cat hater. It's good to know you aren't such a one.

Percivella sits on my lap all of the tyme. She's bonded with me. Before her, I never believed such a thing existed except in myths. It's still strange, but I'd rather have a cat than any other form of animal who's bonded with me. Timmy Timid is too afraid to bond with anyone. She's still in her infancy, and has a bury/bury problem.

No, I'm glad there's no 'laughing' at what can't be understood. Unfortunately too many do mock and laugh at others so. The neigh-eigh-eigh-eigh-bores always do, and I tell them nothing they can use as such. One's an alcoholic and very worthless. Even so, I refuse to judge him. What I will do is determine if they are the quality of person I want to be around. I know too well the reflective powers of becoming like those you keep company with. I prefer not to, and I stay away from them whenever possible. That's the extent of my 'judging.'

So you can think for yourself on that concept and come to your own conclusions. They may be right or wrong, for I rarely think In a 'normal' mode. As the instructor Miles pointed out in my journal, it's highly unusual. I guess 'Shame' Justin Hayward applies here. Mayhap 'Billy' Justin Hayward as well. Oh well. "That's The Way It Goes" Justin Hayward. (That song always reminded me of my second cousin Johnny Cash.)

So. Care to go deep with me? How about nine feet below? I asked that of Justin Hayward and John Lodge in Feb. of '92, and in '94 a sort of response was made in a song they wrote that had too many lyrics that mirrored the letter I sent them. The song? Highway. No, I can't prove it, wouldn't want to anyway. Like I was told in the '83 experience, humans aren't ready or capable of some knowledge that's best left alone. Although I was made privy to a lot of it, I also came to believe that such a decision is correct.

Here comes my toupee crutches. Can't you think of anything better than that? Now there goes Tom Thumb kayaking on Zeus' lightning bolt again.

Did anyone remember to tell Shakespeare to stop stuffing planets down Merriam-Webster's throat?

A spider on an old mans beard is like a breath of fresh air.

The oars of the boat rowed as if Death were nipping at its heals.

Nothing was the same, now that it was all gone.

The wino took to a coma like a duck to water.

The dice rolled out of the cup toward Len like a Death knoll for whom the bell tolls.

A child in life is like a pesky fly in drag.

Puffy clouds in your glass of wine are indications of fine gourmet poisoning.

Water is like a muscles stretched taut over bone.

The fog plumed through the gunshot holes in the train windows like noodle brains.

The gray honor walked up the satin plank as toward life itself.

Canceled and returned checks in the boat seemed happy.

If I should wake before I die, stick a needle through my sigh.

Alannah poured coffee down her throat as if she were a hollow desert.

Up is like down when the fat lady sings.

You mine rocks from a quarry. What you get from a quandary is an enema.

Marlene dangled the parson from her question as if he were an electrical socket.

She held her life in her hands as if it were a lump of shit.

"No, no a thousand times no," he said his hand gently stroking his goose.

The solution was hydrochloric acid; the problem was , therefore, a worm in the brain that got loose.

Love is to open sky as loathing is to Death.

"No, no, thousand times no." he said, his said as his hand fed his penis into a boat filled with checks.

There goes Tom Thumb kayaking on Zeus' lightning bolt again.

The puffy clouds in your drink should give you a nice jolt.

"No! Please tell me why you've rejected me. Why? Are we so different? How are you so much better than myself?"

"I'm rich and you're not."

"Oh really? Are you so sure about that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you better than I am? Strip away the artificial things such as your man made wealth. Destroy all your possessions. Can you imagine such a state? No, I didn't think so.

I've got news for you, lady. You're actually quite poor."

"Like hell I am. I'm rich beyond your wildest dreams."

"Oh yes, in this artificial man made world that you've made for yourself. Are you now completely taken over by the material world? If your artificial world were stripped away, would you be able to survive? I doubts it."

"I'm not sure I follow. Just what are you implying? Are you so jealous that you cover it up by claiming I'm better than yourself?"

"No, I imply nothing. You're the loser and your presence has verified it. You may think I'd be jealous and envious of your position. Sorry Charley. I wouldn't trade places with you for all the gold in the universe. Having seen it, I know there's a lot more a hundred thousand suns the size of the sun that warms this planet."

"You lie. Everyone envies me." She lifted her head as she spoke in her pompous manner. I shrugged my shoulders then

"No matter. Think what you want, I don't care. What's more, I prefer to not waste any more tyme with the likes of you. Your obvious blindness is your downfall. Come back when you grow up.

"Just remember one thing."

"What's that?"

"I refuse to wait any longer. The one I search for is obviously someone else. If on the day you grow up in this life, I wish you luck in finding the one who managed to achieve their souls maturity. They may be able to help you then. Not now. Never me, though.

"Good day to you, ma'am." I tapped my forehead, gave a half smile and walked away from the woman who stood open mouthed. No one ever turned her down before. It was her belief that she could buy everyone and everything.

Seems I'm cursed with an English teacher who's convinced that my creative mind is proof that I'm sick. He's obsessed with suicide believing it's truly me who is the sick one. Let's just say Shakes described his type best when he said 'Methinks thou dost protest too much.'

There is a stimulation in that I imagine him having an RPG shoved up his ass, a neutron bomb put in his brain and a pipe bomb thrown in his classroom as he's locked inside.

Upon walking out as I lock the door, I go far enough away to safety, then ignite the pipe bomb. The pipe bomb explodes, then triggers the neutron bomb and RPG. Three explosions, each larger than the one before, takes place. When it's all done, not much is left of the area.

Everyone on the campus runs over to the explosion area as soon as they can, passing and shoving the killer who calmly walks the opposite direction. Before the police can take control of the crowd and gather every possible suspect, the killer is long gone, having made it to her car safely.

It's not a good idea to ignite an Irish temper, for when they're put in action they're the most dangerous as they become desperate. When that happens, you're a dead man.

As I sat writing, my kitty daughter jumped up and butted my pen as if to say 'Put it away! You have no right spending tyme with that nonsense. As my personal servant, I demand that you tend to me only. Nothing else is important. I demand my rights! I'm very tyred and I want to sleep the next several hours in your warm lap. So there!'

Well, I could never say no to my kitty daughter. Especially when she was sleepy and I didn't have an appointment to rush off to.

With a sigh of resignation I stopped writing temporarily.

"Okay, okay. Hold your horses, will you? Let me just finish this thought before it takes a flying leap into the unknown, all right?"

The kid glared at me and shoved her face harder into my hand as if to say 'What are you talking about horses for? I don't have any. Now let me sleep on your lap!'

"What?! No horses? You poor kid you. We'll just have to correct this horrible catastrophe. You really need something to hold back, kid." I smiled at the kid, having delayed her long enough to finish the flighty thought. She looked at me with disapproval and made herself comfortable in my lap. Well, at least she's not sleeping on the mouse because that always messes up my writings in the computer.

Johnny Tanner was having difficulty with trying to have a senile old man understand what he was saying. With a sigh, Johnny tried to get away. The old man was a waste of tyme and tyme, even for a tyme lord, can't be wasted in vain.

Unfortunately, the old man wasn't very smart, and he kept picking at Johnny.

Johnny looked at the old man. "It may be your lucky day, after all. old man. Care to cum into my parlor? Seems I've got just the thing for you."

"No! A thousand tymes no! Hell no, I won't go! Do your worst, but make it swift and sure right here and now with your intentions."

Johnny smiled wickedly. "Your wish is my command." Johnny took his handy laser gun and stunned the old man. Upon passing out, Johnny called forth the tyme machine in the nearest vicinity unnoticed by others.

Johnny took the unconscious man into the tyme machine and went into the laboratory, where he cut the brain away from the man.

David walked into the laboratory. When he saw the corpse, he clapped his hands in delight.

"Oh goody. Now that's someone I can really sink my teeth into. Care to pick a few more bones with me, Johnny?"

Johnny looked at David puzzled. David smiled as he walked into the walk in freezer and brought out another corpse. Johnny smiled then, as David was always reluctant to help before in tracking and killing criminals down.

"I thought you'd never ask. I'd be delighted."

Oh woe is me. Even the bird outside believes that he's my long awaited for boyfriend. I keep telling the kid curled on my lap that she'll never be replaced. She's the perfect kitty daughter, but she needs to go tell him to calm himself, that we'll never be the perfect couple. I'm stuck in this farce of a human form, and he's a goose. If he would only lay some golden eggs for me, I might give him a little attention at that. At least attention enough to collect the eggs. It sure beats the shit turds he dishes out now. At least the golden eggs would have a better color. I know it breaks his heart, but someone has to do it. Life truly is a bed of roses with all the thorns attached. I always known it.

Oh my poor kid. She keeps complaining that I don't give her enough tuna (She conned a sewer hard for that, with breath to match). Now the sky cries too much during the long winters days and I should yo-yo the sun faster so she can have more tuna faster. She wants the raunchy tuna a lot more often than I give it to her.

"Please, Kid! I have so little tuna as it is! Have you no mercy? Even a tyme lord is trapped in tyme as it is. We're all locked towards our futures. I'll gladly slow down tyme if I could in order to gain tyme, but never faster. Not to mention shortening your life if tyme went faster.

"As far as making the skies stop crying, I really can't. I can but try, but this doctor is limited in her magical powers.

The kid glared at me and sniffed. Her walking away was her way of saying 'So be it. I don't love you any more. No one orders me around so.'

Oh woe is me. The kid no longer loves me! Oh why can't this too too solid flesh melt from these bones? Then the bones could break apart and turn to dust.

"Hello, Pan."

Johnny looked around in bewilderment. The deep voice seemed to come from everywhere around him.


He heard the voice chuckle. "Oh yes, I forgot. Lancelot said you changed your name, while keeping Pan as your middle name, although initialed." The voice seemed to be smiling as he spoke.

"I'm sorry to be rude, but who are you? More to the point, where are you?"

The voice laughed softly. "Go in the tyme machine, and you'll see me."

Johnny walked to the tyme machine quickly. Upon going inside, he saw another time lord. Johnny started to get angry, but the time lord held up his hand as though he rread Johnny's thoughts. "Relax, Johnny. I'm not here to fight with you. If I weren't older than the tyme machine, I wouldn't be able to get past her. She guards you well."

Johnny looked at the time lord puzzled then. "Who are you?"

"My name's Cronus."

"The father of all tyme? Zeus' father? I thought he defeated you."

"Yes, we had our falling out. He could never kill me though, for to do so is to put an end to all tyme and existence. No one can survive outside of the bowels of tyme." Cronus smiled as he came forth and shook hands with Johnny. "It's good to meet you after so long."

"I'm honoured, I think. What's the occasion?"

Cronus smiled as he sat down in one of the chairs nearby.

"Can I get you some coffee?"

"Sure. Our visit may take some tyme."

Johnny went into the kitchen and reappeared the next second with fresh brewed Kenya AA coffee. After he sat the cups down and took a seat, Cronus continued.

"You know by now that all the tyme lords decided upon having you in place of Zeus to be the ruler."

Johnny nodded yes, and Cronus continued. "I also heard that you don't want the position. Is there any way I can change your mind?"

"No, afraid not. To be in Zeus' position is to be saddled with a lot of political nonsense, office politics, feuds, etc., and I have no interests in those things."

"There's a lot of power to be had."

"Yeah, right. What good is it when everyone hates you for it?"

"How's that?"

"Everyone is ruled by fear. You're never truly their friend, and if they could they'd all stab you in the back-with pleasure. Thanks, but no thanks. I just want to remain a traveler. Actually, I'd love to travel outside of this universe into all the rest."

Cronus smiled as he sipped the coffee. "With such a rationale, I don't blame you. I think a pass can be arranged so you can travel into the other universes. Besides, you are a guardian."

Johnny smiled. He didn't expect such a request to come so easily. Cronus looked at Johnny and sighed then. "The problem is, the time lords know of no other who is qualified to take over the position."

"I know. I've thought about that. According to Apollo, I'm the only one strong enough to fight Zeus and win."

"That's true. That's why I'm here, to see if something can be resolved."

Johnny took his coffee cup, sipped it for a couple of minutes, then spoke as an idea came to him. "Please follow me. I want to show you something I've been working on."

Cronus and Johnny walked into Johnny's lab. Johnny showed a replay of an event where Zeus tried to kill David. "Watch closely. This is untouched from what took place."

Cronus watched, and after the third run took notice of the faint trace of Apollo nearby. He watched as Apollo quietly took the remains of David and disappeared.

"What unusual behavior."

"Now I'd like you to see something." Johnny and Cronus walked over to a room just off from the lab. "He's not quite up to his cheerful self, so don't be shocked at what you see."

Cronus looked in the room and saw David sleeping quietly. He looked amazed at Johnny, then walked quietly up to David to see for himself that David was truly alive.

"My son did this?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so. He thought David insulted him, when it was actually in a jest towards a lot of the old mortals we'd both known on various planets."

Cronus sighed as he looked David over. "Lancelot told me that you and David were always the best of friends. I can see he was right. To defy Zeus so requires a strength not many have. All the more reason we need you in his place."

"No thanks. I'm flattered and all, but my answer won't change."

"Then we're back to square one. There is no one else who can take over Zeus' place."

"Until now."

Cronus looked at Johnny closely then. "Are you suggesting-"

"That's exactly what I'm suggesting. Your visit is rather timely. With your help, we may be able to ensure David can become the time lord who'll take over. Who better than someone older than Zeus? You probably know more about Zeus than everyone else here. For one, I always wondered about Apollo's twin that Zeus was supposed to have killed. Artemis is his twin sister, after all."

Cronus smiled as he thought of the event so long ago. "That's true. Unknown to everyone but Zeus, Leto and Apollo, Leto gave birth to triplets, not twins."

"So that's how Apollo was able to cover up his ignorance." Johnny was amazed at Zeus' callous nature.


"Zeus isn't such a wonderful man as everyone thinks. He's actually more of a cannibal than you ever were."


"Zeus actually ate the third baby Leto gave birth to. Not just that event, but his first wife, Metis.

"I heard something about that, but I never knew the details. What happened?"

"Zeus married his first wife, Metis. Hesiod believed that Metis 'knew more things than all the gods and men put together.' Then someone told Zeus in a joke that any children by Metis would overthrow him eventually. Zeus forestalled this predicted danger by swallowing Metis whole before she was to give birth to their child, Athene."

"How awful."

Zeus claimed that by doing this, he became more wise. In reality, he was trying to cover up one of the worst mistakes he ever made."

"Wait a minute. Athene- wasn't it generally believed that she sprung fully armoured from Zeus' brow?"

"Yes, but that wasn't really the case. She was secretly raised by someone else, then when she was old enough and trained as a warrior goddess, and patroness of the arts, she was sent to Zeus under secrecy. She was later to become known as the personification of intelligence."

"Isn't it strange that Athene has all the predicted qualities of the unborn child by his first wife, Metis? Didn't this bother Zeus, with the predictions and such?"

"At first, yes. Once Zeus and Athene got to know one another better, Zeus relaxed and took to trusting her with his lightning bolt."

"No one else can obtain such trust." Johnny shook his head as he thought about it. "So what really happened to Metis and the unborn child?"

"The child, Athene, was taken away in secrecy, but Zeus ate Metis, to avoid having to take care of her disposal. He said it was less messy."

"The hypocrite. Here I thought he was queasy and uncomfortable about my methods."

"On the contrary. You remind Zeus of his faults. Besides, you aren't truly a cannibal, like Zeus."

"Come again?"

"You never partook of eating one of your own kind; specifically another time lord. You're in human form, but you aren't human."

"Just try passing that one off to any outsider, and we'll both be shipped off to the nearest loony bin." Johnny smiled awkwardly as Cronus chuckled. Cronus sighed and looked back at David, who was looking at Johnny now sleepy.

"Did you want to speak to David?"

"Maybe some other time. I don't think he's ready for a conversation right at the moment.

"What do you propose to do, Johnny?"

"Make David as strong or more than myself. With your help, I think it's possible. We're starting from scratch, which can be easier in some ways than trying to train someone fully developed in their soul."

"Very true. Okay, I'll help you all that I can."

"Cronus, why are you-I mean, Zeus is still your son."

Cronus smiled as he patted Johnny's shoulder. "Relax, I take no offense. At one time, I wouldn't even consider his removal, just because he is my son."

"Then why?"

"I've had to take a good hard look objectively at the way Zeus has been behaving. He needs to be removed. Like it or not, he has to be replaced." Cronus sighed as he looked at David who was watching and listening to the conversation. "I sure hope you know what you're doing, Johnny. For all of our sakes."

"Johnny?" David spoke quietly with puzzlement in his voice. "What's going on?"

"Rest, David. I'll be back. It's okay. Nothing to worry about."

David was too tired to protest as he went back to sleep. It was obvious by his reassurance that David trusted Johnny completely. Cronus watched and smiled as they both walked out quietly into the lab, then into the front room.

"I'm impressed. Zeus was never so trusting as a little boy. Not with anyone."

"David and I spent a lot of tyme together as kids and later as adults. He knows me too well, and vice versa to be afraid."

"Do you have any more coffee?"

"Of course. There's plenty." Johnny went into the kitchen and reappeared a second later with some coffee. "How long can you stay?"

"I'm afraid not so long as I'd like. Only about the equivalent of ten earth years at best."

"I'll have to show you the sites as much as I can in that tyme."

Cronus smiled as he took the refilled coffee cup that Johnny handed him.


."Have you ever noticed that the person who is well gifted with a touch of an artists mind is the first to be overlooked?"

Apollo looked at Johnny and smiled sadly. "Yes, it is unfortunate. I give them my gift of art, and it's warped."

"Exactly my point. They are able to design future scenarios based upon given information, and condemned once it's made public."

Apollo shook his head sadly. "It makes me wonder if I should take back what gifts I've given and destroy any future patterns I would've distributed." Apollo smiled sadly then as he walked over to a painting by Leonardo DaVinci. "It's not the first time I've wondered if my talents have been wasted and often put to ill use."

Johnny walked up next to Apollo then and also gazed at the painting. "On the other hand, some are able to manage and make the best of your gift."

Apollo smiled as he looked over some Rembrandt and Van Gogh paintings as well. "Yes, then I think mayhap I've been too hasty in my thinking and I delay taking back my gift of art.

"Make no mistake, Johnny. My gift, although based in music, is one of the many forms of art that are often mixed with others."


You're roaming a library. Each 'room' is another universe. Only a teacher can help you, for only a teacher knows all of the fine details and secrets within each room.

In one universe you're searching for an order you made some time back. The teacher looks into your eyes, making contact with your soul. Only by doing this can the teacher know how honest the student truly is. The teachers are not only looking for honesty at the moment, but how and in what way you'll use the items you've ordered. Every teacher looks for such honesty in every student accordingly. If the students intentions are to use the ordered materials for evil purposes, the teachers cannot and will not give the materials, for to do so would endanger the universes.

There are many universes, but one central universe. In the event that one of the 'outer' universes is endangered, then like a domino effect, all the universes would collapse. Only the central universe would continue to exist, until the other universes could be restored. If the central universe were destroyed, all of the universes would follow, and there would be no place of refuge to survive, until corrections were made.

At first the gaze of the teachers is light and casual. Then they go deeper. The teachers speak to you as they put you under their powers. Their powers are to ensure that while they examine your soul you cannot escape. These powers last until they have read you completely. If you are dishonest, you will not be aware of having told the truth when examined. Many soul mates are formed this way. Upon contact, the souls recognize and immediately merge as long lost friends.


Johnny pulls out a machete and takes a limb off of a life form who is being obnoxious as Johnny ice skates. He's trying to make sure Johnny can't ice skate at all. Unfortunately, the machete just made the creature angry, and another limb slowly grew back.

Johnny then takes out his laser gun, sets it to destroy the life form, using cremation. Johnny fires it at the form, who readily turns into a small pile of dust, which is amazing for the large amount of mass the creature took up.


The scene opens with a man walking on a sidewalk. The man walks into a bar. He spots a hooker sitting alone. He walks over to her and sits on the bar stool next to her.

"Howdy, stranger," says the hooker.

"Howdy ma'am," the man replies. "I was just thinkin' that you and I should get to know each other a little bit better. So what's your name?"

"Gloria," said the hooker.

"Nice name. My name's Jim. So now that we know each other a little bit better, hows about you come over to my place, bouncy-bouncy?"

"Well all right. A little more work on the midnight shift won't kill me I guess."

"That's the spirit. Don't be a spoil sport."

"I have a suggestion. Instead of the two of us leaving together, let's have our drinks and leave separately. I'll be at your place tonight at 11 P.M. First I think that you should give me the address."

"Good idea." Jim wrote the address on the back of a book of matches. "Such a meeting will be all the sweeter for the secrecy." Jim gave the matchbook to Gloria. Then Jim and Gloria drank the rest of their drinks. Jim got up first. "See ya later, my sweet rag doll." Jim walked out of the bar.

At 11 P.M. Gloria showed up at Jim's address. Jim answered the door, escorting Gloria into the kitchen.

"I thought I'd give you the grand tour before we start." Jim smiled his disarming sweet smile.

As Gloria walked through the apartment, she couldn't help smelling the wonderful aroma of something cooking.

"You must be a good cook. What are you making? It smells great."

"Oh, just a simple stew. I have yet to put the meat in. I think I'll invite a few friends over when I'm finished." Jim laughed. "A feast of friends. Care to join in the feast?"

"I'd be delighted."

"Great. The ceremony is about to begin." Jim laughed and swung Gloria by the waist, turning her away from the table.

Gloria didn't see the battery operated knife on the table. As Jim lead Gloria to the stew in the kitchen, Jim grabbed the knife on the table. When Gloria walked past to smell the stew, Jim walked up silently and stabbed Gloria in her back. Before she could cry out, Jim twisted her head, breaking her neck.

"I always prefer only the most fresh meat for my stews." Jim laughed like a madman as he set about carving up Gloria's corpse to finish the stew. AAE



No matter how far fetched your suspicions may appear to be, if you have a valid reason to believe there's a possibility that you may be right, don't discard your suspicions so readily. Your suspicions may save your life.

Always give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. At the same time, never discard your suspicions about them. AAC


Life is a double edged sword. One side good, one side evil. In equal measure for everything good, there is evil.

Out of something good will come something bad, and vice versa. So be very careful about what you think you want. You just might get it. AAB


Julie and Pan were in heavy Santa Barbara traffic. A light had just turned red.

"That's it, then."


"The traffic light. It'll be a good forty minutes until it turns green. Shut the motor off and crack the bubbly. It's lunch time. Old Harry was generous enough to provide us with a feast." AZA


Johnny was examining a human corpse he just dug up. It wasn't very fresh. The morticians were pretty lazy in these parts and a lot of the bodies weren't exhumed properly or at all as they were supposed to be. Being a mortician is a very profitable business as the customers will keep on dying. It would be in the morticians best interest to take short cuts as greed is a powerful emotion rarely overcome by most humans.

Who was going to notice anyway or be the wiser once the corpse was out of sight, in the ground? It was a lot more profitable to take a few short cuts instead and line the pocket books, so to speak. Politicians did it all the time, so why not the morticians?

Actually, this worked out to be in Johnny's favor. Johnny was interested in the worms that consumed the bodies as the rot set in. AYA


Please don't make me hungry. You wouldn't like it when I get hungry." AWA


"Have you ever driven a Chevy to a levee on a starry night, singing dirges in the dark? Or howled at the light of a silvery full moon?" AVA


"If you don't get out of my face now, and stay out, I'll turn your body into prime cuts as well as hamburger. Then I'll serve you to your nosy friends. Comprende'?" AUA


Once again he's left driftwood on his long lonesome highway of life. ATA


Johnny was washing a human baby that was starting to cry because it was hungry. Johnny stopped washing the baby, stood up, and pressed a button. The wall moved in a circular motion, replacing the tub with a shower.

Julie was watching this with amazement.

"Where does that go?"

"The incinerator."

"Do you always throw every baby out with the dirty water?"

"Oh yes. Especially when they start crying. They're worse then a vacuum cleaner. I have to use ear muffs for a vacuum, and even then it's loud."

"Really, Tanner. It's a wonder you have any children at all." Julie shook her head in disgust.

Johnny smiled and laughed. "Well it's not my fault that a few of the babies learned to swim before they could walk." ARA


"So it wasn't just his parents."

"Oh no. They were too stupid. Even so, to never feel you belonged at any time within your own species is a horrible feeling for someone. It's as though you're a first generation of another new species. If you can adapt and have offspring, the line will have a better chance of surviving. In Carl's case, it died out."

"Was there no chance for help? Didn't Carl ever try to get someone to try to help him?"

"Yes, he tried. First Carl tried those who came around so often. That is, his relatives."

"So what happened?"

"All the relatives who came around would back the Butchdyke up for what she did. Carl didn't know what she did, or how she managed to do it. Whenever she would get finished talking to someone, even after they talked to Carl first, they'd all wind up believing the Butchdyke. When Carl showed me the evidence to back him up I was very angry. Until then, Carl had no defense. No one to believe him. Had Carl ever tried to go forth to get help, the authorities would wind up believing the Butchdyke and he'd be in worse trouble. So Carl skipped a step and saved himself more tortures than he had to deal with already. The best action Carl could take would be to avoid every human possible."

A woman is crying her heart out because she has no bouquet of flowers for her wedding. It so happens that she has a weak heart that she's been trying to take medications for, but she was never one to take it on a regular basis.

The reaper comes forth with a bouquet of a dozen pitch black roses. He has on the black cloak, carries the scythe in one of the bone hands as he holds the bouquet of roses in the other bone hand. Lifting his skeleton face to hers, the skull smiles as the woman takes the bouquet of pitch black roses.

"Oh, thank you so much, kind sir. Thank you." The woman is so delighted that she gives the reaper a big hug upon accepting the bouquet. The reaper returns the hug. As they embrace, the bride dies gently in the reaper's arms, a now happy woman.

A couple on their honeymoon are looking over a beautiful valley. There's some snow capped mountains into the distance. Crystal waterfalls cascade down from the melted snow caps between the mountains.

Bighorn sheep can be seen faintly, climbing invisible mountain trails. Eagles fly high above, giving forth their cries of sorrow, guarding their nests of newborns.

A dark shadow from a giant prehistoric roc bird suddenly flies overhead. All animal life for miles around suddenly goes quiet as the shadow of the Roc covers the ground for many miles around where the animals roam. It's circling the skies above.

This one is more simplified. Beauty, life and death. One symbol I have made my own is the pen crossing the sword. What does this say to you? Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword now. Justice and injustice is served by the stroke of a pen as opposed to the stroke of the sword today.