A Musical Courtroom

Scenario by Heather J. Kintyre

Based upon a possible scenario between two current spouses. One keeps trying to avoid the issue. The other is waiting to break out of the cage.

'Lovely To See You' The Moody Blues." The Respondent spoke with an attempt at courtesy.

"Is it? 'Don't Bring Me Down' ELO."

"Touchy." He shook his head with sarcasm as he smiled. So what'll you do now? 'A World Without Love' Peter and Gordon?"

Not that it's any of your business, but either 'Paperback Writer' The Beatles or 'Kodachrome' Paul Simon."

Really? Practicing 'Darkroom' Wings? Besides, 'Come Go With Me' The Beach Boys.

"I'll have to take a reign check on that one. 'Love Is On The Run' The Moody Blues. Happens that way sometimes."

"Just my luck. 'Japanese Tears' Denny Laine."

"Isn't it? 'Lemon Tree' Peter, Paul and Mary."

"That puzzles me. 'Lay It On Me' Justin Hayward."

"No thanks. You see, 'Saved By The Music' Blue Jays and now 'I Wanna Be Free' The Monkees and 'Keep Pushin' REO Speedwagon."

He looked at the plaintiff as though it was for the first tyme when she dropped the news. 'Going Nowhere' The Moody Blues."

"Shocked? 'It Ain't Me Babe' The Turtles, now 'Run For Your Life' Tarney Spencer Band since 'That Ain't Love' REO Speedwagon." Therefore, 'The End' The Doors."

"You give me 'Broken Dream' Justin Hayward. 'Tell It All Brother' Kenny Rogers."

"What can I say? 'My Music' Loggins and Messina, 'On The Road' John Denver and 'Higher and Higher' The Moody Blues."

"You are 'Unhappy Girl' The Doors? 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' Simon and Garfunkel. 'Moving Mountains' Justin Hayward. Besides, 'Sooner or Later (Walkin' On Air)' Moody Blues."

"Your offer appears generous. 'Where Do the Children Play?' Cat Stevens. 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' U2 so 'Comfortably Numb' Pink Floyd."

"Oh? 'Mellow Yellow' Donovan?"

"Don't need it. 'Legend Of A Mind' The Moody Blues. Actually, 'Medicine Jar' Wings so 'Rocky Mountain High' and 'Sunshine On My Shoulders' John Denver."

"My, my. 'Isn't Life Strange' The Moody Blues."

"Well it's true 'People Are Strange' The Doors and so 'Eight Miles High' The Byrds."

'Time In A Bottle' Jim Croce, 'I Will Always Love You' Kenny Rogers and 'Keep The Fire' Kenny Loggins. Therefore 'Do Ya' E.L.O."

"No. 'She Said She Said' The Beatles. Anyway, 'Fearless' and 'Learn To Fly' Pink Floyd."

"My 'Poor Little Girl' George Harrison. It's all right. 'Foolish Love' and 'Running Water' The Moody Blues."

"No, it's not. 'It's My Life' Animals. Anyway, 'I Am The Walrus' The Beatles."

"Why? 'Each and Everyday' Vangelis and 'Words You Say' The Moody Blues."

"Sure, until 'Along Comes Mary' The Association. Let's not kid ourselves. 'Still The Same' Bob Seger and 'Autumn' Gary Lewis and The Playboys.

"Please. This can't go on. 'No More Lonely Nights' Paul McCartney and "Let's Live For Today' Grass Roots. 'All That Is Real Is You' Moody Blues."

"No, really. 'Rusty Cage' Johnny Cash."

"Please. 'I'd Really Love To See You Tonight' E. Dan & J.F. Coley and 'Haunted' The Moody Blues."

"Touching, I'm sure. 'It Ain't Necessarily So' The Moody Blues. Thanks, but no thanks. 'Looking For Space' John Denver. Besides, "Steppin' Out' E.L.O."

"What's this? 'The Balance' Moody Blues." Besides that, 'Flesh And Blood' Johnny Cash. I wouldn't hold you back. 'Never My Love' The Association."

"Correction. 'Ragdoll' Aerosmith. I was only 'Midnight Shift' Buddy Holly. 'Tube Snake Boogie' ZZ Top. Guess you got the wrong sister. 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' Aerosmith. Then again, 'A Must To Avoid' Herman Hermits." She smiled and chuckled. "Oh well, 'Bye Bye Love' Simon and Garfunkel and 'That's The Way It Goes' George Harrison."

"I can't stand it. 'Baby's In Black' The Beatles since 'You Decorated My Life' Kenny Rogers and now 'Yellow Cat' John Denver."

The Plaintiff smiled wickedly then. "Tough titty. 'Season Of The Witch' Donovan since long ago 'I Put A Spell On You' Creedence Clearwater Revival."

The Defendant seemed to go chalky. 'Devil or Angel' Bobby Vee." His skin was losing elasticity, aging the Defendant before the Plaintiff's eyes. The Plaintiff knew he wouldn't be able to survive as long as he thought. It was like watching a quiet explosion take place.

"Such cruelty; 'So Long Ago, So Clear' Vangelis and now 'Photograph' Ringo Starr. I'm not kidding. 'Nights Are Forever Without You' England Dan and John Ford Coley. 'I'd Love You To Want Me' Lobo."

"Such a short memory. 'Seventh Son' Johnny Rivers? 'Once Is Enough' The Moody Blues and 'I've Had Enough' Wings. Anyway, 'Shanghai Breezes' John Denver."

"That's not good enough. Why not 'Islands In The Stream' Kenny Rogers? After all, 'Only You' Ringo Starr. Besides, 'This Is The Moment' Moody Blues."

'No, it's not. 'Until We Sleep' David Gilmour, 'Yesterday's Gone' Chad & Jeremy. 'I'm So Tired' The Beatles."

"I can change. 'Blow Away' George Harrison. Besides, 'My Eyes Have Seen You' The Doors and 'Susie Q' Creedence Clearwater Revival."

"Starting to feel the loss? 'Sleeping Alone' John Denver. Just you remember 'One Of These Days' Pink Floyd and 'Midsummer Nights' Kenny Rogers."

"What can I say? 'Broken Dreams, Hard Road' John Lodge and 'Haunted' Moody Blues. Out of curiosity, who died; 'Mandy' Barry Manilow? No matter. 'Take It Easy' Eagles."

He stared at her with hatred as she spoke of his very private life. She smiled in delight.

"Too bad. 'The Truth Often Hurts The Heart' Chad & Jeremy and 'Sad Songs (Say So Much)' Elton John. The mirror is forever a fine dust. 'I'm Looking Through You' The Beatles. What'd you expect? 'Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow' The Monkees and 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' Creedence Clearwater Revival; take heart, 'The Road' Vangelis."

"I can't accept that. 'Cherish' The Association."

"That's not all there was to it. 'The Hoodooin' Of Miss Fanny Deberry' Kenny Rogers, and 'Somewhere In The Night' Barry Manilow. ''Talking Out Of Turn' Moody Blues. 'Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) Looking Glass?"

"That was because 'Cecilia' Simon and Garfunkel. It's only 'Wanderlust' Wings, anyway." The Defendant shrugged his shoulders.

"Not all was 'Berkley Woman' John Denver. On Occasion 'Fur Elise' Beethoven, wasn't it?" The Plaintiff's too smooth voice reflected anger only to those who knew her well. The Defendant knew such anger was dangerous.

"I'm so sorry; 'Studio Musician' Barry Manilow. 'Down On My Knees' Bread. 'My Love' Wings and 'Thinking of You' Loggins and Messina."

"Yes, I know. 'Nikita' Elton John and 'Travelin' Man' Ricky Nelson wasn't it? 'Lyin' Eyes' The Eagles and 'Words' The Monkees."

"I-it was a mistake! Nothing more than a handshake, it... they meant nothing! 'All I Know' Art Garfunkel. 'Help' The Beatles. 'I'm just a 'Jealous Guy' John Lennon."

"Yes, I know. 'Come Back When You Grow Up' Bobby Vee and 'Someday Never Comes' Creedence Clearwater Revival. Now 'Run For Your Life' The Beatles... so I am. 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' Elton John."

The Defendant stared at her in amazement. 'Hard To Believe' The Monkees.

She laughed. 'Single Pigeon' Wings so now '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover' Paul Simon.

"This can't be. "Piece Of My Heart' John Lodge.

"Can't it? 'Ships' Barry Manilow? 'I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues' Elton John. 'Hot Legs' but 'You're In My Heart' Rod Stewart.

"Oh yes. I've done my research. 'Aubrey' Bread wasn't it?"

He went chalky and cold. "Yes but, how-

"Please. 'Legs' ZZ Top and 'Forever Autumn' Moody Blues as I recall. 'Sweet Dreams' The Eurythmics."

He knew he was caught and he wasn't sure what to do now. "Alas, 'Love Don't Come Easy' The Moody Blues."

"You should have thought of that a long tyme ago so 'How Do You Sleep' John Lennon?"

"Actually, 'Sound Asleep' The Turtles." He smiled with sarcasm.

I suppose you believe 'Sealed With A Kiss' Bryan Hyland. Surprise, you talk in your sleep. 'Elenore' The Turtles. Oh by the way, 'This Diamond Ring' Gary Lewis." She smiled wickedly, yanked the diamond ring off of her finger and threw it in his face. "Pardon me if I don't want to shake hands with you-or anything else."

The ring hit the Defendant between his eyes. He looked at the ring as at a poisonous snake. 'Cold as Ice' Foreigner and 'I Dreamed Last Night' Blue Jays.

"Am I to believe that? 'Scarlet Fever' Kenny Rogers. 'We Don't Live Here No More' John Denver. 'Crackerbox Palace' George Harrison falling down around your ears? Too bad, isn't it now 'Hotel California' The Eagles.

"I warned you 'Don't Ever Love Me' Harry Belafonte. Now 'Saved By The Music' Blue Jays and 'No More Lies' Moody Blues. Oh by the way, 'Bad Moon Rising' Creedence Clearwater Revival. You only have a couple more cycles left in your skin, then you'll die." She smiled with wry humor as his colouring went gray.

The Defendant sighed wearily. "Regardless, 'You Showed Me' The Turtles." The Plaintiff looked at the Defendant puzzled. "Don't you remember? 'Kathy' Simon & Garfunkel and now 'No Mercy' Cheap Trick."

"I remember 'In Your Wildest Dreams' The Moody Blues then 'Farewell To Tarwathie' Judy Collins, or so you claimed."

"Please, 'I'd Really Love To See You Tonight' England Dan and John Ford Coley. What about 'Slow Dancin' (Swayin' To the Music)'? He spoke hopefully. She stared at him unmoved. 'Maybe I'm Amazed' Paul McCartney. Or is 'Threw It All Away' John Lodge more accurate?"

"I see. 'Yesterday's Gone' Chad and Jeremy. You can't throw away what you've never had. 'What Is Truth' Johnny Cash and 'Gravel On The Ground' John Denver. 'What Do You Want From Me' Pink Floyd."

"Isn't that obvious? 'The Tracks of My Tears' Justin Hayward."

She sighed exasperated. "In reality, 'I'm So Afraid' Fleetwood Mac and 'Sleepin' Alone' John Denver. Isn't that the real reason?" She sighed and shook her head in despair. "'There's No Way Out Of Here' David Gilmour."

"I'm serious, 'Druthers' John Denver and 'Street Café." He looked so heartbroken that she smiled sarcastically and spoke again. "Oh, take comfort. 'Wherever You Are' Moody Blues."

"I'm serious, also. Honest, 'How Can I Leave You Again' John Denver. 'I'd Love You To Love Me' Lobo and 'Help Me Rhonda' Johnny Rivers."

"Yes, I'm sure, cheapskate. Get lost. 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore' Buddy Holly." She was getting irritated now." I found out 'Morgana Jones' Kenny Rogers. A major pukesville, that."

"Oh my god." The Defendant went weak in his knees, and would've fallen over if he were standing.

"No god will help you now. 'Mrs. Robinson' Simon & Garfunkel." She smiled as what colouring his face recovered soon washed out once again.

"I couldn't help myself. 'Love Or Something Like It' Kenny Rogers and 'I'm Sorry' John Denver. 'Is It Just A Game' Justin Hayward and 'Losing Touch' Barry Manilow."

"In Discovery, I came across 'Turn The Page' Bob Seger. Take heart that 'You Wear It Well' Rod Stewart. When I'm free of you, 'Old Time Rock 'n' Roll' Bob Seger since 'Children of Rock And Roll' John Lodge has 'Set The Minstrel Free' Tarney Spencer Band. I can't wait."

"Why? 'We Can Work It Out' The Beatles."

"Quoth the raven, nevermore. 'You Can Never Go Home' so 'Rock and Roll Over You' The Moody Blues."

"I can't believe it. 'The Old Songs' Barry Manilow.

"Won't work. 'I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone' The Monkees and 'Not A Second time' therefore 'Let It Be' The Beatles."

"You see, 'Wheel In The Sky' Journey and 'Melancholy Man' Moody Blues. Don't tell me, 'Your Mama Don't Dance' Loggins and Messina."

"You know 'You'll Accomp'ny Me' Bob Seger."

"Like hell I will. 'No No Song' Ringo Starr."

""I believe 'Love Is Only Sleeping' The Monkees. Sadly, 'Farther I Go' Kenny Rogers."

"Oh, that's so sad," she said sarcastically. 'Four Strong Winds' Chad & Jeremy and 'Learning The Game' Buddy Holly."

"No. It can't be. 'Say You Love Me' John Lodge.

"Never. It was never you. 'I Am A Rock' Simon & Garfunkel. Besides, 'The Carnival Is Over' The Seekers.

"Look on the bright side. 'Love On The Air' David Gilmour. You already have a note of 'Man Of The World.' This may be the best thing for you, after all 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)' Journey. For me though, 'To The Wild Country' and 'Wild Montana Skies' John Denver."

"Why? 'I Just Don't Understand' Freddie And The Dreamers."

What can I say? 'I'd Rather Be A Cowboy' John Denver."

I felt so sure 'Getting Closer' Wings and 'Now and Forever' Chad & Jeremy."

"No, 'Yesterday's Gone' Chad & Jeremy. I grew very tired living 'Love Of The Common People' John Denver. Besides, 'And The Tide Rushes In' The Moody Blues."

He looked at her puzzled. 'Circles' George Harrison?"

"Oh yes. After all 'The Gambler' Kenny Rogers." She sighed. "What can I say? 'If I Were You' Peter And Gordon; you never listened. 'Yellow Bird' John Gary and 'Spirit' John Denver-with someone else."

"I didn't know. 'It's Not Too Late' Justin Hayward."

"Oh, but it is. Don't you remember? ''It's Sad To Belong' England Dan and John Ford Coley, plus 'Driftwood' The Moody Blues. I'm not exactly 'Lost In A Lost World' Moody Blues. You cannot lose or give what you've never had."

She sighed wearily. "You were always so predictable. Now 'I'm Looking Through You' The Beatles, and 'Showboat Gambler' England Dan & John Ford Coley."

"I can't believe it. 'Happy Together' The Turtles. Besides, 'Got My Mind Set on You' George Harrison."

"Wishful thinking. 'Diary' Bread as later I found 'Getting Better' The Beatles. Pushed me well away, you did. Now 'Take It Back' Pink Floyd."

"Oh please 'Don't Leave Me Now' Pink Floyd. I can change."

"Correction. 'Still The Same' Bob Seger. Therefore, 'Hello Goodbye' The Beatles."

"Please. 'Run Like Hell' Pink Floyd and 'Scarred And Scared' Rod Stewart."

"I see. 'Murder' David Gilmour. You have to sleep sometime. 'Janie's Got A Gun' Aerosmith. You always said I was an uncanny cannibal."

"Maybe, but 'You Make Loving Fun' Fleetwood Mac."

"So? 'Joy' Harry Nilsson and 'Magical Mystery Tour' The Beatles."

"Once 'Lost and Found' Justin Hayward and now 'It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart' The Moody Blues. Are you 'All Out Of Love' Air Supply?"

"For you, yes. 'Opposite Tables' John Denver. Tymes have changed. 'Strange Times' The Moody Blues and 'A Summer Song' Chad And Jeremy."

"You have to admit 'Islands In The Stream' Kenny Rogers."

"I'm sure." The plaintiff smiled and spoke sarcastically. "You think 'The Most Beautiful World In The World' Harry Nilsson. Unfortunately you believe 'Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall' Simon and Garfunkel. Truly, I'm 'Lost For Words' Pink Floyd. Since when did you go immortal? 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' The Animals. "

"Come back, please. 'I'd Rather Go Blind' Rod Stewart."

"No thanks. I have a hair dressing appointment. I suppose 'Sometimes Less Is More' Justin Hayward and 'English Sunset' Moody Blues? You coward. You're disgusting."

"What can I do? 'Thinking of You' Loggins and Messina. What have I done? 'Lost Without Your Love' Bread."

"Why? You always have 'House Of the Rising Sun' The Animals, and also 'Young Lust' Pink Floyd. 'Legend Of A Mind' Moody Blues as always." She laughed diabolically.

"Such rejection. 'Part Of Me Part Of You' England Dan & John Ford Coley. 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' The Beach Boys?"

"No, it wouldn't. 'We Don't Live Here No More' John Denver and 'Garden Party' Ricky Nelson. Now 'No No Song' Ringo Starr."

"So it's 'Mandy' and 'When I Wanted You' Barry Manilow?"

"Exactly. Now 'Don't You Feel Small' Moody Blues? Mayhap I should include 'The Way Of The World' Justin Hayward."

He sighed with despair. 'Strange Days' The Doors." He shook his head sadly. "So it's 'Rainbow' John Lodge and eventually 'Lady' England Dan and John Ford Coley I take it."

"Something like that. 'It's Up To You' John Denver and 'Run Of The Mill' George Harrison."

"This can't be. 'Marie' Justin Hayward, 'Vintage Wine' Moody Blues and 'A Summer Song' Chad and Jeremy."

"You wish, you cheapskate. 'Coming Back To Life' Pink Floyd."

"I can't accept that. 'Poems, Prayers, and Promises' John Denver."

"Never! 'When The Music's Over' The Doors so 'Don't Call On Me' The Monkees.

"Oh yes, I know your track record. 'Family Way' Chad & Jeremy and now you claim 'I Was Only Joking' Rod Stewart. Well 'Stranger' Kenny Rogers occurred. Several tymes, I believe before you pulled 'Jamaica Farewell' Harry Belafonte on them. Anyway, 'Where Were You When I Needed You' The Buckingham's. And let's not forget 'Take It On The Run' REO Speedwagon while we're at it. Did you reverse the vasectomy by chance? Got it rather late, didn't you?"

"So what? 'The King Of Oak Street' Kenny Rogers. When all is said and done, 'Around and Around' John Denver."

"You never learned. 'The Love you Make' and so Maggie Mae' The Beatles."

"How can I explain? 'Berkley Woman' John Denver and 'Lonely People' America."

"Yes, I know. It was more than that. 'Don't Cross The River' America and 'You Got A Nerve' Rod Stewart. You poor sucker 'Blue World' Moody Blues."

"Well, 'Somewhere Down The Road' Barry Manilow I hope. After all, 'It Was A Very Good Year' Chad & Jeremy."

"No, mayhap for you, not for me. I have an idea. 'Billy' Justin Hayward. When you do it, can I watch?"

"You were always morbid. Still in tyme, 'Can I See You' Chad and Jeremy? After all, 'Foolish Love' The Moody Blues."

"How sweet." She smiled sarcastically. "Mayhap on 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' Pink Floyd. All the same, don't hold your breath."

"So 'I'm Losing You' John Lennon. 'MacArthur Park" Justin Hayward.

She just glared at him like a stonewall. "Apology not acceptable. 'Sorry' The Moody Blues."

"All right. 'If' Bread. I still have to see you again."

She sighed and shook her head. 'No Reply' The Beatles and 'Slip Slidin' Away' Paul Simon. There is no one."

"Then why? 'Marie' Justin Hayward. Please, 'Highway' The Moody Blues. That at least."

She sighed in despair. "Only 'In Your Wildest Dreams' Moody Blues. 'Shame' Justin Hayward. 'Some Days Are Diamonds' John Denver. Besides, if I go back, 'Vincent' Don McLean. Not quite sure."

"If nothing else, 'Sandra' Barry Manilow. It's a sure thing if 'American Pie' Don McLean.

"That would be nice. 'I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better' The Byrds."

"No, too slow. When I think about it, 'I Want To Live' John Denver if only to watch you squirm, so I'll I settle for 'Buried Treasure' Kenny Rogers. Mayhap you can try 'A Most Peculiar Man' or 'Richard Cory' Simon and Garfunkel.

"You'll have to help me." The Defendant smiled with sarcasm.

"Only if 'Somewhere They Can't Find Me' Simon and Garfunkel."

"Such devastation. 'Willow Weep For Me' Chad and Jeremy."

"Pocketbook getting too empty? 'Money' The Beatles."

A lawyer interfered at this point. "I'm not sure what you two are talking about, and I don't really care.

He looked at the defendant closely. 'I'll Be Watching You' The Police. Then he looked at his client, the plaintiff. "As for you, young lady, 'This Door Swings Both Ways' Herman Hermits."

"I take your point. 'One Of These Days' Paul McCartney and 'Sweet Surrender' John Denver."

"Good, I'm glad to hear it." The Lawyer smiled at his client "Personally, I'd try 'Rocky Mountain Suite' John Denver."

The plaintiff smiled then. "No, I don't think so. After all, 'I'd Rather Be A Cowboy' John Denver so 'When The Music's Over' The Doors then mayhap 'Kokomo' and 'California' The Beach Boys, or 'Island In The Sun' Harry Belafonte, though."

The judge looked at the plaintiff's lawyer, defendant and plaintiff then. "It is nearing lunch tyme, and you two are too angry to go on rationally. After hearing both sides, I have only one thing to say to you young lady. Be careful 'Eleanor Rigby' The Beatles. Mayhap you can try 'Mull of Kintyre' Wings. As for you, young man 'No Tears For Johnny' Chad & Jeremy.

The Plaintiff took some white out and started painting individual strands of her hair. The Plaintiff's attorney looked at the Plaintiff and whispered to her to put it away. She sighed and put the white out away.

"I move that this court be adjourned until next week, same tyme, same station. By that tyme you both may come to your senses. This court session is now adjourned." The judge smashed the gable on the wooden block with his right hand to close the session. He then started gathering up some papers.

The Plaintiff's lawyer went around his desk, took a heavy object from his briefcase, and then closed it. The judge's attention was on his desk, and so he couldn't see the silver hammer. The lawyer started to sneak up on the judge. Now it could be clearly seen that the lawyer had the heavy-duty silver hammer in his hand.

Some more policemen came in, and lined themselves around the people sitting in the chairs reserved for witnesses and their families. Nobody seemed to take any notice their full attention was on scene before their eyes.

"Interesting. 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' The Beatles; oh goody. At least I get to watch. Now that's my kind of lawyer." She had a look of delight on her face.

"First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers. Ol' Shakes as I recall." She smiled as she looked at her soon to be ex-husband who was puzzled and couldn't understand.

"What's wrong with you? 'Nothing Changes' Moody Blues. That is, unless 'Long Arm Of The Law' Kenny Rogers. I heard about that one, also." The man looked at his wife in horror as if he was seeing her for the first tyme.

"Okay, fine. 'Go Now' Denny Laine. Vamoose."

The plaintiff's attorney smiled as he took note of what she said, and the Defendant's reaction. He knew he was going to be able to prosecute the defendant on a lot of charges.

A new stir amongst the witness area started up. As the murmurs grew, the police tried to keep them quiet by motioning for silence. A silent fan turned on to gently circulate air in the room. A couple people in the audience were too curious, since the police weren't trying to help the wounded judge. They sat back and resumed watching, curious to the unusual reaction of the police who were unconcerned.

The plaintiff's attorney ran up to the judge who looked up quickly. He stabbed the judge at that moment. The judge turned a whiter shade of pale as he looked down where he was stabbed. Blood was starting to flow outside of his black gown. "Thou hast slain me-." As the judge spoke he motioned to the bailiff.

An uproar was heard that the police couldn't control. Many were being lead out of the courtroom as the police led them out before they got too uncontrollable. Others were shocked at what they were seeing. Those made no noise, and the police left them alone.

"If thou wilt survive, bury my body, and give these letters-" The judge collapsed as he fell to the floor. The grasp on the papers in his southpaw relaxed. The papers fell onto the desk.

A cracking sound was heard as the plaintiff's attorney smashed the silver hammer into the then unseen judge's body. The judge spoke just before the sound of the hammer fell. "Oh untimely death!"

The husband looked at his wife who had a look of ecstasy on her face. It was as though he was seeing her for the first tyme

The courtroom is now in a mad frenzy, as the bailiff and some other cops were trying to keep order so no one would run up to disturb the court session area. It was already being taken care of.

The lawyer stepped back with his silver hammer. "I know thee well; a serviceable villain;" The lawyer looked at the Defendant then as he spoke, a look of malice in his eyes. "As duteous to the vices of thy mistress, as badness would desire." The Defendant looked at his wife again, horror in his face, wondering what was going on. The Plaintiff picked up a drink of something white like milk. She looked at the Defendant before she drank. 'Coconut Woman' Harry Belafonte." After she took a couple swallows she spoke to her attorney.

"Is he dead? Sit you down father, rest you." The attorney looked at the Plaintiff as though tired. As the Plaintiff went around the desk to the aid of the lawyer, the Defendant went even paler as he looked at her lawyer with the bloody hammer, then at the Plaintiff smiling in delight. The Defendant ran out of the courtroom screaming bloody murder as though his head was cut off.

The remaining people in the witness area, except for the couple, were about to run forth to help the wounded judge (they thought), but the police kept them away and escorted them out of the room. These were escorted out of the courtroom quickly, as they were getting too noisy; they couldn't help feeling a desire to attack the smiling Plaintiff that seemed entirely morbid controlled now.

The plaintiff was chuckling with amusement as she went over to the judge and attorney. Metal shards and flour made the 'sound' of the judge's demise. Blood was applied to the hammer before the lawyer was seen upon having killed the judge. The judge was getting up and laughing now. He was taking the 'blood' off of his chest where some blood sacks were cut open. Everyone was chuckling then. "Great act, guys. I couldn't have done it without your help."