Constitution Revision

Heather J. Kintyre

Any person, regardless of race, color, gender or nationality who commits a crime that damages another person will go to jail for life, without parole. They will live permanently in the assigned prison they are sent to. If the person has committed rape, assault that created a near death or massive injury, or murder, he or she will be sterilized immediately, regardless of any protests from the person or anyone else.

The prisoner is no longer able to vote. Their marriage, if any, is immediately terminated without having to go through the courts. The person is no longer able to marry, live with another outside of their prison. No person is able to live with a prisoner inside of the prison.

Every prisoner is able to have visitations from the people outside. The families and friends are free to visit any time they choose to do so. However, they cannot live with the prisoners or stay any longer than a twelve hour period at a time. After a twelve hour period is up, another twelve hours away from the prisoner must take place before the prisoner can be seen by the same person or people again.

If a prisoner is accused of causing violence to another person or non-human animal, the accuser, or victim if different, will be carefully examined by a doctor. Upon being found guilty, the prisoner will be sent to death row, where they can be used for medical experiments until they die.

Upon being sent to death row, the prisoner is never to be seen by any people outside of those who conduct the medical experiments upon them.

If the person still is of a violent disposition and continues to commit crimes inside the prison, the person will be taken out and immediately put on 'death row.' Upon going to death row, the person forfeits all human rights. They are now qualified to be used in laboratory experiments, and will be used accordingly until they die.

Upon investigation, if a child is found to be abused the parents will be imprisoned, and immediately sterilized like all the rest. The children will be removed and raised in comfortable environments, free of all abuse and tyranny.

If a lawyer, family member or anyone else tries to object and put forth their objections to the treatments of the prisoners, the laws as set forth, all person or persons will immediately be thrown in jail along with the prisoners, immediately sterilized with no parole. There are no exceptions.

If a person kills a human from another country than their own, the killer will be immediately sent back to their country, to be dealt with according to the laws of their country.

If anyone tries to come over the border and have a U.S. citizen, they will be immediately sent back to their country o executed. If a child is born from the foreigner, the child will not be granted U.S. citizenship. The child will be sent back to the country of its parent. It's up to the country the child is sent to whether the child is to be accepted or rejected.

Taxes are to be abolished in all cases. The tax collectors will be imprisoned for stealing money from the public illegally. It has always been against the original constitution, and illegal to collect taxes by force. If the tax collectors object to imprisonment, they will be readily killed. If the city, county or state agrees to participate in constructing, repairing or producing something for the benefit of all life on the planet, those in agreement can voluntarily give a portion of their income. The amount given is up to the individuals. Individuals whose jobs are to take care of the areas will maintain public places.

Regarding government, whenever the government tries to take control over issues regarding the prison system, all those involved will automatically become prisoners themselves, sterilized and surviving the rest of their lives in prisons like Alcatraz, designed especially for them.

Prisoners will be maintained based upon the quality of work they produce. If they refuse to work, the prisoner will receive minimum care, and nothing of value or entertainment.

All non-human animals, including but not limited to, big cats, wildlife of all types on land and in the oceans, will be given rights to survive as they normally do without fear of human pouching for profit.

If a non-human animal kills a human, an investigation of what the human was doing will be investigated. No animal is to be killed immediately upon killing a human. If it is found that the person was a poacher, or set upon killing the animal and it was self-defense upon the non-humans part, then they are to be released and no penalty set upon them. No animal kills a human without very good cause.

If a human kills another in self-defense, the human who killed will go unpunished. Anyone who is protecting themselves, their family, or families, their private property from vandalism, is in no danger of punishment from the law for killing another human, provided it is in self-defense.

Regarding religion, I agree, except I would also include that everyone is free to have no religion, if they so desire. No one should be forced into another 'Spanish Inquisition' and have to have and maintain a religion in order to live in society.

No human is to be given more or less rights over another. If a person qualifies for a higher education, they are not to be penalized because of race, gender or color. If a person hands in a blank test, gets low grades in most or all their classes, all grants will be taken away, and any previous amounts given to the individual will be owed back to the organization who originally gave them the funds.

No person is allowed to claim rights over another because their ancestors were ill-treated. The people are no longer dealing with their ancestors, but the person involved.

No person is to be considered crazy or insane because of differences in life styles. Only those qualified are able to make such determinations. No court is allowed to accept hearsay and evaluations of another person's mental state by another person who is not qualified to make such judgments. Upon evaluating the person in question, the psychologist must be a neutral party, unaware of the court action, if any, the accusations made by others, not connected to any institution or state hospital. The evaluation must take place not just in the office, but also mostly in the natural environment of the person being evaluated.

As long as any person is of no danger to others, or creates crimes that involve the destruction of personal or public property, they are entitled to live and survive without any persecution from anyone else.

No religion is to collect any more money than whatever the individuals decide to give of their own free will. The people who control and maintain the churches will be paid according to however much they earn from the charity collected from their members, without force or duress. If force is applied, they will be investigated. If found guilty, they will become prisoners, kept away from society, placed in a special compound kept for religious church rulers only.