A Story (4)

Heather Kintyre

Stella was all in black. She had included some pointed black boots for a change. For one, she often had to kick others when they refused to leave her alone on her walks. They didn't feel 'up to' partaking of any sexual activities, then. Actually, Stella preferred to shoot everyone with the dog repellent she kept on her belt clip, first stunning them, then shoving her walking stick up their asses.

Often Stella would have preferred to impale the vile creatures who were supposed to be human, but they always left a bloody and sticky mess when she did that. It was such a nuisance trying to clean the clothes when that happened. Unfortunately there were tymes when Stella was without the walking stick so that wasn't always possible and the pointy boots had to suffice.

Stella had a mean and rather nasty teacher who was crazy. The best anyone can do is humor the insane one when they have no alternative but to be around them. Many is the tyme Stella was thought to be as loony or worse than the one she was humoring.

Just like the ability to make the voice ancient, young, and use various wicked sounding laughter, it takes practice. An actor upon the stage that struts and frets his only hour. That's all life ever was and ever would be. A phase, nothing more. When this phase ended, Stella was going to breathe a great sigh of relief. In the meantime Stella had to do some more can kicking, and the pointy boots would be a great help.

The semester was coming toward the end, and her insane teacher refused to give her the actual grade that Stella deserved. Stella humored him throughout the semester, and she knew that to anger the teacher would only ensure that she got a worse score overall, but enough is enough. Stella approached the teacher when everyone was gone. It was a convenience that Stella was the earth representative of Zeus. It was the teachers tyme to die on this planet, and Stella was going to give him a one way ticket to Zeus. She would be more than happy to let Zeus sort him out.

"All right, I've had it! I've done my best to humor you, give you what work you wanted, just the way you like it, and you're not cooperating. What's the matter with you?" The teacher looked at Stella and with an angry look on his face he started to breathe in a fast and heavy, raspy manner. His heart beat was going fast. His eyes were bloodshot and as red as a vampire who hadn't fed in at least a week.

"Hello, Stella. Don't you know by now?"

"Know what?"

"I don't like you. Never have, never will. Plain and simple. Even if you were Shakespeare, I'd flunk you, because I don't like you."

Stella saw a small worm crawling out the corner of his right eye.

"Is that so? I'd kick you across the room, but I really have no desire to get these boots smeared with worm bodies."

The teacher lunged at Stella. Stella smiled wickedly and with a confident look in her eyes she glared at the insane teacher. She ducked as the teacher sailed over her. The teacher fell over Stella and onto the floor. Stella turned and took the dog repellent off of her belt clip. She sprayed the teacher who was still stunned. It was tyme enough for Stella to then take her knife from its hiding place. Taking the sharp knife she kept handy for just such emergencies, she shoved it in the teachers throat.

"I'll bet you had no idea that I was to be your jury, judge and executioner. May you never know a day of peace where I'm sending you."

Then with a fast motion, before the teacher recovered from his surprise, Stella took the knife out and sliced his eyes. As she stuck the knife in his eyes, Stella made another comment as an after thought.

"I'm sure you won't miss or have any further need of these eyes where you're going. I'll relieve you of them as a personal favor." Fortunately the eye liquid didn't squirt out and create such a mess as blood does. Having sliced the throat, blood didn't spray out like in other areas, but it was still a nuisance as it made a sticky and slippery mess. Stella carefully side stepped the spreading pool on the floor.

Now blinded, Stella got well out of range, calmly cleaned the knife and put it back in its hiding place. She then took her backpack and notebook and calmly walked out of the door. Just before she closed the door, she threw a pipe bomb in the class room. When she got a safe distance away, she blew up the classroom. She calmly kept walking as everyone else ran towards the explosion on the campus.

No one saw Stella as she walked away and eventually off of the campus. The police gathered up everyone around and gave everyone a three degree, but they never caught the real culprit as she made a clean get away, and no one remembered or noticed.

The insane teacher died instantly, having been blown to tiny bits. Before Stella blew up the class room, the teacher tried, but he lost too much blood so he couldn't write the name of the murderer. He went unconscious just after the knifing, and never recovered consciousness.

The class that day was cancelled at the last minute. A janitor cleaned up the mess, and no one ever saw the bloody mess left behind by the explosion, and Stella before she blew the teacher to kingdom come. No one ever suspected or found out that Stella was the one who killed the insane teacher.

Later, although it came to everyone's attention that Stella also had class then, since she was no where to be found, no one believed she could've had anything to do with the murder.

As usual, rumors spread throughout the campus that the teacher was brutally murdered. The more tyme passed, the more fanciful the stories became. When it was found out that a pipe bomb was used, one student went so far as to wonder aloud if whoever murdered the teacher shoved the pipe bomb up his ass. Another made a comment about how his mind was already blown away with a neutron bomb, so it was probably a mercy killing.

The news of the 'tragedy' was all over the campus, but all those who had to deal with the insane teacher were secretly relieved that he was gone including but not limited to the faculty. The students who had his latest class all graduated with the scores they truly deserved, having been reevaluated by a sane teacher.

Stella never had to send anyone else to Zeus after that. She was able to acquire her goals in life and was able to survive to a relatively old age.

After being blown to smithereens, the teachers soul was taken through the soul processing system maintained by various tyme lords every few billion years. It turns out the teacher had the soul of Jonathan Swift as depicted in 'Gulliver'

Apollo sang out in a cheerful voice that Zeus had a familiar soul to reevaluate again. Seeing how he was blinded, Apollo took 'Gulliver' by the arm and lead him to Zeus.

As the teacher was taken forth, he resorted to his earlier life as Jonathan Swift. Swift was more convinced within himself that he was actually the character he created, Gulliver, from Gulliver's Travels.

'Gulliver' was convinced he had seen all there was to see of the chaos created by man, and having found man to be a rather smelly creature besides, took to a life of seclusion. His wife and children, being of the 'normals' within the social world, also never bathed regularly, and so 'Gulliver' refused to allow them into his presence very much or for very long.

In his remaining years, 'Gulliver' started to believe himself superior to all other humans, as the insane are often given to believe.

'Gulliver' was convinced that he knew the ways of God. Not only that, but that 'Gulliver' was actually communicating with God directly. He therefore took to having 'mental lapses' periodically. It was at these tymes that 'Gulliver' believed that he was talking to his version of God. In the conversations, 'Gulliver' is not always lucid.

Zeus: Oh, it's you again. Can't say as I'm delighted. It's no use pretending. Zeus moaned as he spoke under his breath that he should have seen to it that the mortals had longer life spans.

What do you want this tyme, 'Gulliver?'

Gulliver: I know I'm right in having forsaken my own kind. My beliefs have advanced because of it, leading me eventually to yourself. Now I'm advanced enough, I want to be a God, like you.

Zeus: Do you now? You poor booby. You're nothing more than a jumped up Lilly livered coward. What do you know about Immortality and myself?

Gulliver: I know you're all powerful and Immortal. I therefore want to be an Immortal as well.

Zeus: That's it?

Gulliver: That's it.

Zeus: What makes you think that you're any better off than say, Jack the Ripper or Vlad the Impaler? On the other hand, St. Francis of Assisi, Sister Theresa or Joan of Ark?

Gulliver: I'm a top ranking physician. I'm smarter than all of them. They're all a bunch of maggots who never saw beyond their next meal. I therefore demand that you make me an Immortal like yourself.

Zeus: You demand? You go too far, 'Gulliver'. Those I mentioned, even Hitler, are ruled by their reptilian brains.

No, man is better than a maggot. Man is still an infant even now. He has a lot of growing up to do. If the truth of Immortality were made known to man, and parts now known as theology were made science, man would be a greater danger to himself than he is already. Therefore the truth man seeks will never be found until he grows up-a- lot. How amusing it would be if man were to find out it was mostly a lie.

Providing of course that he doesn't destroy himself, all life, and the planet before then.

Those you claim of lesser intelligence are actually smarter than you, 'Gulliver'. Murderers, rapists, saints and everything in between, they are all smarter than you are.

Gulliver: How dare you! I have my rights! I demand my right to become an Immortal! I made it, they didn't. Make me an Immortal now!

Zeus: No, 'Gulliver'. If the universe were ruled by jumped up, pesky humans so irrational as yourself, this universe would cease to exist in no tyme. A chain reaction would destroy them all. I won't allow that to happen.

When I create, I also destroy. Not with any emotional reasoning as you know it. I do so because it's needed, the tyme is right.

Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, all those who existed, exist, and will exist in your future may be known as madmen, pyromaniacs, murderers, saints and everything in between. They are all governed by their reptilian brains, making them dangerous as candidates for Immortality. Yet none of these are as dangerous as you are, 'Gulliver'.

Gulliver: What? I'm not like any of those!

Zeus: No, you're not. You're worse. The 'Hitler's' on earth acted, and will act, by some rationale, sane or not. You, on the other hand, act by no rationale. You, 'Gulliver', act erratically according to whether you're angry, no matter what it is. You destroy at these moments without thinking, without pity. There is no method, no reasoning.

Poor deluded 'Gulliver'. I won't destroy or become so angry at you. Instead I sentence you to live out mortal lives in one form or another until your soul develops to the state of a soul maturity that will be accepted for Immortality. You will know every pain and pleasure man has ever created, and will create in his future. You'll grow weary in no tyme, and have no choice but to continue. Then will you see and know for yourself what's truly involved with becoming an Immortal. Now go away kid, you bother me. I have better things to do, and stop pestering me.

'Gulliver' was then cast into a dark void. A black hole with no escape. A few hours later 'Gulliver' woke up from his dreamless state of deep sleep. Because he was in his 'Gulliver' mode, Zeus gave him the courtesy of living out the rest of his current mortal life in a familiar world full of giant sized people on a planet in a different solar system called the Andromeda Galaxy. They were delighted with their little pet, even if he was blind.

Although 'Gulliver' remained smart, he wasn't as smart as he was before Zeus sentenced him. He never had another 'God' dream or developed in his souls maturity.

'Gulliver' died a bitter man, never knowing a day of peace from that fateful 'dream' until the curse ran out after his next few thousand mortal lives and deaths.

Stella was able to achieve Immortality, and became one of the main Goddesses who took care of her sector of the universe she was in. Zeus made sure that 'Gulliver' would never be brought back before him again, as 'Gulliver' was trapped in the recycling system of the souls. Only after 'Gulliver' was recycled continually did Stella's curse finally run its course. Eternal Death was then able to take what was left of his soul.