Life is short

For those who possess an undying curiosity and a desire to know all there is to know; a desire to distinguish between inner truth and outer truth; a desire to understand all that is apparent and all that is hidden; a desire to see the "whole picture":

To those who have come to know that to see the best in things; to see what is precious, requires a knowledge of all that is there in the first place:

To those who have come to know that "spirituality", far from being a separate realm from material reality (or "non-existent because it cannot be measured with material things"), is instead an undeniably authentic dimension of existence:

These enigmas, as I call them, are dedicated.

To those who have come to know that to study, reflect on and understand the outer material aspects of the world are but first steps in solving a great puzzle and not even 'half way into the woods' as it were; the beginning. To those who have come to know that to study the material is to understand effects which does not touch the knowledge of causes:

These enigmas are for you.

These enigmas are designed for people who may be at widely differing levels or stages in one's life; some aspects of these enigmas are easy to see and apparently simple while others are much more difficult and invisible. Some aspects are not possible to see without great effort and investment on your part. The one who chooses to spend the time with these will truly IN-vest. One may change one's very life forever, it is hoped. You will see what you are capable of seeing, and your vision will evolve and change as time progresses.

In no case are these too difficult for the earnest and true seeker. These are not designed for people with "high iq's", necessarily but for people who have the innate desire to understand everything and who would like to see the good in all there is.

If there is a correlation between those with elevated iq's and those who are intensely curious, (I suspect there is) then so be it.

The key is the desire to seek and discover rather than harbor the desire to be told or shown. When one is shown or told, one does not really see or hear. Only when one seeks and discovers (finds) for oneself does one truly begin to 'see' and 'hear'. Curiosity is not enough. One must also not be lazy.

Such are the nature of these enigmas.

For those who have touched the mysterious, you will see the truth; not in the enigmas, but within yourselves it is earnestly hoped.

Of those who attempt these enigmas, nearly all of you will be likely to complain of the ancient Hebrew words and phrases.

Too bad!

There is not a language, dead or alive, that I have found whose structure is able to reinforce (via mathematical and geometrical consistency) the more profound and simple precepts, ideals and metaphors for the very philosophy of existence to the degree that ancient Hebrew does. (please note, this is NOT modern Hebrew, but ancient Hebrew. In addition, grammar is of secondary importance here and is used in the academic world for an entirely different (and reduced) purpose, the reason for which can not be divulged here without a treatise).

The upshot is: learn what little of this ancient Hebrew is necessary for you to proceed and learn it as you travel along the way as well. If you don't think you have the time, trust that I surely know how you feel, for I was the same way, long ago. You must MAKE the time however, for the result is worth more than a bead of pearls, or a chest full of golden treasures.

Start with the 22 letters and their numerations.

Learn it slowly and methodically, but learn it. It is worth every minute. The ancient Hebrew alphabet, orthography and mathematical structure (gematria, whence 'geometry') was designed [ingeniously so] as a BRIDGE; a bridge between 'death' and 'life', just as the ancient Hebrew people and their culture were a bridge between the West and the Light of the East. Moses came after Thoth and before Pythagoras. Thoth himself was preceded by those of ancient India.

Hebrew was designed as an universal gateway; a "middle stage" as it were, between the world of ancient Egyptian symbology and the everyday world of "real life".

It wasn't until the 20th century that Schwaller de Lubicz so deftly expounded and exposed how the ancient egyptians clothed profound living principles with symbol and hieroglyph. Naturally, the next stage after that was the task of symbolizing the symbols and thus was born the Hebrew system which has since settled in a place directly between Egyptian symbol and "real life", as said.

The Hebrew scriptures themselves are weaved into a cloak or garment; a garment meant to be parted by those who are desirous of and able to "open its seals".

The Egyptians were symbolizers of life, par excellence. To them, a symbol was a living principle, not a drawing or carving. Most of us are utterly incapable of understanding how the ancient Egyptian adept truly thought, but we are learning (slowly) despite great obstacles.

The knowledge of Hebrew is a first step backward (toward the source) in understanding how living principles can be consistently and beautifully codified and symbolized. It is a sort of kindergarten for Egyptian.

To those who are courageous enough, you are encouraged to look beyond what you see, sense beyond what you can feel and seek beyond what you know. There is an entire universe there; a universe of causes that, once perceived, will make all of your knowledge of effects seem trivial and well-ordered.

Look Inward.

Knowing the mysteries through meditation is a true alchemical art intended to guide the seeker from the seen to the unseen, from perception to truth and from death to immortality. It is hoped that, within these enigmas, the Hebrew representation of the precepts and ideas [originally cloaked in Egyptian] will aid the seeker in a heroic, inward personal journey such that the mysteries will cease to be mysterious.

It is hoped that the journey one takes in "solving" these enigmas will provide a living purpose for one's search and efforts and an internal satisfaction that is profound. If these can even partially inspire and satiate the few seekers that are out there, they will have served their purpose.

Treat your search as you would the desire to lift the veil that conceals a profoundly beautiful woman. In the Zohar, it is stated that the Torah and the seeker of wisdom are analogous to a ravishing maiden and her lover: "she reveals herself to NO ONE but her lover". Such is also the nature of one's relationship to the spirit of God and to Truth: One must be desirous of knowing them; maddeningly desirous.

When what is hidden becomes treasure for you, then what is hidden will be revealed to you. Hopefully these enigmas will serve a small part in aiding such a seeker.

Treasure is always hidden and its discovery eludes the best of us.

To quote again from the Zohar:

"There is a garment visible to all.
When fools see someone in a good-looking garment, they look no further. But the essence of the garment is the body; and the essence of the body is the soul."

It is hoped that the sense of absolute elation upon discovering the greatest treasure on earth will be simulated and evoked, even if partially, from the individual who parts these veils.

One more note on treasure:

The more profound meaning of ANYTHING is always underneath the surface. The surface is usually there to distract and subdue those who are not persistent.

Treasure is usually 'UNDERNEATH', is it not?

The real treasure is not the rose flower itself, but the bulb, which gives forth life every year, even if the rose is cut. The bulb is underneath, hidden, occult, to call to mind the true meaning of the word.

As far as scripture goes, for those who have developed "ears to hear", the story on the surface is but a garment; a SYMBOL for what lies beneath. For those who have not developed ears yet, the surface story is enough for them (and these dull people like to MAKE it enough for everybody else too, even ironically deriding those who actually see and understand what's beneath, for not focusing all of their energies on the surface, like the dull people do. They deride those who will not remain with them in their self-created dungeon of emptiness and words).

The truth is, once the depths have been navigated the surface becomes irrelevant. The surface is no longer understood for what it looks like, but instead for what it covers and points toward.

Within these so-called enigmas, one is unlikely to find visual beauty or audible beauty or generally sense-able beauty. It is hoped that one will find beauty beyond what is sense-able. That kind of beauty, once apprehended, originates from within.

So, What lies beneath?

For those patient enough, persistent enough and courageous enough to learn, search and change (who can 'hold their breath' for a long time):


Treasure in heaven

Unity with the Almighty: The ONE

Time flies!

Onward, ho!