By Troy Powers

The details were necessary for you to understand. But, you'll never understand, will you? If you never go near the Bastard Cooijmans and his Evil Website, though, you don't need to comprehend.

Anyhow, fresh from a beating at Mom's I went to the Shop. Nothing unusual, research was going well. In fact, I thought I was really on to something for a while...when I noticed the morning cleaning people coming into the back. I'd never noticed before. I looked down at my watch. It said 8:00 am. Couldn't be, I thought. But the panic rose as I looked up at the clock on the wall. It WAS 8:00 am.

I had to make it to work. Today I was "pitching" corporate valuation to three key potential investors. And, I couldn't be late. I had all the slides. I'd be fired sure if I didn't show-so what the hell. Maybe I could pull it off, right?

A mad dash to the flat, I grabbed my PC, loaded with the slides in continuous PowerPoint Slideshow format. No elevated today, I snagged a cab to the Towers, and not without catching a few sniggers in the elevator arrived at the 36th floor. I absolutely flew out of the elevator (the Nikes you see) PC under arm and burst through the double conference room doors.

Hardly looking left or right at a stunned Board of Directors I plugged PC into the projector and powered up. "Gentlemen, THIS is why you should put your capital investment in TechMatic."

Instead of a sparkling slick graph of a discounted net present value that would make Midas sit up and pant....well...there was a loop of Mom and me. I don't feel the need to explain completely, let's say that Mom wouldn't charge for the session if I'd let her take film, pictures, and for special effects I would touch it up with PhotoShop Pro on the PC. Mom was selling training films BACK to the North Koreans. There were offering big bucks, evidently.

I don't remember too much. It's pretty hazy. I remember the CEO buzzing his assistant, who appeared instantly, and saw him whisper something in her ear. I remember the Cops taking me off. I remember screaming.

"Gladly, and without any reservation," my real Father intoned at my commitment hearing, in reply to Judge's question, "Will you sign the papers without any question and are you sure you want your son to be committed for an INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME in the State Mental Hospital?" My boss was there saying, "Yep, he's completely gone." Only Mom was there to offer support, but she didn't do so well under oath. "Sorry Son," she said. And, I think she even had a tear in her eye.

SSSHHH, they're coming back for the keyboard. But, I will get out of here soon. I know how to get a pencil and paper. I will finish the Nemesis. But, save yourselves. It is too late for me. I cannot return, and my life is without meaning until Nemesis is completed. Semper ubi sub ubi (always wear underwear) no thong, no thong. I'll manage better next time, you'll see. Say goodbye to Mother for me, please.

It is finished.