Albert Frank

Ludomind was founded in 1999 by Albert Frank.
In 2003, it became an International Society, (re)founded by Peter Bentley and Albert Frank. The goal of the society is - without any exception - to present BEAUTIFUL puzzles. The members must of course specify if they are the author of the puzzle, or give the origin. A puzzle may never come from a (active or inactive) test.
Besides, the puzzles may not be (too) cultural, may not be related to a language (some members don't speak English), and must not need high academics knowledge.
To become a member, ALL of the following conditions are needed:

- An estimated I.Q. > 150 (this condition is the less important)
- To have created or selected ONLY beautiful puzzles
- To be active - this means to present a puzzle minimum from time to time
- To accept, on the mailing list, to send mails only - without any restriction - concerning puzzles.

If you feel an interest, please contact me.

Some of the puzzles presented up to know are really fantastic. They ask to reason, reason, and reason more! (They are not logical sentences, as in the quizz)

Here is an example: The following puzzle was created for Ludomind by Philippe Jacqueroux. It is much harder than it looks. I write it here with is authorisation.

Two engineers have to work on a pipeline in equator.
There is two points on the pipeline where they need to work.
This two points are spaced from About 1500m.This is a flat place made only of sand(a desert),with no rocks, and no trees, so they can see the other point from the first one by day light.
But they can't ear a scream from a point to another.
The job consist of 96 small works, 48 for each point.
Each work take 15 minutes to be accomplished.
Unfortunately, they can't work simultaneously on the two points.
They must do job 1 on point 1, then Job 1 on point 2, then job 2 on point 1 or 2 etc...
So one need at the end of a job to tell the other that is job is finished so that the other starts his own.
They have lost a big part of their materials.
One is on point A and have two whistle that can be eared at the other point, and a dead small irreparable swatch.
Second is on point B and have a match Box with 23 matches, and a big adjustable wrench.
Both have water to drink in a plastic bottle.
For information, A can run at 11km/H , and B at 12km/h, from a point to another, one time. If one runs a second time , his performance diminution is 15% and so on...
Night come at 20h00 and end at 8H00.
After a job it will take 1 Second to do something with an object/or to make a sign.
+ some times for the signal to reach the second worker
+ 1 Second for the receptor to start his own job.

For example A finish is job, he then take a Whistle so:
1s +4.5s(330Meters/S) +1S.= 6.5s for the next job to start.(B)
A start is first job at 13h00.
At which hour do they finished all jobs (shorter case) ?

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