Institute For Advanced Study

© September 1998 Paul Cooijmans

Furtherance of high-range psychometrics

Here's a new approach to recruiting testees. I advertise and publish my tests where I can, but still would like to see more taking them to make further statistical study possible. If you can find candidates who take my tests, pay the fee and mention they were alerted to the test by you or found it through a publication by you, your efforts will be noted by the Paul Cooijmans Institute For Advanced Study and I will credit your account by 2 dollar for each test thus taken. After 30 recruited submissions you advance from Neophytus $2 to Acquisitor $3 and receive 60 dollar, grade certificate and the IFAS newsletter. You can in this stage not claim money in between promotions.

If a recruitee takes several of my tests and mentions you with each submission, you get credit for that number of tests. It is allowed to recruit via advertisement and publication.

The below table shows the IFAS' unique advancement scheme. Each grade's delightful suffix indicates what you get per recruited submission. The right table gives the amount you receive upon your promotion to that grade, which is what you earned in the preceding grade. Once you acquire the grade of Acquisitor Magnificus $5 though, payment will come after every 100 recruited submissions.

#subm. (cum.)GradePayment (US $)
1 Neophytus $2  
30 Acquisitor $3 60
100 Acquisitor Magnus $4 210
200 Acquisitor Magnificus $5 400
8 × 500
1000 Praemonstrator $6 90 × 600
10 000 Magister $7 9 900 × 700
1 000 000 Magus $8 9 900 000 × 800
1 000 000 000 Mathematicus $9 ????????? × 900

Note as of October 2006: No one ever made it to Acquisitor $3 and I cancelled the scheme after some years. Funny is that someone once criticized this system by calling it a "pyramid scheme for making money", apparently not understanding that I myself was in this system the only one who was actually PAYING money, to people who had not ever paid one cent themselves (Do note the recruiters were not required to pay anything at all; Only the test candidates would be paying the regular test fee while not participating in any scheme).