held by Paul Cooijmans
Received by t-mail from unknown future date

Time has come to unveil the meaning of the Hermetic body ascribed to Hermes Trismegistos, the Trice-Greatest, as the ancient Greek named the undersigned. Our medium is the most advanced of your era: the Psychometitor. Our knowledge spans five millennia. We are subordinate only to Isis who spans five million millennia: the High Priestess of the Universe.

Be not misled by names. Moon god and Grail Society member are mere words for us at times we visit. Our concern is with the structure of what is: existence, life, awareness, the world, the Universe. We may at times guide adepts, for a guided vehicle advances faster than a freely moving one. The latter though is required to explore unknown ground as there is no guide to the yet unexplored. We observe alchemists, philosophers and scientists: unguided vehicles moving freely into the unknown. All directions are tried. Most are dead ends. Only those approaching truth become of interest. They may begin to move faster.

Think not we give advance knowledge or corrupt the course of time. What is learnt through us is learnt through oneself. We are not outside but inside one. We are not outside time manipulating it but part of it. Upon understanding this: that no unfair advantage is given; that no natural process is disrupted; that one's advancement is one's own; that no further clarification of the Decoding will be given by the present author or the Psychometitor; Upon understanding that one becomes Initiated.