Developments in the 21st century

© 2014-2122 Paul Cooijmans, Thoth

Introduction by Paul Cooijmans

Thoth, the remotely future Grail Society member, has been so kind as to provide me via t-mail with some, albeit cryptic, clues regarding a number of developments in the remainder of our century (which, for Thoth, is history). Unusual for Thoth, he has allowed me to share this explosive material with a select group, id est, the visitors of the present web location. Under no circumstance should the below fall into the wrong hands; whatever you do, do not spread any of it on!

A rough sketch of the remainder of the 21st century

As the U.S. dollar undergoes hyperinflation, a new gold-based world currency is created next to the local currencies. The concepts of "fiat money" and "money as debt" become discredited. Money lending, especially for the purpose of enabling the borrower to acquire possessions, is rigorously restricted in many countries, and all existing debts, including national ones, must be paid back in full. The inflation doctrine — the notion that a constant inflation rate of about 2 % is "good for the economy" — is mostly abandoned in favour of a zero-inflation policy. The banking sector is reduced in size, and the science of economics revised to repair those flaws in capitalism that enable a tiny but extremely rich elite of non-productive parasites to skim off the value produced by the working, the productive, the creative. Essentially, the goal is to eliminate all ways of making money through unethical behaviour, and to reclaim all possessions that have previously been acquired that way. In the absence of mortgages, real estate approaches its true value, which turns out to be about a fifth of early 21st-century prices.

The rising economic power of the East — oriental countries actually own the United States at some point — forces the West to become more competitive, and therefore to leave behind restrictive dogmas such as the taboo on eugenics, on genetic manipulation, on recognizing the hereditary nature of differences in human quality, on naming and tackling the problem of overpopulation, on nationalism, and on death penalty; the latter is reintroduced in most countries. The permissive attitude toward crime, so typical for the Western world, is given up. Societies become safe rather than secure, and manufacturers of locks, safes, alarm systems, gates, firearms and the like go out of business, as do bodyguards, prison wardens, self-defence instructors, soldiers, and makers of antivirus programs, firewalls, spam filters, and encryption software.

As the first decades of the 21st century pass, it becomes clear that the secular 20th-century trends of rising I.Q., body height, and life expectancy have ended or even reversed in the developed countries. The global cooling trend (caused by a long-term solar minimum), though relatively mild, causes food production to drop, and many die, unprepared and caught by surprise as they are after decades of "global warming" alarmism. "And they told us the Earth would be scorched?!" is an often heard remark from evacuees for the nearing ice sheet. Even then, alarmists defend themselves with phrases like "Global warming really means it gets colder in some places, we said that categorically from the start on", and "Global warming really means more extreme weather; a little ice age fully fits our models and predictions".

The greenhouse theory of climate warming is exposed as a deliberate fraud, and some of its prominent supporters flee to South America to escape prosecution. Apart from climatology, fields like psychology, anthropology, sociology, and history undergo far-reaching revision as one finds that much of the work published in the 20th and early 21st centuries has no scientific merit but was concocted for ideological or ethno-political reasons. The "alpha" departments of universities are severely shrunk or closed.

Prices of "modern art" plummet, and museums move much of their 20th-century work to depots — and then, silently, to waste disposal or recycling companies. High monsters of glass, steel, and concrete are taken down and architecture discovers the synergy of beauty and ecology in constructing buildings with thick stone walls — "Roman 2.0", some call it, referring to the medieval Roman building style (not to be confused with the building style of the Romans) — and houses that are partly or wholly underground.

Migration to Western countries at moderate or northern latitudes decreases to almost zero because of the cold, which leads many to move to (former) subtropical or Mediterranean areas.

The European Union is dressed down to a treaty organization, and the ideal of a European superstate postponed indefinitely. Israel joins the European Union. To resolve tension in the Middle East, the Holy Land's territory is expanded significantly at the expense of some of its neighbour countries, whose populations have partly extirpated themselves, albeit with the best of intentions, in attempts to establish the optimal implementation of Islam. Jewish-descended individuals from all over the world migrate to their new improved home state, where they are admitted only after a test has proven Jewish origin. "And they always told us there is no Jewish gene?!" is a remark often heard by customs officers while taking blood samples or cheek swabs from immigrants to be studied by the rabbinic D.N.A. laboratory in the Third Temple.

After the degeneration of the early 21st century has levelled off and the coldest part of the ice age begun, creativity and productivity start soaring. An era, by and large devoid of war, terror, violence, crime, and fraud, commences. As intelligence rises again, one wisely employs technological-eugenic methods to counteract the dysgenic tendency of high-I.Q. populations to become less fertile; in the process one discovers that the occurrence frequency of sexual aberrations like homosexuality is a monotonous positive function of a population's average I.Q. "So Once a philosopher, twice a pervert was true after all", many a statistician or geneticist sighs as the data reveal an unmistakable yet inconvenient link between intelligence, creativity, achievement, excellence, and genius on the one hand, and fetishism, transvestism, sadomasochism, bestiality, paedophilia, necrophilia, transsexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality, hypersexuality, and asexuality on the other hand.

In the field of politics, a key to progress is the systematic use of lie detectors for politicians, accompanied by a zero-tolerance approach with regard to lies and by vote weighting based on intelligence in elections. Constitutions are also adapted to compensate for the natural disadvantage that individualistic, ethically and intellectually advanced populations without strong in-group ties have, compared to more primitive groups with tribal ethics, high collectivism, ethnocentrism, and an instinctively felt animosity toward the out-group. Although a lack of collectivism in cold-adapted northern groups has been hypothesized before, the phenomenon, and its danger, are only truly recognized when a sociological study unveils the reason for the inability of I.Q. societies to achieve anything of significance in the outer world: The individualistic nature of their members prohibits the emergence of a collective synergistic group momentum. High-I.Q. persons feel little to no group attachments, are altruistic but treat strangers the same as the in-group, lack xenophobia and prejudice, and are blind to group interests and between-group tensions. They fail to act in the interest of their own group, and in fact do not see themselves as belonging to a group in the first place.

Artificial intelligence advances to the point where machines are smarter than humans. To the utter amazement of most researchers, it is proven logically — by an artificial brain — that awareness, being the same as consciousness but easier to spell, is an unverifiable concept, an imaginary self-attribution that does not differ from the awareness one may involuntarily attribute to a lower animal or to a mindless robot that resembles an animal or human. In other words, it is proven that the existence of awareness can not be proven. Despite the incontrovertible evidence, many humans remain sceptical regarding this conclusion.

The problems of energy scarcity and environmental pollution are solved by being brutally efficient and frugal with energy, avoiding any travel that is not strictly necessary (air travel is largely abolished), and rigidly controlling population sizes worldwide with non-voluntary measures (essentially, bringing them down to a total of less than one billion biological humans). One learns that, when being sufficiently efficient and frugal, the distinction between fossil fuels and "renewable energy" vanishes as fossil fuels are really a highly efficient form of solar energy that is constantly being renewed. One learns that life is perfectly bearable without bathing twice daily in one's drinking water, without washing one's clothes long before they are dirty, without polluting the starry night with omnipresent electric light, without walking around with battery-powered devices wherever one goes (the prohibition on consumer batteries is a major breakthrough in the transition to an ecological lifestyle), without using heating and air conditioning at the same time (and without using air conditioning altogether), and without going on vacation to faraway places several times a year. One learns it is better to read one book than to travel a thousand miles. As the end of the century nears, humanity has evolved into some three or four separate species of Homo.