Stairway to Heaven, or... lleH ot yawhgiH?

© January 1998 Paul Cooijmans B., B.

It is said that Stairway to Heaven, a long-time number one in the top 1000 of all times by rock group Led Zeppelin, contains hidden satanic messages. As a teenager in the early 1980s I carried out some independent research on this. I took a music cassette, copied the song onto that, opened the cassette and painstakingly manipulated the reels in such a way that, put back in and played, the music was heard backwards. Indeed, at one point I heard:

"my sleet satan",

which is close to "my sweet satan". Further investigation proved this was in fact the reverse sound of:

" 'nd there's still time" (to change the road you're on).

Although a tension can be felt between the reversed and normal meanings - the call to Satan versus singer Plant telling us we can still change roads - I'm confident this is a coincidental and unintended phenomenon. Anyway, as they would later say, the song remains the same.