Vaccinations received (full list)

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Since we are living in times when vaccinations are becoming all-important, ever-present, and plausibly soon unavoidable and quasi-mandatory, here is a full list of vaccinations I have undergone in my life, starting early June 1965 for the first shot:

# Age Vaccination Substance
1 2 months Smallpox Not recorded
2 4 months D.K.T.P. I Illegible
3 5 months D.K.T.P. II Illegible
4 7 months D.K.T.P. III Illegible
5 13 2/3 months D.K.T.P. IV Not recorded
6 47 2/3 months Repeat D.K.T.P. Not recorded
7 108 months D.T.P. 39b

One may notice that this is a tiny fraction of the number of vaccinations that children are currently undergoing. I have never been vaccinated any more after these seven.


Diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, and poliomyelitis
Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough)

Do notice that the P. in the first abbreviation stands for something else than the P. in the second abbreviation.

Disclosure of medical conditions in childhood

Since some hold the viewpoint that vaccinations may cause illness (I do not know if that is true), here follows a full disclosure of possibly relevant medical facts from my early life. It may be worthwhile for everyone to look into this question for oneself, as we appear to be entering an era of cradle-to-grave vaccinations for one pandemic after another that will become ever harder to refuse.

When I was 11 months old I had a very bad illness (my mother said I had "all childhood illnesses at once") which included a bad ear infection that was treated in hospital. It has occurred to me over time that this may have caused brain damage and thus be responsible for some of the neurological symptoms I would develop later on, but when I once suggested this to a doctor it was violently denied. To a pathologically suspicious mind, it might occur that this illness was caused by vaccinations, for which doctors are responsible and receive payment.

From at least the beginning of my kindergarten period (age 52 months), I have displayed traits that are now associated with the autism spectrum, such as being withdrawn, unable to connect with other children, and not speaking or speaking very little. This was interpreted at the time as "shyness". I was also very sensitive and would, for instance, not eat many foods.

During the first years of primary school (age 76 months and later) I developed a decades-long stream of motor and vocal tics, which have never since gone away again. This is also the period when the dentist starting putting large amounts of mercury amalgam in my mouth; for most of my life, I have had about 14 such fillings at once in my teeth. Over the past few decades, this has gone down to about 5, and the tics have also decreased in that period, but not disappeared yet. This is not to say that mercury poisoning is the cause of the tics with certainty, but after decades of pondering and studying this question I believe it is the most likely cause.

In fourth grade and a bit into fifth grade (age 112 months and further) I had a period when I was ill frequently with flu-like symptoms, mostly lasting one to two weeks. I received penicillin often from the doctor then. From this age on I also developed chronic cough and post-nasal drip (which have persisted until today) and frequent recurring very severe "colds" that would be diagnosed a few years later as dust-mite allergy (allergic rhinitis). This allergy was still present at an allergy test in my early fifties, but the worst period was from age 9 to 21, when I suffered extremely from continuous "colds".

In fourth grade (age 112 months) the teacher sent me to a speech therapist because I pronounced many words wrong. It did not help. My own observation is that I have a seriously debilitating brain-based speech disorder that strongly and irreparably affects (1) the motor control of speech such that it is difficult and strenuous to speak, to form words with my speech apparatus, and (2) the ability to translate thoughts into words in spoken communication, to "know what to say". There has never been any improvement in this condition. People who hear me speak for the first time (even from my own village) invariably think I am from a foreign country, or at least live close to the border, and react with disbelief when I deny. In recent years I have become aware of the concept of "foreign accent syndrome", which describes this condition well. A dissertation on this syndrome was written in 2017 by Stefanie Keulen, called Foreign Accent Syndrome: A Neurolinguistic Analysis. In adulthood, professionals like teachers who had to deal with me have often asked what exactly was wrong with my voice, and were surprised when I said there was nothing wrong as far as I knew. Eventually, in my thirties, I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, which had meanwhile become a current diagnosis but was virtually unknown in my childhood, as was the concept of an "autism spectrum".

Finally, in my early twenties the doctor told me I had irritable bowel syndrome, and from my late twenties on I have had several instances of bad nettle rash, apparently as an allergic reaction to a food or a medication.

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