Video portrait 1996

Paul Cooijmans


This video portrait was made early 1996 in relation to a literature contest for which I had submitted a story, "Altijd één meer", in which a video was shown of someone who had submitted story to a literature contest, in which a video was shown of the main character. The video portrait was shown at the award ceremony, although I did not win.

Translation of spoken text in the video

I started writing when I was about sixteen years old. I had read a certain book, "Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy", and I found that so beautiful that I began to write myself. First I wrote an entire science-fiction novel ["Onder het mes van Szarak Mach"] and thereafter I went on to write short stories. So that is now fourteen, fifteen years ago.

Where I get the inspiration when writing stories... In principle from life itself, and the things I have gone through in my life. In general in my stories I try to let the readers experience what I have experienced, and to let them understand something therefrom.

The most important goal of my writing is probably to make people see things that I already see and that others do not yet see. Of course I also hope that eventually certain wrongs in society will disappear, through my stories, among other things.

It is fiction in any case, but of course it resembles existing situations. It may be allegorical, or metaphorical, or it may be a parody on existing situations. It comes forth from it but it is not literally the same as something that has actually happened. Sometimes it may be exaggerated yes, but sometimes I also tune it down because reality is too horrendous to reproduce, that may happen too.

It is not a hobby, it is definitely a thing that has to happen, it is a kind of means to achieve something, to make something clear to the world. I will in any case continue to write, and when I have enough to fill a book I will try to get it published. I am also considering becoming a publisher myself so that I will be able to publish things under my own control. Not only literary work, but also scientific essays I write and so on, and my music, and the intelligence tests that I design. I will certainly try to get more published, yes.