Interview 1999 (fragment)

Paul Cooijmans

This is an English translation of the short fragment of a television interview with me broadcast late 1999:

In the library

Interviewer: You often stand with your hand against your chin, isn't it?

Paul Cooijmans: No, I don't think so.

At home again

Interviewer: But are you highly developed in the emotional plane too?

Paul Cooijmans: Yes, I would say so. Yes. I have never yet lied, and I do not do wrong things to other people. That shows that I am emotionally highly developed. That kind of thing.

Interviewer: Have you ever met someone who is more intelligent than yourself?

Paul Cooijmans: No, I wouldn't say so, no.

Interviewer: But what would you like to achieve?

Paul Cooijmans: I think I have achieved most of it already, of what I would like to achieve.