The weekly newsletter of Paul Cooijmans

GliaWebNews appears weekly on Friday and mentions new materials and developments on Paul Cooijmans' web pages, which deal with intelligence tests, I.Q. societies, and several other topics. It also contains the secret U.R.L. and login information of the mysterious Black Lodge, a subscriber-only web site with the GliaWebNews archives and other possibly interesting materials. Here is a video wherein questions from GliaWebNews subscribers are answered. Finally, if all of this still not suffices to convince you to subscribe, do notice the Letters of praise from satisfied readers!

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Oh, and to make sure you are serious about it and not subscribing carelessly, you have to answer at least of the Admission test questions correctly to make the subscription form appear.

GliaWebNews admission test
1. What is your astrological sign?
2. 7 + 9 × 4 = ?
3. Have you ever lied when filling in a form?
4. In which month were you born?
5. What is the logarithm to base 4 of 1?
6. Which of these colours never appears in a rainbow: green, cyan, blue, purple, violet, magenta, red, orange, yellow?
7. What is the sum of the number of edges and the number of sides of a pyramid?
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