Inferiority - the opposite of genius

© 2005-2009 Paul Cooijmans


An inferior is a person who drags society and mankind down and should better not exist. Instead of contributing and being creative, he takes away and destroys. He causes suffering rather than joy.

The continuum genius-creative-procreative-inferior is a scale of human value and not compatible with the Marxist notion that all humans are of equal value.

The below list is a first attempt to map the components of inferiority. Notice that you are not inferior if you have just one of these; only if you have several it is time to worry. Not for you, but for your victims, that is.

What inferiority is

Insensitive to beauty

Insofar as beauty can be objectively defined, which is quite far.


That is, looking to others to know what to approve and disapprove of; taking on the moral values of others, because one does not have inner values.

This is not the same as conformism; a conformist adapts to others but need not necessarily approve of what one adapts to, and may still keep one's own values in silence. But the other-directed derives its actual sense of good and bad from others, because it does not have any itself. It is a sort of brain malfunction.


Conscientiousness is such an important and comprehensive topic that a separate article is devoted to it.

Refusing responsibility

Refusing or neglecting to take responsibility for one's deeds. In essence this is a form of cowardice. The epitome of this are suicide bombings: Maximum suffering caused, zero probability of being called to account, so maximum responsibility refused.


That is, disapproving of anyone who is, thinks, believes or acts in different ways than oneself, regardless of the circumstance whether or not those other ways are better (that last part of the sentence is essential, as it is good to be intolerant to ways that are bad). The ultimate in intolerance is to threaten, silence, and kill those one disapproves of in the manner qualified above, or even take over their countries to submit them to one's ways.

Lowly intelligent yet not deeply retarded

It is the I.Q. range from 60 to 100 that contributes most to inferiority. Most criminals have I.Q.s between 60 and 100, and violent crime peaks between 80 and 90.


That is, tending to respond to or approach others in a hostile way.


This includes all forms of dishonesty, posing, lying, stealing, fraud, vandalism, robbing and so on.

Violent against innocent

The addition "against innocent" is essential, as violence against guilty, unfortunately, is sometimes needed and as such does not contribute to inferiority. This is explained in The Pacifist's Fallacy.


In particular, deriving pleasure from causing suffering to innocent. This does not include sado-masochism (a form of role-playing in sex) although some cruel people may in addition be sexual sadists too.

Hating women

Many inferiors have a deep hatred of women. Just as with geniuses, most inferiors are men. The ultimate in this are feats like the burning of widows, or demanding women to spend their lives indoors or walk six metres behind their husband, covered from head to toe with their genitals cut up beyond repair.

In addition, rape is standard behaviour of inferiors, typically resulting in the conception of multiple children with many different women. Relevant in this respect is that imprisoned males in Western countries conceive more children than do males on average, mirroring the phenomenon that, in hunter-gatherer societies, the males with the most offspring — as confirmed by modern D.N.A. studies — are those who have made the greatest number of kills in tribal warfare.

The possible evolutionary function of inferiority

With something so conspicuously negative as inferiority, one wonders how evolution has allowed it to survive. Could it perhaps be serving humankind in some hidden way, thus being fit for survival? I can only think of one such service. To explain, we will turn briefly to the diamond industry.

Diamonds light up the world with their brilliance. They last forever and, despite their elegant appearance, are harder than rock. But they do not start out that way; initially, they are rough and inconspicuous. Their beauty is hidden. To bring it out, the diamond has to be polished.

Now to polish something you need an abrasive that is at least as hard. And diamonds happen to be the hardest substance on earth. So to polish diamonds, one uses exclusively the very hardest abrasive available; that is, one uses other diamonds. Not those of gem quality; only the inferior ones, which are called "bort".

The bort has grip on the gem as long as it is rough, and polishes it until it is perfectly smooth and the brilliance comes out. Then, the diamond can shine.

Many geniuses undergo great suffering early in life through inferiors in their environment; could it be that inferiors are the bort that polishes the rough gem to bring out the brilliance? For a genius may be born with high intelligence and wide associative horizon baked into one's deoxyribonucleic acid, but could the genius ever work up the extreme persistence, willpower, determination, self-discipline and diligence without the unstoppable and perpetual inner drive that comes from the realization: I must be significant, for the extreme torture can not have been for nothing? After all, one does not throw away a half-polished diamond, nor does one apply the hardest abrasives to a piece of ordinary charcoal. Who undergoes the severest trial is meant to arise purer and achieve the highest; the advance of humankind.

Arise purer

Inferiors, as we all see every day on the news, have the inner drive to destroy all that is good and pure; instinctively, they are therefore drawn toward the genius. And exactly that may be their evolutionary edge. Their evil may just be the only thing dark enough to build up the diamond-hard, unyielding, immovable willpower in the genius required for any feat of significance in the light of evolution.