Societal decline: A practical guide

© September 2015 Paul Cooijmans


In Western society, the attentive observer today is confronted uninterruptedly with phenomena that are part of an apparent decline of civilization. Hereafter it is attempted to interpret these aspects of decadence and explain their interrelatedness, so as to help one to recognize, understand, and fight them.

Aspects of societal decline

High and rising population density

A forced further increase of an already high population density is typical of advanced civilization in decline. Hostile elements that have infiltrated society are actively pushing this increase with sophistry like "we need immigrants to do the work for us" and "the population is (or will soon be) shrinking so we need more immigrants to compensate for that". The lie of a "shrinking" population may be supported by pointing to urbanization in a few remote rural areas, thus hiding the ongoing rapid growth of the population on the whole. Also, concocted sociological and psychological studies may be employed to "prove" that humans are the most happy and wealthy when living closely together in large numbers. It becomes hard to find quiet in unspoilt nature, as every piece of land one can get one's hands on is built full of houses, other buildings, roads, and airports, in sharp contradiction with the obviously false claim of a "shrinking population".

In this situation one will also see pathologization and medicalization of normal human behaviours, especially of typically male behaviours as those are the most troublesome in densely populated areas. These are treated with feminizing drugs to make the "patients" more sociable. Society becomes exceedingly feminized as that is required to maintain peace with high population densities, and any non-feminized individuals are considered antisocial or disordered. The striving for higher population sizes and densities is analogous with the trend toward keeping ever more animals per surface area in farming. Only, whose farm animals are the humans?

Need for security

Responsibility for crime is assigned to the victims, while perpetrators get away with little if any punishment. Efforts to reduce and prevent crime consist only of the implementation of ever more security measures, never of tracking down and punishing the criminals. Citizens are instructed to surround themselves with security measures and surrender their possessions without resistance in case of robbery; when they defend themselves they are prosecuted. Possession of firearms is prohibited or severely restricted, which plays into the hands of the villains, who prefer their victims unarmed. Robbers, on the other hand, are allowed to deduct the cost of their firearms from the nominal fines they receive when caught. The judicial system essentially sides with the culprits, whom they consider good people who have been treated badly and therefore are victims themselves. Human personality and behaviour are assumed to be shaped by social environment exclusively, while any hereditary, genetic, or otherwise biological influence is rejected. Social scientists have no scruples massaging their data and manipulating their outcomes to support this belief. The whole system thus acts as a bully who lets an aggressive dog run free to terrorize the neighbourhood.

The goal of this policy is to humiliate, beat down, intimidate, and socially defeat the good upright people, in favour of the inferiors that are left to follow their evil impulses unpunishedly. A generation of judges reside in office who lack any sense of justice or righteousness.

Women catching up

After decades of women's liberation, feminism, and preferential treatment, there is an atmosphere of "women are finally catching up with men" or "women are doing much of the work now and keeping everything going". What is actually taking place is a slow genetic deterioration that is expressed in men first and will become visible in females too in the following generations through heredity, while men are also disadvantaged by many sexist pro-female policies and the strongly feminized social environment at large — by the "glass floor" so to speak. The apparent progress by females is therefore a pyrrhic one.

In evolution, some of the selection is sexual, occurs through competition between males for access to the females to be impregnated. The traits being thus selected for are traits of males, which become expressed in females too by inheritance in the next generations. Conversely, in a period of degeneration, the decline is seen first in men. In some countries, women try to avoid it by seeking marriage with men from abroad, for instance by offering themselves as mail order brides because "the men from here are all lazy drunkards". In badly degenerated populations living in remote and isolated places, it has been observed that the women did all of the work while the men were mainly loafing about and up to mischief or crime. This pattern can also be observed in the inner city of any Western metropolis.


The decades-long mass immigration of other-ethnic peoples, often with lower I.Q.'s and higher fertility and crime rates than the native population, is defended by constantly and without allowing contradiction stressing pseudoscientific beliefs to the extent that there exist no important hereditary differences in behaviour and personality between ethnic groups or races, that social environment is the sole determinant of any relevant human trait, that human races are merely a social construct and do not really exist, that there is so much racial mixing going on that we are all of mixed race meanwhile, that people growing up or living in a given social environment will display the same quality of behaviour and personality regardless of their genes and ethnic origins, and so on. Although long disproven on the scientific level, these political doctrines are always presented as established facts. While on the one hand promoting "diversity" in a multicultural, multi-ethnic society, one is on the other hand forcefully denying the existence of the very differences that inevitably make up that diversity. Other rationalizations of immigration are the supposed guilt of colonialism, slavery, the crusades, and "man-made global warming", the moral obligation to harbour "refugees", and economic arguments such as a shrinking and greying population. The overall effect is a slow but certain destruction of Western civilization and replacement of its creators, eventually rendering White people a powerless minority in their own countries.

The housing of large numbers of immigrants tends to be pushed through in undemocratic ways; in extremis, small towns or villages are flooded literally overnight with amounts of immigrants that are a multiple of the native population, without consulting or even informing the latter beforehand. The strict gun control laws allow the authorities to enforce undemocratic decisions like this. Were citizens in possession of firearms, they could protect their home town from this ethnic cleansing, and it would be much harder for the government to act so undemocratically.

Repression of dissent

Those who object to the decline or criticize the doctrines behind it are freely called racist, fascist, Nazi, xenophobe, populist, black-and-white thinker, far right, said to express sentiments from the underbelly, accused of hate-mongering, and more, without ever countering or even answering them on the substantial level. A next step is prosecution, and trying to instate laws that forbid the expression or publication of certain facts and opinions. These laws are based on the supposed "stigmatizing" or "discriminating" effect of those utterances, never on their truth value, and judges will not allow proof of an utterance's truth as a valid defence. The effect of words is considered more important than whether or not they are true, and the judicial system thus avoids the burden of having to prove that a supposedly offending statement is false. In other words, it becomes forbidden to speak truths that may be experienced as offensive by certain groups. One invents the concept of "hate crime", solely to hush up utterers of inconvenient truths.

Ultimately, prominent critics, like politicians or opinion makers, who can not be silenced otherwise are simply assassinated by the henchmen of the hidden invader, who — the henchmen — are subsequently formally punished, treated with velvet gloves during their symbolic brief imprisonments, and quickly released and helped to new starts with golden handshakes.

Spree killers

Violent mass murders are committed by persons, generally males, who observe the degeneration and hostile policies, but see no other way to express their concern, given the strongly curtailed freedom of speech.

Feminization and denial of sex differences

Many aspects of society undergo drastic feminization, such as education, entertainment, law, the medical profession, and even traditionally male bastions such as business and science. Men are ever more expected to behave like women in the social-emotional respect, id est, to talk about and express emotions, engage in so-called non-verbal communication, cry, communicate for the effect of it with disregard for its truth value, prefer appearance to essence, "read between the lines", and so on. The public is indoctrinated and conditioned by comedies and films featuring only females and feminized males in positive roles, while regular males are invariably shown as stupid, lazy, and/or bigoted, likened to primitive cavemen, or otherwise portrayed as bad. Quota for women and other forms of positive discrimination are put in place, serving as a "glass floor" to raise their status in society, and in some fields women begin to make more money than men.

The existence of important biological sex differences is denied, and sociological or psychological studies are contrived to show that women are actually better than men at certain things, that they are more efficient at official meetings, that it is men who talk more, who lie more, who use more time when shopping for clothes, et cetera.

Eventually, one even denies the existence of sexes as such, claiming that everyone is somewhere in between male and female, and the term "gender" is put forward to replace the supposedly outdated concept of "sex". Professional titles and forms of address are formulated so as to hide the individual's sex. Attempts are made to remove any mention of a person's sex in birth registers and on official documents like passports.

Dropping mastery of spelling, grammar, and arithmetic

Many among the younger generations no longer master basic spelling, grammar, and arithmetic when leaving school. The cause thereof is assumed to lie in the teaching methods and quality and education of the teachers, ideologically blind as one is for the possibility of deterioration at the genetic level through dysgenic factors and immigration, resulting in lower average intelligence of the new generations.

Earlier onset of puberty

As human quality drops, girls get their first period earlier. In primitive peoples, puberty begins at earlier ages than in advanced peoples. Related to this is a shortening of generation length which thus speeds up the genetic decline.

Replacement and abolishment of words

Words for concepts, persons, or groups that (the words) can be felt as hurtful, stigmatizing, or discriminatory, are regularly replaced by new ones to cloak what is actually being said, resulting in an infinite regression of ever more politically correct euphemisms for the same. In extreme cases one will even try to abolish a word, such as that for "immigrant", to prevent the problems related to that concept from being discussed or criticized.

Dropping life expectancy

Life expectancy in high civilization goes down when people on average adopt less healthy lifestyles, resulting in more obesity, diabetes, and other life-shortening conditions. Healthiness of lifestyle, just as longevity itself, is a good correlate of I.Q., the latter being the causal variable. Dropping life expectancy in this scenario betrays a decrease of average intelligence. Do notice that the media will still bombard one with propaganda like "every generation is getting older/smarter/taller than the previous one", even when the decline has long set in.

Declining stature

Body height too is a correlate of I.Q., and when a decades-long trend of rising average height in a given population ends or is reversed, this reflects what is happening to average I.Q.


Fusions of smaller entities into larger conglomerates take place, often forced from "above", on the levels of companies, municipalities, and even countries, rendering much power in the hands of multinational corporations and superstates. Rather than increasing wealth and happiness, this makes it easier for a small elite to control and parasitize the productive citizens. What is going on is a slash-and-burn process, a sucking empty of a lucrative whole before dismissing it.

Politicalization of mass media

The media are largely in the hands of what appears like an invisible alien force engaged in wartime propaganda. All degenerative phenomena and measures are displayed as positive and desirable, while any opposition to it is presented as "rising fascism", "xenophobia", "underbelly sentiment", et cetera. The native culture is habitually ridiculed, and effort is made to discourage and phase out its traditions, which are supposedly offensive to immigrants.


A system of fiat money with grossly excessive, and grossly excessively expanding, government debt into thin air typifies the final stages of a society in decline and being harvested. Skimming off the value created by working citizens is easiest in a growing economy with inflation and growing total debt, hence the forced artificial promotion of growth by force-feeding new money into the economy, and by making it unattractive to be frugal, to save, or to pay back debts. At this point, those in charge of the monetary system are really running most of society, including much of politics, the judicial system, social and other science, the media, entertainment, and art. Everything is manipulated to facilitate their domination, even including altering the ethnic composition and social structure of countries to render their populations more submissive, easier to control and parasitize. If one did not know better, one would swear society had fallen victim to an invisible invader hell-bent on destroying civilization and performing genocide on the people who gave rise to it.

Recreational drugs

Mind-altering "soft" drugs are widely used and easily available, and their consumption and sale effectively allowed despite prohibition or even legalized. These substances affect people's brains such as to make them more tolerant of high population densities, unsafe environments, crime, injustice, repression of dissent and the like. They remove initiative, sense of justice, and other aspects of conscientiousness, rendering the user more docile, relaxed, apathetic, and less aggressive. A statement that characterizes the mentality toward which the promotors of recreational soft drugs want us to move is, "Never carry more than a small amount of money with you. When a junk wants something, hand it over without resistance. That way, no one gets hurt, you lose only a little, and he has his fix, so everyone is happy. Do not think of it as robbery, just see it as social work". Do observe the complete absence of any sense of righteousness in the defective, perverted mind behind such an utterance.

Attacks on the monogamous heterosexual marriage

Since the monogamous heterosexual marriage is a cornerstone of Western society, those intent on weakening the social fabric of that society have an interest in anything that reduces its stabilizing role: facilitating divorces and prioritized rehousing of divorced persons, encouraging promiscuity, subsidizing single-parent families and unmarried teenage mothers, legalizing the practice of homosexuality, making possible same-sex marriages, celebrating and propagandizing diversity in sexual preference and deviance, and more.

Rise of individualism, breakdown of collectivist institutions

Another development that reduces coherence among the native population is the promotion and rise of individualism at the expense of traditional collectivist institutions, such as the churches. Association based on ethnicity, nationalism, or race becomes tabooed altogether, being dismissed as "neo-Nazism" (unless it concerns immigrant peoples or races). Collectivist strategies such as buying products from the industry of one's own country are made hard to impossible by the globalization of production; almost anything offered for sale is made partly or wholly in faraway countries, on the pretext of this being cheaper, more efficient, or even better for the environment or climate. Similarly, buying from local merchants or craftsmen becomes undoable through the dominance of "chains" of stores, resorting under huge, sometimes multinational corporations, often with owners of alien or untraceable ethnicity. Conversely, ethnocentric and collectivist tendencies and movements of immigrants are left unhindered, even facilitated.

Vandalism, graffiti

The rise of vandalism and the omnipresent graffiti are directly related to the loss of social control resulting from the weakened social fabric of society; that is, from the breakdown of collectivist institutions and the lesser role of the monogamous heterosexual marriage.

Popularization of body art

Forms of body art previously seen only in primitive tribes and marginal groups, such as tattoos and piercings, become mainstream. Celebrities from popular music and film display theirs in public, and in sports matches many players have much of their bodies covered in ink.

Rise of occultism

There is increased interest for, and activity in, fields like alternative healing, esoterism, and other forms of occultism. Much of this is related to the greater influence and raised employment of women, who are the primary actors in these fields, both as practitioners and as customers or patients.

Decreasing quality and durability of products

Many consumer goods are purposely manufactured to break down or wear out quickly, forcing people to buy replacements often. The industry claims that this is actually better for the environment and climate than to make more lasting products; the perverted concept of "sustainability" is ironically invoked as a magic wand to defend this practice, which in reality serves to boost turnover and generate hollow economic growth. It is painfully obvious that "sustainable" means something rather different from "durable".

More retarded people

In sharp contrast to the claim of "every generation is getting smarter than the previous", increasing numbers of people are classified as retarded or mentally handicapped and require assistance in daily life. Social workers assigned to them begin to wonder what is wrong with those I.Q. tests, which identify so many as having a mental disability. In addition, some Western countries actually raise the threshold of retardation from I.Q. 70 to 80 or 85. Now, if the population had indeed got smarter (and the I.Q. norms adapted to that by regular renorming) one would expect, if anything, a lowering of the threshold of retardation, say to 60 or 55, that level now corresponding to what was priorly 70. The fact that a raising of the threshold (not even a keeping it as it was) has been deemed appropriate suggests that, if anything, every generation is getting stupider than the previous, and the I.Q. norms are adapting to that.

Degenerated art

In the visual arts, music, and literature, styles, schools, and movements arise wherein talent, skill, technique, craftsmanship, substance, and coherence are irrelevant, so that talentless and lazy persons can now be "artists" too. Those still trying to make work of substance and quality are ridiculed as naive and not "getting" it.

Political movements disguised as science

In psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, other "alpha" fields, economics, climatology, and more, one may identify schools and movements that are fundamentally political in nature and lack any scientific merit. The main purpose of these pseudosciences is to attack and criticize Western culture and society and the people who created it, thus supporting and propagandizing the many dysgenic and degenerative policies being implemented.