Borrowed and never returned

© 2007-2009 Paul Cooijmans


Over the years it has occurred that people borrowed things from me without returning them, in some cases despite my repeatedly reminding them. Here is a list that may help them to change their evil ways. Upon receiving an object back I will remove it from this page (but that has never happened yet).

Sword and scales

Record Les Poppys

A long-playing record by Les Poppys from the early 1970s which I got as a child, "borrowed" in 1980 by a class mate. He had said he would give it back in a week, but he did not, and when I asked for it he laughed at me and said he had given it to his little brother to keep. When I protested he used physical violence against me. This is pure theft and violent robbery, but if the record is returned or a compensation of € 2500 paid I am willing to abstain from prosecution.

Record Black Sabbath

A long-playing record by Black Sabbath with the painting "Triumph of death" on the cover, borrowed in the 1980s by an unconscientious person, probably forgotten.

Record Kate Bush

A long-playing record by Kate Bush, "The Kick Inside", borrowed in the 1980s by an unconscientious person too lax to give it back. In case one is now thinking "then don't lend things to unconscientious persons", one must realize that next to me almost everyone is unconscientious, so that it is untenable for me to not lend to unconscientious persons. The last time I saw this person was in the news on television when a truck had crashed into his house - miraculously missing the occupant - and he was interviewed about it.

Guitar book Leavitt

An expensive guitar book by William Leavitt, "A modern method for guitar I", borrowed in the late 1980s by a guitar student. He stopped showing up at the lessons. I have called him several times thereafter to get the book back, and he always promised to send it to me right away - "I'm looking at it right now, it's on the shelf before me, I'll mail it today" - but he never did. This is pure theft, but if the book is returned or a compensation of € 1000 paid I am willing to abstain from prosecution.

Video Paul Cooijmans in TV Nomaden

A video recording of my television performance in 1992 in the program "T.V. Nomaden", broadcast by the V.P.R.O. in the Netherlands. It was borrowed in the late 1990s and never returned despite my repeated reminders. This is pure theft, but if the tape is returned or a compensation of € 1000 paid I am willing to abstain from prosecution.


Four important negatives, borrowed from me in the mid-1980s by the same person as meant under "Record Les Poppys", have never been returned. Other negatives borrowed by this person were returned but in damaged and dirty condition. Two of the missing negatives are 6 x 6 cm, shot with a Lubitel camera, and show me with a Westone Thunder I guitar, while the other two are 36 x 24 mm and depict the band Catweazle in its 1985 composition. I still have prints of them that I have digitized, and one of the 6 x 6 negatives is the original source of the photo of me that was long used on the old Giga Society web site, and later on my own web site. But prints do not by far contain the full information contained in the negatives. This loss can not be compensated.