Negative reactions

2005-present Paul Cooijmans


Now and then I receive negative reactions, insults, threats and so on, regarding my person and the things I do. In the past I would simply delete them, but maybe it is interesting and amusing to save some of them for display here, so that something good is made out of something bad after all.

The most serious one, a death threat, is in this separate document. Also good to read is this Kind request for a refund. A number of others are below; normally I do not publish private correspondence, but people who send insults, threats, or submissions under false names of course lose their right to privacy. Who commits a crime disclaims his rights. I initially will not give the full names of most here, but may start doing that any time for those who keep bothering me.

Frequency of negative reactions

Now that I have been saving markedly negative reactions for about a decade, their frequency can be observed to decrease, although a sharp increase took place in 2023; here are the numbers of saved, truly negative reactions by year:

2005 16
2006 59
2007 29
2008 23
2009 23
2010 8
2011 4
2012 7
2013 5
2014 3
2015 4
2016 6
2017 4
2018 7
2019 9
2020 15
2021 7
2022 4
2023 12
2024 10 (incomplete year)

Examples of reactions

May you spend eternity in heaven!

During the coronavirus "lockdown" in April 2020, this kind person sent me a message congratulating me with my birthday, and I responded by kindly thanking the person and wishing the person well. Then, in the middle of the night while I was in bed and fast asleep, the following stream of some seven messages emanated from the person, entirely unprovoked and separated only by minutes. Such behaviour, in my experience, is typical of persons with rather severe psychiatric problems, who expect immediate gratification and can not imagine that the other person is not always able to respond instantly; the two or three minutes between the consecutive messages probably seem like days or weeks to such a person:

Am I insane?

Not even my aunt replies to me. Why am I so hated and isolated? Please answer.

I'm not insane so just go fuck yourself.

I wish you the worst in return. You cruel person.

You are a human who deservel suffering, long suffering and a cruel death. You are scum.

Rot in hell forever you human bastard. Delete your fake website!

Pray that I won't come visit you.


Put down that melon!

Early 2020, someone who had achieved several raw scores of zero on tests of mine began sending a long stream of passive-aggressive insults, of which a few are below. His subject lines included content like "Put down that melon!" and "Melon shortage in the Netherlands". In addition, he contacted an I.Q. society through its contact form under my name and e-mail address.

Good morning Paul.

Naturally this morning I have been looking into why you call yourself "The Juicer". It's a cool name and I have a good idea why you call yourself self this, but I just wanted to draw your attention to this definition I found (and hopefully spare you some future embarrassment). It's the urban dictionary, hardly scholarly I know but widely used nonetheless. Number (X) is particularly worrying, as it's likely very hard to validate or falsify.

[Hyper reference to a dictionary definition of "juicer" as a man who has intercourse with melons]

Having found this this morning I thought you'd like to know, perhaps a change in pseudonym is warranted.

Have a nice morning


Another one:

Tucows (or a pair of bulls) is the registrar of one of your websites:

Paulus Cooijmans (Juicer Cowman-are you milking something?) has a family crest/page motif of tree cows/bulls.

There is also a Dutch painter called PAULUS Potter famous for various farmy paintings including four cows. Although arguably his most famous work is a painting of a young bull.

Combined this makes for an impressive amount of manure.



The COLT will blow your brain right off…

In January 2009, the following bizarre event took place: Someone, who had taken two of my tests before in 2001, ordered login information for the Two-barrelled version of the COLT. I sent him the information, after, as always, verifying in my records that he had not already taken that test, had not already prepaid that test or the original COLT (in which case I would have refunded the money) and did not already have login information to that test. When creating the user name and password, I also verified that none of the existing user names was or were his.

A few days later he sent an empty message stating in the subject line that the ordered test had not been sent. Despite the rudeness, I at once resent the login information.

To my amazement he replied that this test (which he clearly had received the first time) was not the Two-barrelled version, but the original version (?!) and that he had already paid twice for that version in the past (?!), the second time after losing his password (?!). He was therefore implying that he had now paid thrice for one and the same test, and that I was selling the old version as if it were a new test…

In a brief exchange of messages that followed I explained as carefully and kindly as possible that:

  1. this was the Two-barrelled version, and that I was logged in with his user name and password at that very moment and looking at the second barrel, and that I could not say exactly where the second barrel appeared as that would amount to helping him take the test;
  2. he had never before taken any version of the COLT or paid for any version of the COLT (unless under different names, which he denied);
  3. he had never before had a user name and password for any version of the COLT;
  4. had he prepaid and had a user name and password before I would have seen that at once in my records, refunded his 2009 payment and sent him the existing user name and password;
  5. people who have prepaid the original COLT but not taken it can take the new version without further payment;
  6. I would never let someone pay again after losing a password but refund that money at once and send the existing user name and password again;
  7. he had taken two other tests of mine in 2001 and was perhaps confusing that with paying for the COLT;
  8. the COLT had been available freely online without logging in for several years in the past, and that he might have looked at it then and mistakenly thought he had paid for it (in that period there was no prepaying and one would only pay when submitting answers, which he denied having done).

I was astounded when in the end he still did not believe me and responded with nothing but an unprovoked insult: "i do think you are an idiot (…) i did pay twice and i resent you". This was bizarre as I had never denied that he had paid twice before; I had only said and explained thoroughly that it could not have been for the COLT, and that he had not had login information before.

Now one could let such a thing pass, assuming that such a person is either suffering from paranoid delusions, or realizing his wrong but too ashamed or stubborn to admit it, but in one of his messages he had asked explicitly, "I am not stupid or unethical. I am a member of Prometheus society, please be straightforward with me to avoid psychic pain."

So I was straightforward and required him to show me proof of the two earlier payments for the COLT he claimed to have made, and at least one of the earlier user name/password combinations he claimed to have received. To the best of my knowledge, none of that could exist.

He did not sent proof. Instead, he stuck with his claim of having paid twice before for the same test, said he did not want further contact with me, and threatened me, "if you contact me again i shall take action". By this time, I was fairly confident that he was disordered. From a psychiatrist's point of view it would probably have been better not to contradict him ever from the start on, but he had asked explicitly for straightforwardness, so that is what he got. And exactly that straightforwardness must have caused him "psychic pain", as truth hurts who believe in lies.

I honoured his desire to not have further contact, except that I refunded the payment (and removed his login account).


Trying to threaten me into giving a perfect score

Dear Paul:

I earned a perfect score on "Reason". Why you marked me as you did, I wonder. I will require to you rectify my score accordingly, or I will press immediate legal action.

His second message:

Paul, I am a subscriber to "GliaWebNews" and recently found out -- via the latest issue -- your Microsoft Word is bung. If this is partly to blame why my score or report on "Reason" was affected, I would understand providing that my score-report be rectified, reflecting the perfect score, I infact earned.

I worked hard on "Reason" - included very good explanations, and am 100% inclined I didn't get a darn thing wrong. Infact, I'm so confident, I could prove my point in the court-of-law. Remember Paul, if it must come down to that, then my lawyer is but a phone call away. You might want to consider the credibility factor too; namely the effect this will have on your reputation.



Get a life

Re: A Life.
Suggestion............ Get One.
Direction: Here's a hint..... Female. As in.... Try to find one. And if by some miracle you do, for Gods sake, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!

Good Luck!
Ron (Simpleton) 133 iq


Megalomania meets Paranoia (1)

Once in 2003 (?) I got e-mails from a person who claimed to have solved all of the items of one of my very hard tests, but was reluctant to submit them as he did not believe I would score his answers honestly, after seeing they were all correct. I remember he also made uncorroborated claims of having an astronomical IQ; 230 if I'm not wrong.

Of course I assured him I would score his answers with the same integrity as anyone else's (in fact this is also clear from the several Giga Society members who achieved perfect scores on my tests), but he kept coming back and apparently expected some guarantee from me he would receive a perfect score, even though I had never seen his answers. Eventually I told him to stop writing to me as I was very insulted by his accusing me of dishonesty in scoring his answers.

I then heard nothing from him for months, until he started spamming the GliaWeb guest book in December 2003 (That guest book does not exist anymore).

Megalomania meets Paranoia (2)

In fact there has been another person who claimed to have solved all of the items on that same test, and who also would not submit them to me without some beforehand guarantee. He threatened to publish all of the answers with explanations on his web site. He may have actually done that very briefly, but removed them again before I could view them. This person has told me he is schizophrenic. At times he appears a normal, kind person, and then without warning or reason he suddenly turns completely evil and malicious on me, with extreme megalomania, narcissism and grandiosity. Such people can be dangerous. This person was my web host at one point. And then suddenly I had no more web site...

His first action against me dates back to the 1990s when I did not have web site of my own yet, and some of my tests were being published by a friend of mine, to whom he then complained about the contents of one of my verbal tests. Currently he has many web sites and domains, some of which have names referring to me or my tests or societies, and have no other apparent purpose than to catch off my visitors and tell them my work has been debunked, invalidated, etcetera.


This person wanted to join one of my societies but did not have a qualifying score:

Nuts, should have submitted my 800 verbal on the GRE. I entered the hi iq world to study it sociologically. There is grandiosity to it all that paradoxes the narcissistic injury & potentiates racist's core irrationality.

The mutual admiration between those whose only commonality is a test score, and in the extreme clubs assessment instruments of extraordinarily poor construction or evidence of viability, is simply fascinating & sublimely frightening; the Freudian beast. The true test is ultimately in the pudding and whether those who claim IQ's vastly greater than Einstein's can do anything vaguely resembling genius.



Do note words like "grandiosity", "narcissistic" and "racist" in messages like this; The use of such words is typical for people who are just not intelligent enough to qualify for the IQ societies they desire so much to join, and who are not able to comprehend what they see going on in those societies (some of which allow non-member subscription). The combination of "sour grapes" and lack of comprehension results in messages like this. Also note the long complex sentences which he barely or not can get straight; Such people do this in a desperate attempt to make an "intelligent" impression.

A dense, arrogant prick

Cooijmans - Your tone with me on the past few emails has been uncalled for and unacceptable. Hell, I even gave you $10 with which I could have used for something worth while - never bite the hand that feeds you. I've also given you a tremendous amount of data between the personality inventory and the several tests I submitted although sloppy and rushed. You aren't one of those 99.999 th percentile pricks are you? Because I think you are, unfortunetly. Here's a word association for you, and take it to heart (do you know what that means?). I've noticed by the way you write that maybe the English is a little weak. It means SERIOUS, any way here your own WORD ASSOCIATION...



The next day he sent this:

Cooijmans - Don't try anymore worms or viruses. We've already established the fact that you're a dense, arrogant prick. Why pour gasoline on the fire?

This is the most persistent of all; he has been sending an uninterrupted stream of insults and retests under false names since about 2002 at least. He has used at least six different names and many different e-mail addresses. His basic claim is that I scored his test submissions dishonestly and far too low for personal reasons - "scorer bias" - and that his real scores are very much higher; again the megalomania as seen so often in these cases.

The fact that under various false names he got exactly the same level of scores doesn't seem to make him see that his score reports have been correct from the start on; He is too stupid to make that "click". Instead he assumes that I somehow have seen through the false names and again reported dishonestly, as testified by remarks he has made like "Heck, so I can't have my name involved in ANY way due to scorer bias on your part".

Ironically, he also wrote, about my tests: "The problem is internet data collection. It can be extremely skewed due to aliases. Therefore the design, results, and norms are all hog wash", after having sent me at least ten test submissions under at least half a dozen of different names.


The below was sent as a regular letter to my old P.O. Box, which I no longer have, but they still gave it to me. It was anonymous, but from the style of writing I suspect it is from the one above under "A dense, arrogant prick". The envelope contained drawings of aircraft, and it was marked as coming from Cedar Rapids, IA, 27 March 2007. It arrived on 20 April, but was possibly intended to arrive around my birthday:

Crazy black man Willis Dady. Homeless shelter, gun, needle, jail bird trained to plant atom bombs - clock. Cedar Rapids Iowas ghost town. Hospitals, vampire nurses.

[drawing of aircraft] Greece jet

Yours, Buffy

Morning rush hour jail bird gardeners with chainsaw. Ontario California bull guard. Sheraton Hotel white van, Calif. Dept. of Correction vampires. Museum of Art Cedar Rapids Iowa.

I taught I saw a puddy tat. I did I did.


P.S. Fire engine sirens 5 star Hotel Rock + roll birds - disguise murders.




[drawing of aircraft]



Hello P. Cooijmans,

I question the theme's of your weekly GWN consciously and suspiciously.

I truly question your integrity or your ability to be conscious of your influence.

I try to keep it small and analyse the banalities, the grandiosity.

I surely can't awnser it, but it surely agressively screams something illy-willy from your weekly newsletter!

If anything at all,

This should make you conscious of something.


It makes me conscious of the fact that some people just do not "get" it, and mistake good, pure, beautiful and intelligent things for bad things through their sad lack of comprehension. It also makes me conscious that people like this may act like "moles" when they manage to enter the world of I.Q. societies. The moment they speak they are of course unmasked because of the poor quality of their communication or their lack of understanding. But those who remain silent may be more dangerous.

Zero to perfect

Paul, I expect a perfect score on both the final test and the test to end all test or I will bring this to the attention of some very important IQ people as well as mensa !... David s. I expect the scores via priority mail, you have my address


This person always had zero scores but claimed perfect scores every time in a diarrhoea of messages like this, at a rate of ten or more per day. Has also used the name of Essie M. He tricked me into scoring multiple retests (all zero), under false names, and without paying a fee or for a reduced fee. A few typical remarks from him:

Of course he can not help being a retard. But that does not excuse his behaviour in any way.


FROM a man as intelligent as you I didn't expect such rudeness. I really am disappointed you wouldn't answer my simple question. Please don't bother replying, I've lost the respect I developed for you. That is all.


But I HAD answered his simple question?! He had asked me if I wanted to tell him my I.Q., and I answered "No"... Apparently he feels entitled to be informed of my I.Q.?! But such right does not exist.

How much money do you want?

Subject: I can offer you money to answer an important question for me...

Hello, I want to take the KIT test, but I want my items to be at level 180 or higher. The problem is that I don't know which item how much score carries.For example I answered [a particular problem, PC], but I am afraid to add it to my assembled test, because not wanting to lower the average level of my score.If it carries 165 iq for an example, it affects negative to my general result and so I prefer to have 14 without it, but not 15 items.How much money do you want to tell me which items of some tests score 180 or higher in their respective-down order(highest-difficult,harder,hard, etc.).


This score is nonsense


This score is nonsense. I have shown valid patterns on more than 12 questions. I am greatly disappointed in your sense of objectivity. With all due respect, I also recommend that you form a committee to assess the validity of your questions and to grade your tests as well.



Note the accusation of subjectivity in scoring my tests. Because I am a perfectly honest person, this is a very deep insult to me, and the opposite of "all due respect".

Quit braging!

Quit braging about your so called performances! You're just a scum like the rest of us, or maybe a bigger one.

"Innovative work in music theory (discovering 96 chords that have never yet sounded)" What the hell is this ? Did you try to remember all oh the 96 chords just to brag on your site with this ?????


I am going to tell my friends!

Dear [name of third person],

Hi! I am going to tell friends not to do Paul Cooijmans' tests. For his Numbers test, he gave me IQ135, so I sent an email stating that that was a horribly low score. Then, I sat for his Test of Genius, and he gave me IQ135 again, so I sent an email stating that he gave me very low scores. Then, I sat for his ISIS Test, and he gave me 0 out of 5, but I know that one of my answers is definitely correct. His ISIS Test is bullshit! Here is the email I sent to Paul Cooijmans:

Dear Paul,

In my ISIS Test solutions, my answer to question 5 is definitely correct, but you marked it as wrong. My method for question 5 was a very valid method. When I did the [some contest] paper, recently, in six hours, I beat the scores of all but two of the contestants who competed in the actual competition, although they took much longer to do the test, and were inspired by glory. ([name of third person] marked my paper.) Yesterday, I obtained IQ172 in some stupid internet IQ Test, but that was far more accurate than your assessment in the ISIS Test. I know that I definitely got my answer for question 5 correct. And I believe that my other answers were very good possibilities.

Yours truly,


Note that his scores on my three tests were perfectly consistent, and still he deemed some automatically scored online test that sharply discords with all of his other scores more accurate...

Insults in the subject line

The first negative experience I had with e-mail was in 2001, just after I had acquired an Internet connection. Someone started sending me continuous messages full of questions which he all wanted answered right away. They came at a rate of 30 or so a day, and he did not seem to pay any attention to my answers, he just kept coming with new unrelated questions without showing any sign of having understood what I wrote back. There was always a long queue of his messages waiting for me to be answered (I am very conscientious and naive and tend to answer every message I get promptly, to the best of my ability and as polite and kind as humanly possible), and he said things like "Why are you always lagging so many messages behind? Why are you so slow if you're supposed to be so intelligent?"

At some point I saw that all his messages contained insults in Italian in the subject line. I told him I would no longer answer him. From that moment on I stopped receiving his messages, but I started receiving an avalanche of Italian porn newsletters to which he had apparently subscribed me, and from which I could not unsubscribe as that required a user name and password. This person's name was Riccardo C.

How dare you...!

Also quite long ago I received messages from someone who claimed my test norms were too high. The purport of these was:

"Your test norms are far too high! Without effort I scored [some astronomical numbers corresponding to I.Q.s over 190 or 200 or so] on your [some of my very hardest tests]. But I do not consider myself that intelligent at all! I.Q. 160 maybe, 170 at best, but not 200! And I am sure any average person can easily score over I.Q. 140 on your tests!"

Inexperienced and naive as I still was, I kindly pointed out to this person that he had never actually taken any of my tests but was merely guessing his scores, and that his estimations need not correspond to his actual results, were he ever to take the tests. How silly of me! From one moment to another he exploded and turned evil:

"What! How dare you suggest that my scores would be lower than I think! How dare you insinuate that I am less intelligent than I think I am! I have never been so insulted in my life! Now we see how you really are! You pretend to be all good but in reality you are capable of being mean and dirty after all! How dare you give me these disgusting innuendos!"


After that I never heard from him again. I also became reluctant to inform people like this that merely looking at a test and guessing your score is not the same as actually taking the test. It is still a common error; sometimes people say to me, "I took your X test and scored Y", and then I look in the database and do not see any results of them at all.. And worse, some brag on public message boards about scores they have on my tests, but when I look them up I see that their actual scores are much lower, or that they have not taken any tests, or even that the scores they claim have not been achieved by anyone ever.