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Hello Paul,

How are you doing, old friend?
Well, I hope! For the moment.

I'll be coming to Helmond next month.
And I'll get rid of you.
I will take my time.
I know where you live.
I know where you go.

Do you remember me?
We met 2 years ago.

You stupid little prick.
Prepare to suffer.
Prepare to die.

See you soon,
mmmfred 196

A last test for you:
One of these people will die soon. Select this person:
a. Herold T - b. Peter Q - c. Arnold B - d. Paul C - e. Jon N

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Comment by PC

This was sent an hour before my birthday in 2003. I complained to GMX, the provider, and got a reply in which they apologized for sending me a "virus", and gave advice on dealing with viruses...

New comment (Feb 2005)

Someone told me this person's name is Mario Manfredo, probably of Italian descent. He probably knows many languages, including English, Dutch and Russian, and travels a lot to visit the nightlife in various countries.

I don't know this person or why he threatened me. The 196 behind the name might refer to the Giga Society pass level. A disappointed test candidate perhaps? But not under this name in any case.

Here is the original e-mail file (zipped).

That I put all this online is to protect myself from him. If something happens to me, everyone will know who did it.